The Indestructible Man!

This interview is part of my new book (and this weekend’s BME update which I’ll post tonight or tomorrow), but because I’ve featured him here before I’m posting a special “advance screening” here. Please don’t click through if you’re not generally alright with extreme (and adult) play.

116 thoughts on “The Indestructible Man!

  1. Very nice interview.

    I know how he feels about the tooth-out thing to, I once had to have 3 seperate injections of whatever painkiller they use (within the space of ten minutes) and it didn’t do a thing.

    That wasn’t pleasant at all.

  2. To me its very interesting to see how far people actually go for these things. A year ago I thought getting your dick pierced was the farthest anyone had ever gone, but as the saying goes, no matter how crazy or intense something is, somewhere, someone is doing something 10x that and more

  3. No I think the interveiw was great and it was worth reading. Whens the book supposed to come out, Shannon?

  4. this guy is awesome.

    i’m glad he is able to do what makes him happy, without being called crazy, a freak, etc. because he isn’t, he’s just different than most.

  5. YESS! shannon thank you so much for the interview!! ever since the first post on him ive been dying for one. thanks again!!

    ps you should have like and “extreme-modblog” for strictly this kind of stuff, its so interesting to read about.

  6. this is extremely interesting in the realms of how far the human body can be pushed. i appreciate that it is quite an extreme case, but it really does show how much pain and abuse it can take. fair play to him

  7. I really want to see the video, Shannon, I thought you were pro-Mac, why is it a Windows-only filetype? Grrrrrrrr.

  8. Fink, there are mac versions of Windows media player out there. Just do a google search for “wmv for mac.”

  9. nice article, it fascinates me to read about why people do more extreme things like this.

    i saw one typo, i believe it should have said ‘dose’ in reference to his surgery, but it said ‘does’. (or am i just making that up?)

  10. Shannon,
    if you need a better translation for your book, I`d be happy to help!

  11. more interviews of this kind would be fantastic. whilst pictures can be informative, interviews or articles often answer any questions that may arise from the photos.

  12. Very interesting indeed. It seems that immunity to novocaine and various other drugs had become more an more common in recent years. The medical community has yet to recognize this unusual trend. Not sure what is happening? Metabolizing the drug?

  13. 1- this is a fantastic interview. i’d been captivated by him since the first post relating to his extreme play. thank you for providing further insight.

    2- i’d quite enjoy more interviews in this vein.

  14. Oh, and in this BME/HARD weekend’s update Phil and I are adding a bonus gallery with more pictures (and bigger objects too)… it’ll be titled “FK Bonus Gallery”.

  15. shannon, i cast my vote for more interviews of this type
    (possibly because its not my side of the mod world so i find it even more interesting)

  16. Great interview. I’d definitely love to read more. I think a lot of people who are into the more extreme play either don’t talk about it or just don’t know what to say. The questions to guide them along really helps to convey the motivations and effects, etc.

  17. i’m too gore shy right now to view the video, can somebody tell me if he does this play in a very slow, love-making type fashion, or if it’s a rigorous, hard and fast “situation”… thanks. hah

  18. This is probably one of the best interviews I have read from you so far and it was extremely informative. Before reading it I found his pictures disturbing but after reading it I could see and understand the eroticisim in the video. Very enjoyable.

  19. Thanks for the interview. One of the most interesting pieces I’ve ever read courtesy of BME. I agree with Valon – more interviews!

  20. That’s fucking crazy man. I thought I had a high pain threshold… He shoots a pretty big load in the middle there haha.

    Awesome shit, I too think there should be more interviews about stuff like this. It’s interesting to hear about it from the person themselves.

  21. fascinating
    that immune system thing seems to be a blessing and a curse…one i wish i had…i wonder how alcohol effects him…

  22. Thanks for sharing Shannon :D

    It’s a great little sneak peak into the book.

    And it wasn’t dry it was fascinating :D

  23. After reading the interview and watching the video, its left me with a catelogue of mixed emotions. I wonder if anyone else came away feeling the same.

    Normally I put my hand in the air and own up, saying fucking hell why do people have to do such things, wasting hospital funds when things go wrong etc etc.

    But this man explains his actual needs of having this in his life. Of course it would not be for me, i’m not a lover of pain.

    I cannot say even now I can completly understand it, usually when I have eye contact with people I get a better understanding when things are explained.

    But he seems so laid back and chilled about the whole thing. So I guess over a period of time its filled some voids in his life. I am pleased for now he’s stop tho.

    More interviews like this would be great. If there are some more brave people out there willing to let us share a little part of their world.

    I am so pleased you have started the book Shannon, i’m sure it will be great when it comes out – good luck to you with it.

    Hugs stay safe.

