Lucky You

When he processes images for BME, Phil makes me a pile of images as possible posts, so I don’t always know who it is until I write the entry… So I’m like “who’s this sexy girl?”, and I click on bettiebondage‘s page and am greeted by a picture of her picking her nose. Fantasy shattered, although I’m sure there are many readers that are totally into pretty girls picking their noses 🙂 — “Lucky You” pubic tattoo and stars by Brian at Lion’s Den Tattoo in Salem, NH.

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26 thoughts on “Lucky You

  1. Mary is the best and she can pick her nose all she wants! I am very lucky to be her photographer for and a good friend.

  2. The secret to picking your nose is, dont let anyone else see it kind of shatters the image lol

    She has got a lovely body tho.

  3. haha to # 5 – i totally just tried to reach around and my arm isnt QUITE long enough!

  4. whoops.

    tat was supposed to be ME saying that….

    “yeah i can def get a good grip in that position Em. who knows.”

    NOT dustin. hahah!

  5. Ok thanks for explaining Toser. I was wondering if Dustin was being really sarcastic or if he was really a deceptive she 😛

  6. how bad do crotch tattoos hurt?
    on a scale of 1 – 10?
    i want to get one soooo bad, but im a bitch about pain i think.
    maybe if i took some pain killers before i go in?

    and also, how much did that cost?


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