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  1. That looks incredible, I’d be really interested to see how it heals actually, because I would have thought flexing the arm is going to break the scabs in specific places, so it might keloid unevenly. Good luck with it, send Shannon some pictures of it all healed up so he can post ‘em and we can gawp at the amazingness!

  2. I can kinda see how they avoided a lot of the really “flexy” areas. It looks like it’ll be beautiful, easy to heal, and not keloid too unevenly considering how large it is. Well done design, avoiding certain spots while still looking “complete.”

  3. Ow, I think it’ll kinda be a little bitchy to heal. Everytime he raises his arm to get something aout of a cabinet or puts a phone up to his ear. We move our arms a lot so I don’t envy his healing period, but I must admit it will look so awesome healed that I think it would be worth it.

  4. I’ve got to agree with everyone else on this and say that whilst it looks great now I’m not sure that it’ll heal evenly, due to having to move it 🙁

    Here’s hoping I’m wrong though…

  5. Warren (iam:Vex Hecubus) has a similar piece on his arm, also cut, that’s healed great, and there are a few in Blair’s portfolio on BME with similar patterns that turned out very well… I think this will probably heal alright.

  6. looks awesome, looks like it would be a bitch to heal, just like someone said scabs cracking and splitting when he does anything really, I think it would look even better if he had this done with a black arm. I don’t know why but I really like scarification done on top of blackwork

  7. That is awesome!
    I’d love to see what this looks like when it’s healed. If it’s submitted, please keep us posted, Shannon!

  8. That must hurt so much! Incredible…was it done in one sitting, or several?

    This person could probably withstand amazing torture..I mean, if you make it through this, you can make it through anything, right?

  9. Critiquing it, it looks a bit shakey and uneven…HOWEVER…I loves me some geometric design work and in the end, who cares long as the final product looks good right?

    It flows so well with the arm. I LIKE IT! 😀

  10. Speaking from experience THAT much work definately SUCKS to heal…Since mobility for the first couple days/weeks is really rough.

    I’ve personally done my arm in sessions, roughly 4-5 sessions or so thus far.

    Sure getting it all done at once means you don’t have to go through CONSTANTLY feeling it…But personally I just found it to be a bit better to go in sessions then all at once….Personally that is.

  11. Hi there!

    Thanks for apreciating. I´m so glad with my new arm. It’s nice to see it here.

    It was made in one single session, around 25 to 30 minutes, at my place.
    Ona started from my arm and Paks from the wrist.
    Now that it’s healed you can apreciate diferences between cuts (women/men).
    I like both, but Ona’s ones are nicer, better ended and joined.
    Pak’s are heavier and depper.RUDER.
    It has loose it’s form on my elbow inside face, right in the flexible part. Not that much but a tension line appeared in the skin between scars.
    Heeling wasn’t that bad. I used to clean it twice a day, some days three times.
    I kept it really clean for around 2 weeks using neutral soap, Betadine gel and transparent film envolving my arm.
    After this period I should have infected but didn’t as I moved to Barcelona for a few weeks and It wasn´t that easy to do this there.
    So on the third to fourth week it was almost completly closed.
    I read up there it seem to be completed but it’s not. Ona designed a spiral on my arm continuing the top cut wich doubles. While Paks mentor has prupose me to cut my chest after Ona has finished her work. So it will be made in three diferent sessions to be completed. I espect.
    Looking forward…a bit scared…now I know how it hurts.
    Maybe I’ll eat some opium next time. JEJEJE.

    You can find a photo taken between fourth and fifth week after on my flog

    Although I’ll try to take some more pics with Paks in order to place them here.

    Thank you for all those posts.
    Saludos y gracias.

    +++++ACCION MUTANTE+++++

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