  24. Shannon, could you put the original interview up somewhere? In German, I mean. I’ve been studying German for the past 12 years, and it’s one of my majors here at college, but you know there are just some words you don’t come across when reading Goethe or listening to a professor speak.

  25. Wow

    I didn’t watch the videos, in part because my computer is terrible and would probably crash if I tried to watch them, but also because I’m not sure I could stomach it.

    Anyway, this dude is impressive. I can’t imagine how he can get off, I would think most people would pass out or throw up from the pain. I’d love to know how he got to this, like why it is that pain gets him off. Its very interesting.

  26. That was really interesting… I wish there had been more blood, there was certainly enough cum.
    However, Shannon is pro-Mac? *shudders*

  27. hey, i can’t seem to get the video working… any help at all? i left-click on the picture and it loads a blank page, but i right-click the picture and it wants to save as a jpg….?

  28. I really like what you do and the simple yet conscious way you do it. This interview, like the piece about the australian girl obsessed with losing her legs, manages to focus on the “humanity” and “life track” of these self destruction oriented beings. Looking for a devoted translator to french ?

  29. Schön, dass Euch das Interwiew gefällt! Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass es Leute gibt, die gut finden, was ich tue! Dankeschön!

    Gruß FK

  30. Wow thanks for posting the interview. The whole thing makes so much sense now. With his tolerance for injury and drugs I imagine that inserting skewers for him would be like basic needle play for a “regular” person. Cool!

  31. For the record, WMV does not support Intel-based macs. But, there is a program called flip4mac that should work.

    Anyway, I think this is a pretty cool concept.

  32. 53: That’s how it sounds to me as well. I’ve met masochists who heal extremely rapidly as well (though no one who does things as extreme as FK here) and have always thought that that’s how some rare individuals just work.

  33. FK, großartiges Video, Hut ab, das braucht Mut. Das Interview macht klar, daß Sie wissen, was Sie tun, vielen Dank für diesen Einblick und Ihre Offenheit.


  34. I read the interview and then watched the video just now and it is very intense, Unbelievable that he can do those things and get off by it, I’ve tried sounding and that gets painful after a minute or two so I can’t begin to imagine or understand the tolerance for pain this guy has, a true testament that humans are capable of more things than we give ourselves credit

  35. That is some very intense shit right there. I must read this book!

    I have a very low tolerance for pain… I can’t even begin to imagine how much this must hurt.

  36. I’m just wondering how long it’ll be until the trolls find this one and paper it with OMG WOW EW. Quite exciting that they’ve not found it yet. :)

  37. very interesting! It’d be cool to read more about the initial process- the fishing scissors into the dermis and going through the fatty tissue etc.
    While my initial response to the video was to clutch my own stomach in a queasy wow, it was quickly replaced by strong admiration.

  38. To those who’re frightened to watch the video:
    I found the stills to be a lot more intense to see.
    I watched the video whilst eating enchiladas, and no problems here :)

    Shannon, I would LOVE to see more interviews in general, and especially from people who practice heavy/edge play. It’s a fascinating area and it seems like it’s pretty quiet as far as people explaining their reasons and methods and love for it.

    Well done on this one, and thanks for the translation for us non-cultured folken :P

  39. Wow. I love that interview…but I’d have to say my favorite quote from it would be “I’d probably have to smoke the whole lawn to be stoned!” XD

    Good job on this one, Shannon. It’s great. :)

  40. good interview, but i beg your pardon, i have already been disgusted by the first pictures i saw of him. i just don’t know, the scars, the skin, the man, the fisting…..but whatever floats (your) his boat.

    anyways, keep up the good work, schannon!

  41. I’m really interested in what this interview has to say, but I can’t handle the photos. Is there any way to just read the interview without seeing the pictures? I have a vasovagal response to looking at that sort of thing (i.e. big drop in blood pressure=fainting) but from the comments it looks like a fascinating interview!

  42. @ 14: ” why is it a Windows-only filetype?”

    Ha! there was a discussion about the very same topic some time ago. try to use the VLC -player (VideoLanClient).

  43. It is also interesting to read about the harder play that most of us will never encounter. And by the way if a guy name Sylar comes knocking at the door, don’t answer.

  44. Hey FK Danke für dein Interview und deine Offenheit, für mich persönlich geht das ganze zwar extrem zu weit, aber es hilft mir solche Aktionen einzuordnen und zu verstehen. Wünsch Dir noch viel Spass und Glück auf deinem weiterem Lebensweg. Und pass auf dich auf, nicht dass deine nächste Sesion sich negativ auf deine Gesundheit auswirkt. Take Care.

  45. WOW! I can’t think of anything else to say. Interesting but man that is a big spike!

  46. Holy crap!! That’s some serious hardcore play. Very interesting interview and pictures though, definitely.

  47. I wish I could have a properly preserved sample of his DNA. We seem to have the perfect template for immune system genetic therapies and quite possibly treatment of addiction. The light which could be shed by an investigation of his genome!

