I am now also awakened

I am, however, awakened by an entirely different subject also symbolized by “XXX”. Carly is more responsible than me — this is a straightedge tattoo, not a porno tattoo, done by Pon at Tattoo Seen in the Bronx (she’s a big fan of pink, and not a big fan of booze).

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46 thoughts on “I am now also awakened

  1. It’s definately a nice tattoo but I will always think it’s silly for young girls to get tattoos on the stomach area, it will stretch if they get pregnant. I know other body areas can stretch but this is definate if you’re going to have children, I suppose some girls don’t want to have children.

    Personally I’ll leave my stomach tattoos until after!

  2. - Afterthought – I have bad stretch marks on my lower belly from the whole baby thing and I wish I could now get them tattooed over. Maybe a project for the future…? But I would hate to ruin work like this.

  3. Maybe she doesn’t want any babies, then she won’t have that problem. She will be in trouble if she gains weight, but if she’s really careful it’s no guarantee.

  4. im not straight edge, but i do normally really enjoy the XXX tattoos i see on BME. this is no exception, with the color of the lillies and the stars all around. i also really like the idea of being awakened to this kind of awareness of self.

  5. Maggi you are right, if you have babies that tattoo won’t look the same! And for you youngins out there who think you won’t have babies, you never know what is going to happen!

  6. Some people value stretch marks, be it from babies or be in from changes in their bodies. I have tons of stretchmarks, some tattooed over, some not, and some that developed AFTER the tattoo (a few days back I posted a picture of my knee surgery — you can see stretchmarks through the backwork on my leg that actually causes big gaps in the ink)… Doesn’t bother me though.

  7. I think that when you get pregnant/have a baby, lots of things changes, a tattoo will probably be the least of your worries I imagine

  8. people who insist all women will have babies someday piss me off so badly. for fuck’s sake. why not do something that makes you happy for the time being and if it changes later so be it. “you’ll feel differently when you get pregnant” and the like are such irritating bullshit things to say.

  9. just to add to number 25, i have work on my stomach area, and am planning for more. Im also 20, and planning on having kids one day. YES i know my tattoos will probably stretch out, and look wacky, however, why not enjoy my body now? im sure that when i have children i will have much more to worry about then a couple stretchy looking tattoos :P

  10. Uh, nobody is insisting that you have babies dear #25. It is just a fact that as you age, everything changes so just be prepared for it. It seems so far away now, but someday you are going to be an old fart like everyone else.

  11. sweet tattoo. i read a story on here that a girl got a my little pony tattoo and got pregnant and the tattoo was just fine after she lost the baby weight, only the legs were a little bit shorter i believe. i agree with 24, 25, and 26.

  12. very pretty tattoo.
    and why dont we not harp on the girls future, while attempting to look so very experienced with life, and let other folks do what the fuck they want to with their own bodies without fear of pretentious, self righteous little fucks who want others to flock to them as the ‘smart ones’ jabbering on about how “she’ll regret that some day”?
    sound like a plan?

  13. So, you are “awakened” because you don’t drink, good for you. Do you mean to say I’m asleep? Kind of insulting, no?

    This seems to me like a pretentious “holier-than-thou” declaration. If being sober works for you, fine, but WHY make such a big deal of announcing to everyone how clean you are?

    Nice tattoo, but don’t push your values on me.

  14. My dear Spacelab, #33,
    I don’t think her tattoo says anything bad mouthing non-straightedgers.
    I believe that we are allowed to celebrate and love to celebrate what we hold precious and wonderful. Why should she stifle herself because others hold a different view?

  15. I think that’s just her feeling of it. I can see where you get offended #33, but I think it is a personal message for herself. Maybe she wasn’t straighht edge before, and realized that it wasn’t for her…(speculation) Who knows. I don’t think it’s intended that way.

    Anyway, I really do like that tattoo.

    I would love my hips tattooed now, but alas, I plan on children, but have to wait for them, and am too nervous to risk stretchin’ it out. Don’t know her story, don’t care, I love her tattoo.

    Pretty, pretty. I like the pink.

  16. Hey guys, no hard feelings — having spent a few minutes thinking about it, I realize I was reacting for no reason.

  17. I wasn’t saying that cos we are women means that we can’t get tattooed on our stomachs, I’m just saying something so pretty and delicate will probably be stratched out of place IF she gets pregnant, and I did say IF. I know not all women will have babies.
    I just think it makes sense to wait a little bit, rather than having to get a tattoo covered up or fixed later.
    I totally agree that stretch marks are fine and we can’t predict what will happen.
    I think when there is a small tattoo on the stomach it won’t distend too much but something this size will definately loose it’s original shape. And for a women, the stomach is one of the first places we put on fat, so it will change then too.

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