Pretty Hands!

Done — as if you didn’t know — by the French Thomas at Into You in London, UK.

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52 thoughts on “Pretty Hands!

  1. French Thomas is the best, he has his own style which just appeals to me!

  2. I love that.
    I’ve always admired a good hand tattoo. and I’ve always wanted at least one..but they are hard to get looking fansatic, and it’s pictures like this that make me hunger for one.

    fansatic :D

  3. wow, the hand work is very intense, like one of those puzzles you stare at that make your eyes go all funny.

  4. #9… I’m wondering what the actually conotation of the swastika are in this particular case. It could be that he is trying to “bring it back” (Clerks II reference: see “porch monkeys”) or in other words imancipating its percieved negative conotation in western society, post-WWII. A more simple explanation would be that he is indeed some form of naziist; sporting a symbol of white supremacy in white ink on his neck in plain sight so there is no mistake about his character. The angle and right-pointing nature in particular are indicative of the latter. *smiles* However, I make it a good habit not to judge before i know the facts; and even then I find it rather futile.

    [ps] Sorry for the long speil about nothing really. I know I’m supposed to be mesmerized into speachlessness by buckos pretty hand, but i couldn’t help myself. haha.

    oh noes. It appears as though my foot is entirely asleep :(

  5. Ideulogy – It would be very, very, very surprising to me if he was a Nazi, especially given the context of INTO YOU and French Thomas, who regularly use swastikas in their work.

  6. What a wonderful job. I’d love to see the rest of him, as well, like with the neck tattoos…is there anyway to get him to demonstrate more of his work for the wonderful audience here?

  7. The thing about this tattoo that makes me chuckle is that my boyfriend did something similar in biro when he was bored the other day :D

    It’s nicely done though :)

  8. I love the geometric nature of the hand tattoo. The white ink is stunning as well, considering white ink doesn’t always show too well. The blackwork sleeve goes perfectly with the hand tattoo as well (I love blackwork). As for the swastika it is a hindu symbol and a japanese one as well, but it isn’t really a true swastika. Either way, great work.

  9. I love ft’s work, watched him work and do some amazing stuff, Ive been having a sleeve done at intoyou since october.

  10. Hand tattoos usually have a tendency to look pretty cheesy I think, but wow this one was just beyond great, really good work!

  11. Anyone know if the white ink was done by the same artist? I’d like to get some done and am based near London. Have also seen work from this artist before and really love it.

  12. #18, Ideulogy, swastickas have been used for thousands of years by many different cultures before the nazis came around and hi-jacked it, buddhists have a ton of different symbols where it’s used, so I think odds are he is’nt a nazi…or is he

  13. Thanks Shannon! Thats all i needed to hear!

    And #42… thankyou for that. It’s not like that was my entire basis for not instantly jumping to the conclusion that he’s a nazi… -or was it?

  14. For a split second I thought that was you, Shannon, ’till I realised the whole lack-of-triangular extensions from the blackwork (as well as inside of it). Can’t think of which arm you have that on either..

    Haha, boo to me.

    Absolutely amazing tattoo though, I love how it’s so well-executed, as far as the straightness of lines and everything goes. I’d imagine a hand would be pretty hard to be so stable on, given the lack of very much fat at all and all the tendons, etc. Major props.

  15. this man has some amazing work, as for nazi not quite although he is into experimental surgery!!!!

  16. I have some serious work by Thomas and I find Ideuology or whatever the fuck they call themselves totally offensive, suggest you look up the true meaning of swastikas, I should know I am covered in reverse swastikas all the way down the left hand side of my chest in a pagan arrow…….. moron……

  17. I have two huge pieces by French Thomas, and yes many swastikas , the nazi comments show how stupid, ill educated , and ignorant you people are ,
    Go look up the history before making comment and passing judgement , In fact just shows how little you know about anything and perhaps you should keep your comments to yourselves, So that you do not embarrass yourselves any further than you already have,

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