31 thoughts on “Guerrilla Suspension (or: “Suspension Delivery”)!

  1. Haha that’s hilarious. Must also feel great zooming down the hallway, like you’re really flying

  2. Fuck, I wonder what hotel that is so I can steer clear. I have heard about hanging about hotel lobbies, but thats friggin ridiculous lol 🙂

  3. when this rolled past me, i didn’t realize what i was looking at until about 30 seconds after.

    either i’ve become completely imune to seeing stuff like this, or i was entirely too drunk.

  4. HAHA!!…..was this during the fire alarm?!…..I saw guys evacuating with hooks in their backs, and I heard it turned into a party in the lobby!…..

  5. nah the fire alarm was during the Only Flesh show

    that was us, Modified Soul and IHUNG with the hooks in our backs haha

    and yeah we pulled in the side lobby cause we were bored

  6. the response from security was awsome!

    us: “You’re not going to kick us out are you?”
    security: “No….. just stop that.”
    app is going to be fun!

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