Go Large [Gauge] or Go Home

Dickpearce‘s nipple looks like it’s seen some action!

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20 thoughts on “Go Large [Gauge] or Go Home

  1. Is it just me or does that nipple look sorta lumpy or droopy? Does that happen when you stretch them a lot or is it from something else?

  2. I just love this picture. It’s very artistic and classic. Too often this community is accused of being a “young person” thing…

  3. What’s up with that nipple? It looks as if it was melted or something (Though I’m sure that thats not the reason.

  4. that looks like one intense nipple!! i saw it the other day whilst cruising BME. but what i wondering is if its one of a pair or one of a kind.. maybe it resulted from some intense nipple piercings gone awry, or some serious nipple play/torture that resulted in scarring over time. regardless, what a cool guy

  5. I would assume nipple play, would be interesting to know for sure :)

    #2, There is definatly a modification fan base among the elder generation here on BME as well. Funnily enough, more often than not I’ve found them to be more interesting that a number of the younger modders.

  6. it that scar tissue, or did he split his nipple or something? anyway, i love large gauge nipples!

  7. I really want to see a closer shot of this guys nipple. I love that tattoos right above it, too.

  8. his nipple is like .. split.
    he has more pictures in his IAM page .. he has like 3 cbrs in it. i wonder if he like .. scalpelled it to make it ONE big hole.

    lol i type so eloquently :-p

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