58 thoughts on “Stretched lobe and lip rings

  1. I must admit he is pretty cute, I think he’d look better without the emo hair but he is cute.

  2. He has two of what I consider to be the hottest mods a guy can have, the third being simple black star tattoos. These posts lately with the insanely hot people are really making me wonder if any exist in my area. Seriously, it’s like all the sexy people are in hiding and only come out long enough to tease with a picture. Also, I think the emo thing makes this even hotter.

  3. I don’t even understand what number 13 ‘strange_little_girl’ is implying.

    And is this guy really that attractive? I thought that apart from the awesome stretched lobes and manly stubble, he’s really really average looking. But that’s coming from a heterosexual perspective, I tend not to notice if guys are ‘hot’ or not.

  4. I didn’t have an IAM account for ages, and I was all over Modblog (Em).
    Anything with manly stubble is hot, for me. #14 reminds me of a friend of mine who says “He’s GORGEOUS” if a guy is wearing a trench coat, whether the guy has a face like the back of a bus or not…

  5. #14 – you know what CGI is, right? If not, it’s the realistic looking animations you see all over the movies and games today. She’s implying that the hot people all over this site lately can’t possibly be real.

    And yes, he really is that hot. I think it’s the lips. And the facial hair. And the mods. And the every physical aspect of him.

  6. Eek, just looked at his myspace profile and he mentions “prom last year”. Now I feel like a dirty old woman.

    But love the lips ring placement. Without beads, the rings remind me of vampire teeth.

  7. Beard? Check.
    Emo hair? Check.
    Stretched ears? Check.
    Double lip piercings? Check.
    Black tshirt? Check.
    Dark and mysterious myspace name? Check.

    (While I’ve been guilty of 4 out of the 6 at one point or another, it’s never been this bad all at once)

  8. wow! Thanks everybody really. Sorry to inform a lot of you though..This is a slightly older picture. I’ve cut my “emo” hair.lol.
    I think everyone of you should add me on myspace.
    Have a good day,

  9. maybe i’m too old and bitter, but the scene look isn’t doing it for me, it never does. take all of that away and add some geek appeal! all else aside, he is a lovely boy. i really dig the freckles.

  10. normally body hair makes me want to puke. But you know I suppose I could make an exception. Well if he asked nicely 😉 lol

  11. *Eyes fill up with tears*… No shannon not myspace please anything but myspace.

    Nice stretched lobes.. But i guess I will be one of the few girls to say he aint my type…

  12. ok so i’m not really big on the ears but its wutever cause he has snake bites and that is seriously my most favoritest thing aa guy could have done………goergous!!!!

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