23 thoughts on “Pilot Inspektor

  1. cuntcumber:
    Have you seen those “Bikini inspector” t-shirts? I think Shannon is referring to a company that makes airplanes or something.. Esprit is actually a car.

  2. Esprit is actually a women’s clothing and shoe store. and thats their logo. so I don’t think the shirt is a reference to a car. anyway I really like this picture.

  3. Jason Lee’s kid is named Pilot Inspector, or some diffferent spelling of that. Jason Lee is the guy from the show where his name is Earl and he’s a total loser or something and he was in Mallrats, Chasing Amy, and Kissing a Fool. I recently found out he used to be a pro skateboarder and is a Scientologist.

  4. I don’t think going from being a pro skateboarder, to doing a repeat role in a series of independent films, and then going on to having your own TV series makes you a “total loser”. Oh yeah, he is a Scientologist.

    Might as well believe in a flying spaghetti monster.

    Cute girl. Next time she needs to be hanging from some hooks.

  5. Wish I’d looked that pretty at 15. Wish I looked that pretty now.
    I’ve just had to MASSIVELY downsize my lobes thanks to the flu. *extremely cross*

  6. aaah! Wonderful. What eyes!

    (And the ears and great also! This will look great on her forever.)

  7. I wish I could’ve gotten away with wearing my lobes that large when I was 15…school wouldn’t have allowed it.

  8. To bad she may not even know what shes talking about hence her calling her plugs, ‘gauges’.

  9. I definitely meant his character Earl is a total loser. Jason Lee is great, even if he does have a hokey religion.

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