Pulling as a part of growing up

I got this nice email from Havve from Pain Solution;

Hi guys!

My oldest son, Kai, who’s turning 15 in three months, did his first pulling yesterday. His been eager to do a suspension for about a year, after some consideration I decided to let him try a pulling. He proved to be brave and made both me and his mom proud!


48 thoughts on “Pulling as a part of growing up

  1. That’s lovely. How great to have parents who share your love of body modification and support what you want to do. My parents went mental when I got my vertical labret; if I broached the idea of a pulling or suspension I think they might have me committed.

  2. What a bonding experience! It’s great to see parents supporting thier kids in body modification in a responsible way.

  3. I wonder if that is his father in the backround? Even if it is’nt it is wonderful to see a family doing something like this. Mostly my mom just cries when she sees my lobes, they are kind of mangled though…

  4. In a world where people regularly pop out kids for no apparent reason, it’s great to see a trusting father/son relationship like that to counter them.
    The son looks like an elf. Is it really pervy to say he’ll be gorgeous when he’s older? (I’m only 18!!)

  5. It’s really great to hear about people having positive experiences like this. It’s a great picture too.

  6. That’s quite a lot of maturity and trust for a parent and child to have to turn an experience like this into something so positive. I’m quite sure that if I had told my own parents at 15 that I wanted to do a body suspension, I would have been locked up.

  7. I just noticed the guy in the backround has a tattoo that looks like it is the flame thrower power up from contra, anyone else notice? kind of not on topic but still contra rules

  8. He’s got some pretty intense mods for a 15 year old. Im kinda old fashioned I would make my son wait until hes 18.

  9. Of the 2 persons in that picture one suposed to be the dad the other one being the son…….
    guess who is in the background?
    the dad!!!
    Like faher like son:) håvve sould be a very happy dad

  10. awesome
    good to see not everyone thinks certain body mod experiences should be ONLY available to those 18 and over

  11. I love the fact that a dad and his son are this close, having done suspensions and pulls myself I know it’s quite an experience. I am curious however what might happen if it was discovered that Hevve did a pull with his son, it could be miscontrued as child abuse i’m sure by people who don’t necessarily understand it and cause alot of problems for him.

  12. Lucky! My mom was a nazi about mods, and anything to do with it. I started stretching my lobes when I was 15, and she freaked out about that. If I had asked about a suspension, I would most likely have been locked up. She did take me for my first tattoo though, when I was 17. But I had to nag her about it for about five years first.

  13. that’s so awesome, having experiences like that with your family would make the bonds so much stronger. i could never do something like that with my parents.

    props to dad!

  14. I like hearing about positive experiences between parents and their children. It’s not something I hear about very often.

  15. Is it really perverted to say that the son will be GORGEOUS when he’s older? (I’m only 18…)
    That aside, lovely picture.

  16. I love that all these comments about this picture are positive. Kai is lucky to have such a trusting relationship with his parents.

  17. what you cant see is the guy behind him with his cock out and the poor kid cant escape

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