"Needles in Skin"

c/o Swastika Freakshop, Germany (www).

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25 thoughts on “"Needles in Skin"

  1. …Lol, now that you mention it #3, he does look slightly in pain, although I did initially think he had this look of “yeah I have needles in my face, so what?” Cool picture.

  2. tsh , Life is funny. Just today i had a talk with that guy on myspace.

  3. #7, if you click on the ‘www’ it links to their shop website, and that is the name.

  4. >>2
    Is that what those swirly flowers are called? I always wondered – and I also like them a lot.

  5. those are called ‘bunga terung’ in iban, native language of the ibans which forms the majority of the tribes in borneo. bunga means flower while terung means brinjal.

  6. With world the way it is, all you people can think about is tring your hardest to stand out. I understand personal freedom and art. I understand individuality and making your mark, but do you realy think people are going to remember you for anything eles but, ya that was the guy with the needles in his face. Needles in your face man don’t you think you could have used your time and resorces for more important things. Pegan religion or any other religion aside, it is all religion and instead of worshiping someone eles’s God perhaps you should worship the god that you are, if you where comfortable in your own skin you would not have to try and make yourself into something eles. Its like you are all acting out at your parents or something, were you hurt as a child did your mother not hug you enough, did your father beat you. Welcome to the real world. The funny thing is the rest of us deal with our problems you people stab it through your bodies like someone out there realy gives a shit. No body does that is why you are allowed to do that and be accepted for it. No body cares that you have spikes in your face or horns in your head, or a big gapping hole in your nose. You don’t see this in third world countries because they are to worried about where to get there next meal from not the next realy cool hole they can put in there faces. The down fall of all great societies starts with self mutalation, leds to sacrafice, eventualy the powers that be kill us all off in a fit of greed and self riteousness. Wake up smell the roses threw your four nostrils, take the needles out of your face so you can see past your own noses.

  7. Um, ok….

    Re: “No one cares if you have spikes/etc”
    Hmmm…. well, I know *I* care if I have spikes or not (well, different changes in my case but you know what I mean). I do this stuff because it makes ME happy, not because I care what the world things, and not because I worry about becoming some executive or something where I’m not allowed to dictate my own appearance.

    Re: “People in third world countries don’t do this”
    Um, yes, they do, and the only reason they tend to stop is colonialism — people telling them to stop because it’s unchristian, etc.

    Re: “The downfall of societies starts with body modification”
    That is patently ridiculous, and absolutely NOT supported by the history of ANY society.

    Re: “Worship yourself instead of being Pegans”
    I’m not sure what a pegan is, but worshiping ourselves? I think it’s fairly obvious that’s a significant part what we’re doing — self development and definition, whether you understand it or not.

    Re: “This is all you’ll be remembered for”
    Oh, I didn’t know you knew this guy. How do you know what he does other than temporary needleplay? Plenty of people involved with piercings, ritual, tattoos, and a lot “weirder” things have contributed to society in significant ways, and I’d argue that they may well have contributed MORE per capita historically, because a person who is independent enough to live as their own person, rather than as they’re told to, they are more likely to have entrepreneurial streaks, seek out unusual and personally rewarding careers, etc… and plenty of them are very wealthy and successful.

    Re: “Child abuse allegations”
    Yeah, let’s bang away at long since disproven theories.

    Anyway, I don’t know why I’m bothering to respond to an anonymous poster spouting cliches, that’s either a troll or an ignorant person pretending to be enlightened…

  8. Thank you all, actualy I was just tring to stir up the real resons for this kind of thing, I do not understand it fully. Perhaps my methods where alittle brash perhaps alittle in your face if you will. It seems effective none the less. Forgive the method of my questioning, I was sent an email with pictures of this stuff, I went to the web page and now I am set back on how extencive this is. Someone I am sure can answer this with something other than the shear love of it, or I love myself so much I don’t need to care about what other people think. Personal freedom is all we have left after all. I am not concered if someone with needles in there face can give things back to society, I am sure they can in some way. No I do not know any of you, it is posible that I have offended most of you. Perhaps I am ignorant to this. Body Modification is this for personal triumph over pain, shock, is this a reflection of your personal out look. If any of you can help me understand this sort of thing it will make for one less ignorant person.

  9. jeah its funny to se myself on this blog,
    the borneo roses art tatued traditonal…

    viva la swastika

  10. Yeah it seems the general consensus with most people that are anti-piercing seems to be the fact that they think that people with extensive piercing or tattooing are IN THEIR FACE with their lifestyle of choice. Most people also seem to think that this is done on purpose. That pierced people get pleasure by making others uncomfortable and enjoy indulging themselves in self-mutilation or masochism. Mutilation is not piercing/cutting/tattooing by the way; it is defined as anything that purposely impairs normal function of a human body part to any measurable degree. I cant see how any more than 0.5%-1% of individuals practicing body modification culture engage in self-mutilation to ANY degree. (Perhaps only Castration) Nor can i see how ANY professional in body modification would condone such practice.

    You people actually believe that my life goal is to make society uncomfortable with my aesthetic appearance? To piss off other people and weird out the “normals”? I mean are you people really logically formulating ideas before you present them?

    The major problem seems to be people being uncomfortable of a lifestyle they just cannot understand. Not EVERYONE has this feeling that many of us here at BME do, to express our selves and practice self realization through whatever method of body modification we may choose.

    You feel as if you HAVE to do it. It is part of who you are. That is something so individualistic and personally profound that others would have to experience it to truly understand it.

    I have heard all the “speculation” and “scare tactics” stating that those who practice body modification have psychological disorders, critically low self-esteem and self-image, misdirected focus and self absorption. But really look at all those things. For many people body modification HELPS TREMENDOUSLY with negative self-image, self-expression, and self-realization.

    Those in the body modification culture also, in my own experience, are EXTREMELY open minded and accepting people due to their own circumstances of others being prejudice towards them for their own lifestyle choices.

    if a human being can do something to them self that is not self-destructive, or harmful to others and it drastically improves the quality of their life, who the hell is anyone to say that they CANT do it?

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