45 thoughts on “Kit’s Facial Star Tattoos

  1. Awesome tattoos, though at first I read “facial scar,” and was dumbfounded that there seemed to be no scaring.

    What. It’s early.

  2. Wow..thats awsome..whats even more awsome is that he and I share a name.. Kit.. The stars look really really freakin good on him.. Sexy..

  3. Very striking, especially with the colours used =]

    He really looks like Chad Michael Murray =/ is that just me that sees it?

  4. wow, possibly the ONLY star tattoo’s I have ever thought looked really good. Him being insanely attractive helps aswell 🙂

  5. Really beautiful tatoo. And i find it very subtle though, I really had to look for it for 10s 😀

  6. Oh, and… I definately thought at first that he resembled Chad Michael Murray but I didn’t want to offend him. lol. It’s a compliment!

  7. Holy earlobes! Can anyone hazard a guess as to what size they are?

    I see the Chad Michael Murray thing too… what a cutie.

  8. I like them, except I would have done them in all black.
    The red and mix doesn’t appeal to me.

    But they look great on him.

  9. top red star outline looks a bit shakey and well proportioned but it still looks pretty good… nice lobes…

  10. *not well proportioned… sorry too much Tim Horton’s coffee… or maybe not enough…

  11. “what’s he gonna do when he doesn’t want those anymore?”

    Why assume that time will come?

  12. i only really like blackwork on faces. this still looks cool. my question is, would a mad mutton-chop extravaganza hide these tattoos?

  13. There will DEFINATELY come a time when he’ll wish he didn’t have those. However, in the meantime, they look great. Trust me, I’m nearly 50…I have some I regret like all hell.

  14. Why does everyone doubt other peoples choices in life? People should respect Kit’s decision to look different and unique in this cookie cutter world.
    I very much doubt he’s going to regret something that’s become a part of him.

  15. He looks amazing.
    I really thought he looked like Chad Micheal Murray too actually.
    And to be honest,i very much doubt he’s gonna regret them.
    I too have piercings. (a fare few at that) and gauges but i dont regret them. as someone else said, they’ve become a part of me.
    in a strange way, i wouldnt feel ME if i got rid of them.

  16. It’s kit! I love him he’s great. and his stars are great too. lol he doesn’t look anything like that anymore though. He has eyebrow tattoos, a chin tattoo, neck tattoo, lol just more tattoos in general

  17. he looks like chad micheal murray. and i do not see the need for the lobe to be that big. it ruins it. OTT.

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