Que Dolor!

I’m pretty sure that no one needs me to translate for Pascal (A Piel Studio, Sabadell, Barcelona) when he says, “sufrimiento piercing!”

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26 thoughts on “Que Dolor!

  1. Gah! Looks like you could just brush that thing and it would burst forth in a river of pus and blood…. well, maybe more blood then pus, but damn, that does not look like a happy piercing..

    “sufrimiento piercing!â€? indeed.

    That said, his others are fine and dandy, so props to him.

  2. I am not quite sure what is happening here…
    Is he piercing it? removing it?
    More than anything, what is that long rod-thingy?

  3. That looks HORRIBLE!

    Then again, his eyebrow piercing on that side looks a little shallow to me also.

    Good luck healing that, dude! :\

  4. Almost looks like some sort of weird eyebrow to helix industrial. WTF is the skewer thing?

  5. I have no idea what is going on here. It looks like a guy with an eyebrow ring, a skewer through his eyebrow, and a really big zit.

  6. I’m happy i’m not the only one that doesn’t totally understand this . . i’m very confused. . .

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