Tattooed Coast Guard

Maenadwine sent in this cute shot of a tattooed Coast Guard guy that volunteered to build pens at her urban wildlife rehab center (with two of their numerous baby squirrels).

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29 thoughts on “Tattooed Coast Guard

  1. Ah how lovely, makes me go all squiggy inside.

    He must be a lovely guy to get the squirrels trust like that.

  2. wow you can have tattooed hands in the coast guard? im assuming of course this is the US coast guard…right?
    i heard that the military in general now accepts hand and neck tattoos if they were gotten before entering the military…but it still blows my mind…

  3. #8, I’ve heard that too, but I think that’s just for the enlisted ranks. I say this because I’ve seen some reports by a guy that had to remove an armband (forearm, IIRC) and a tattooed ring, before reporting to OCS.


  4. #9, I’ve noted in my dealings with the US military that the requirement to have tattoos removed prior to reporting to OCS entirely depends on how obvious the tattoo is, and also if it is _noticed_ by people. For example, a close friend had no trouble at all with his tattooed ring (which was fairly basic blackwork) as it didn’t really stand out against his skintone and had never been noted as existing, while a much paler friend with a small one-knuckle tattoo (it covered a knuckle of his index finger) had to get it removed (it was a very brightly colored piece, though).

  5. These look great, I’d like him to help me out :) The squirrels are soo cute too

    I wish it was that easy to gain employment in this country with visible body mods. I’ve got half the amount on my hands and I’ve bene turned down three times. It’s nice his employers didn’t turn him away from some warped judgement

    I have never seen a visibly tattooed person working in a professional organisation in this country, ever

    Thus concluding that anyones sense of any modifications being ‘wrong’ is a pile of shit – it’s just these prejudiced people’s perceptions that are wrong. Despite the problems, I’m not going to stop doing: My body is mine, and its another violation of human rights and although voluntary it’s discrimination nonetheless

    Thank God for Dermablend….

  6. I sent in this picture, and now I wish I had thought to ask about the tattoos! The coast guards that came in were all very sweet, and their construction work was top notch!

    (and in case anyone was wondering, it was at, Yggdrasil Rescue in Oakland)

    Sweet, wonderful guys, all of them!

  7. PS- Squirrels that age love everybody, so trust is not an issue! If you have the bottle, they will be all over you, ÈMþRꧧ

    If there is a wildlife place near you, let me tell you, baby squirrels love dreadlocks and stretched lobes, so volunteer! Everybody needs a hand occasionally

  8. Comment @ 21
    So what we saying here I better stretch my ear lodes and grow dreadlocks pretty damm quick so the squirrels love me:)

  9. They’d love you anyway, ÈMþRꧧ, as long as you brought the formula ;)

    But seriously, the tattooed and pierced folks who have come to help us out have made such big contributions to our continued existence as an organization, that I cordially invite anyone in the SF Bay Area to come meet our babies (Squirrels, possums, raccoons…) if they so wish! We’re very small, but extra friendly ;)

  10. (4th comment… I should probably stop while I’m ahead!)

    Addendum to the invitation: email me at [email protected], and I’ll hook you up with some baby squirrels! They’re like crack, they’re so addictive, I’m telling you.

  11. Sasha,
    If I lived close by I would definatly pay you a visit, everyone knows im totally nutz about animals.

    I use to live in an apartment at the back was a row of very big trees. These trees were full of squirrels I use to sit everyday and laugh at their antics, better than the TV any day of the week.

    Congratulations on your work, every little furry creature needs a friendly helping hand now and again.

    Hugz xx :)

  12. This guy is DEFINITELY NOT US COAST GUARD. You CANNOT have any visible tattoos
    when wearing a short sleeve shirt. And, they are the only branch of the military that prefers NO TATTOOS. If any tattoos are approved, before service, they cannot be “distasteful or offensive.” This guy was yanking your anchor!

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