Vertical Labret

You know, most piercing portfolios have pretty mundane pictures with bland expressions and straight-on photos. Adam at Psycho City Tattoo in Lancaster, CA has gone a little more creative with his portfolio it seems — a 14ga vertical labret in this case.

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27 thoughts on “Vertical Labret

  1. she’s so pretty. i’ve thought about getting a vertical labret for a while now. they’re so neat.

  2. Very arty and cool pic, but the point of portfolios is to feature the piercing and how well it was done, so I don’t think this works as a portfolio picture, as such. Eh, call me a traditionalist, I like to see if the vertical labret is centred and straight. ;)

  3. sure portfolios have to inform objectively
    but this is a very good picture!
    after all i’m sure he’s got another shot of it :)

  4. I agree with Lori… this is a great shot to put in a portfolio, but ideally accompanied by pictures that show the piercing in more detail and better angles. I think a combination of “artsy” shots and “mug shots” is ideal.

  5. Just to be clear, I just meant that this was posted as his work… I don’t think this is really a portfolio shot other than that. I’m sure there are plenty of straight-on shots too!

  6. Hmm I hope that becomes a trend (having artsy photos along side the straight on views of piercings in portfolios). Kind of like what they have in the hairstyle books at the salon.

  7. as an aside…

    I’ve got two off-center, symmetrical V. labrets and I’ve always wanted to kiss a gal with a single, centered V. Labret…

    and her lips look delicious.

    and I love the hair…

    ok, done being pervy forward.

  8. just to reiterate nearly every second person here, it’s a nice photo, but it would be nice to see if the piercing is straight or not in a portfolio.

  9. I think that at some point this will be the upcoming trend in piercing portfolios. IMHO it doesn’t matter if the piercing is straight or not. For example how many of you buy a car based on how straight it is in a add?

  10. Agree that you can’t see if the piercing is strait or not…. yet it’s a nice pic that would be great to expose!

  11. “how many of you buy a car based on how straight it is in a add?”

    The car’s not going in the middle of my face.

  12. Also, she’s attractive and I like the piercing. But I just felt the need to mention that. No idea why.

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