Shook Up

Since today’s theme is “complain that Shannon posts the same pretty girls over and over” day, let me continue the trend with the striking and beautiful Liska. Her 1.6mm/14ga nipples are by Johan at Aeon in Lule (in Northern Sweden)… Previously: “Liska, Liska, Liska” (if you say that three times — or is it five? — in the mirror she will appear and murder you).

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42 thoughts on “Shook Up

  1. whats wrong with this shannon guy. i mean he must be crazy puttin so many hot skinny girls on here. im goin to call around and try to get him on some tv show and confront him on why he doesnt like anything that doesnt look good. Then we can fly in all the angry big and or ugly ones to confront him on the show. that is if the plane doesnt have a weight limit. Then at the end him and cere can sit down and listen to sinead o conner songs and cry about how mean they have been . hahahah yep. thats what i’ll do today. btw shannon….think about the AVN next year about the booth. were willing to do that

  2. *yawn*
    Jesus Stigmata cant you think of anything else new to say, we all heard you the last 1,000 times you mentioned ‘angry big or ugly’.

    I think we ought to get you on TV, a show for small minded ass holes, you would be the star attraction.

    Take a day off, grow the fuck up!

  3. i don’t get it.
    i mean I understand that people complain but who gives a fuck. it’s your blog, so you post what you like. i mean if you don’t like what’s being posted then don’t look at it. easy as that.

    besides, pictures of fat chicks take up more memory.
    I mean what, do you want MODBLOG to crash?

  4. Jp,
    Im booking you on the TV show for ass holes, you and stiggie can fight for ass hole of the year lol

  5. ….this is what people are complaining about? Seriously….what the fuck is wrong with people? This is beautiful, keep them coming!! I happen to appreciate beauty, NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT IT.

  6. “besides, pictures of fat chicks take up more memory.
    I mean what, do you want MODBLOG to crash?” That is some funny shit.
    Shannon, do you get lots of complaints from guys about you not posting pictures of enough fat dudes?
    Me I like the fat girls. I like the skinny girls too.
    SO fat girls send in your pictures, and you skinny girls keep em comin also.

  7. Mike, I agree with what you said at the end — like I said above, personally I think the whole fat/skinny thing is total BS, I don’t know why people complain about it one way or the other, and I wish it would just go away because it’s “noise” that I can’t imagine anyone is gaining anything from in any way.

    People can and are beautiful at all sizes assuming they take care of themselves and present themselves with some confidence and style. Yes, people complain to me that there’s a bias, and just about every possible variation on that complaint has been made by someone.

  8. amazingly gorgeous woman and photo. shannon, you bring joy (and occasional awesome weirdness) to my life. i’d be lost without modblog.

  9. wow. incredible picture, and insanely gorgeous lady as well.
    totally makes me proud to be swedish :)

  10. hah to be honest, I’m a fat boy, and could care less about the build of the oppisite sex. I mean there are some FUCKING AMAZING looking heavy girls out there. Haha, i just like to be an asshole. :)

    And I also think that one of the reasons that more “fat” girls arn’t posted is because, I might be wrong, but they are probley alot more resistant to sending in pictures because of personal issues. I’m sure the ratio of “fat chicks” to “skinny chicks” has the skinny girls on top my a heep.

    whatever though, just a thought.

  11. she’s freaking beautiful! (and i like her boobs a lot.)

    i also wouldn’t say she’s “skinny”. i see some hips!

    who took this amazing picture? oh man. it’s gorgeous.

  12. Stiggie & Jp,
    The pair of you are crazy, but you both made me laugh :)

    But, I’m affraid I already booked you both onto the TV show too late to cancel.

    Hugz E x

    p.s Stiggie have you ever thought of a career as a professional aggitator lol

  13. hey people get upset …what can i say. sarcastically or intentionally they freak out over everything dumb. i can be a nice guy and people will think im fuckin with them. oh well

  14. So she’s gonna murder me if I say her name 5 times in front of the mirror? There’s worse to die for…

  15. i will say her name in the mirror five times. if she comes i will die happy.

    _Stigmata_ you are a very nice fellow. you helped me bleed lots and lots one day. just wasn’t in the best place. lol

  16. i don’t think this blog should have a comment section. let’s appreciate what shannon’s got to show us and continue on with our lives. gawd knows i’d wish i had back the past 3 minutes reading through this blabber.

  17. yeah I know I’m not fat.
    I’m accually hella buff.
    Seriously, if you don’t believe me just click my link.

    It’s all about them pushups son!

  18. Jp,
    I clicked you must get shannon to give you some photoshop lessons, I can see the join where you stuck the head on lol…briallant :)

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