Kavadi Walking in Campinas, Brazil

(helped by the amazing Ego Kornus)

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23 thoughts on “Kavadi Walking in Campinas, Brazil

  1. This is one of those things I don’t understand. Not in the ‘how can they do it’ way, but in the ‘what are they doing?’ Can someone explain what the sword/spear stuff is all about?

  2. Do a google search for “Kavadi” or go to Wikipedia or BME-Wiki.
    Its actually quite a facinating practice.

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  4. Are this in the picture the -kavadi- tools to make PECO peaceful, or why do commentators emmphasize here his peacefulness wearing this rustproof scrap iron heap. – Please pardon, that I disturb your devotion !
    Is it possible to take part on such an amazing event in Germany – thus I can learn ?

  5. P.S. Or is this t h e ultimative tool, to get “peacefulf”, if you wan not to die ?
    So I would recommend it urgently to the pentagon for the Iraqis.

  6. peco, i would like to invite to form part in the thaipusam kavadi celebrated in Mauritius.you will see hows mauritians celebrates the kavadi here, i’m sure you will like it

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