CADD GIRL knuckles

Tatjanaturtle is (among other things) a designer, thus her great new “CADD GIRL” tattoo (computer-aided design and drafting)… This is one of my favorite “nerdy tattoos” to date I think, probably because I took so many years of drafting and architechture classes! Tattoo by Joy Rumore (The Milkmaid, LLC), at Venus in NYC.

22 thoughts on “CADD GIRL knuckles

  1. I absolutelly adore the girl, I like the idea, but that font gets under my skin. (Hah, actually it got under hers!)

  2. I would love to see more of the ornate designs we can partially see on her hands. The left one looks like its going to open up into something exciting!

  3. So, are the guidelines tattooed on there, also? Because I think that would be really cool for this tattoo (it is a drafting tattoo, after all…)!

  4. I would also love to see some of her other tattoos. Looks like she has a vajra on her right hand…

  5. Tatjana: Yanno what’s sad. I knew that it was anime ace, not comic sans. I make posters at work, and so do 4 others in my office. My friend ed works with a lot of comic book styles and upon learning about the plague of comic book sans, he took to finding another writing like font, and thus anime ace came to our office.

    I still love the tattoo, i just love you more. 😀

  6. thank god its not in comic sans!

    at first i thought it was, but after looking closer its seems more of a drafting/architectural script.

  7. Oh wow ive never even heard of anime ace 🙂 looks really nice and i didnt realise the guidelines were tattooed on neither theyre really nice 😀

  8. a little secret….
    the tattoo on my right foot is from a photoshop brush i downloaded about 7 years ago. it’s my little secret homage to photoshop.

  9. sweet, maybe I should get CADD GUY on my knuckles…im in the same boat anyways. (lousy autocad taking over life)

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