  48. Hey #63.

    Question — “Video was nice but so was the music in it. Who did the music?”

    Answer — Brain Eno. “Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks”

    I think…

  49. I’ve been an ICU nurse for years and have held hearts in my hand before. He stated that he stays in the fatty tissue to protect anything vital from being injured. Smart man, the bugs are in the intestines. One cut into those and good immune system or not, he’d have an infection.

    I’ve seen people with tolerance levels from zip to higher than this (you know, having major surgery with no anesthesia whatsoever) and all I can say is the body amazes and intrigues me more every day. From dissecting cadavers to seeing things like this, I’ll never get enough.
    Thanks Shannon for the experience

  50. I think the entire thing was impressive. Impressive to the point where I almost lost my appetite.

    Something like that should not be legal in some standard or another. I love bmezine, but such extremes are beyond repugnant. I believe I have become a different person because of this video, and I wish to never visit this section again.

    Love, Lover

  51. I read the interview yesterday and came back today to watch the video; both of which are very well-done. I enjoyed getting the chance to watch the video today.

    I was leaning forward in my chair partially covering my mouth in silent awe. In a way, it was very erotic to watch. I think that aspect made me overcome my usual squirming around in my seat.

    I look forward to reading this book, too!

  52. I feel the same as 70#, I want to read the interview, but I don’t want to see the photos. Would it be possible to put up a text-only-version? I would in general love to have comments by those who performed it on things like this (or the thumb removal for example), because I’m interested in their motivations.

  53. Interesting stuff LOL. Nice looking cock with a yummy load. And the rod insertion was fun too!

  54. i wonder how his body would react to the HIV virus … it’s a horrible thing to think, but i’ve heard stories about people whose immune system or genetic making, i guess, make it so it’s nearly impossible for AIDS to ever fully affect them. like, they may have the HIV virus, but it’ll never turn into full-blown AIDS …

    it’d be soooo cool if he’d like get his DNA mapped out or something. lol

  55. 79: “I believe I have become a different person because of this video, and I wish to never visit this section again.”

    What do you mean that you’ve become a different person because of this video? I understand that you were very turned off and even upset by it, but I’m curious if you do come back how one video by itself could change you into “a different person.”

  56. I have to be honest. When I watched the video my reaction was digust. I completely understand where his love of pain is coming from, but it’s still a little gross.

    Great interview! I always love seeing and reading about the extremes of the human body!

  57. “trinityva – Maybe they were very turned on, and they’re uncomfortable about their sexuality being much broader than they thought ;)”

    Shannon, I hadn’t thought of that, but I remember feeling exactly that way myself *grin*

  58. Wow that was an amazing interview. Its amazing the lengths that the human body can go to. I would love to have been a fly on a wall for that Interview Shannon!

  59. Wow. That was incredible.. to be capable of pushing his body to such an extreme, even despite his superior natural defenses and immunity, just — wow. Erotically fascinating.

  60. I dont understand how he can say the scars are from an accident, when most of them are very round… like he was pelted with marbles… or something. It looks amazing though!

  61. Thats like getting breast implants from your bellybutton, the procedure is so similiar. But wow, personally I don’t really understand this, but hey whatever floats his boat. On second hand, its actually pretty cool that he does that, but wouldn’t the holes be really prone to infection?

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  63. Absolutely fascinating. I would love to read more interviews like this one. Thank you for bringing this to us.

  64. woah … I totally didn’t realize that someone could actually do this. AT first, I wasn’t sure if I could scroll down and actually read the artical with the pictuers … it’s really extreme and I was shocked by the pics, but … I wanted to hear his expereince … so yeah. Thanks for the artical.

  65. No, and no again.
    I like getting tattoos. I do not enjoy the pain of getting a tattoo, but this thing is so far removed from body art as to be mentally disturbing.

    This turns my stomach, no pun intended.

    Im curious to know why he stopped, though. A fetish, even one as extreme as this, is not something you just up and quit doing.
    Something happened to make this guy stop probing himself with stainless steel bars.
    Probably poked a hole in his gut, or curved that bar back around and jabbed his spleen or something.

    In a word…..No!

  66. Yeah, I figured the guy was German too, as soon as I saw the first picture in the interview, lol. Anyways, i’m not going to watch the video, because I don’t enjoy watching other men cum, as someone said this is in the video. I do enjoy the gore though, the video has been posted on a couple gore forums, including UncoverReality.

    Shannon, i’d just like to say, even though I usually just stick with the tattoo section of your fabolous website, I love how it is legal to run something like this. It makes America just that much better. 2 thumbs up, friend.

  67. haha i thought i was the only one who was immune to drugs!!! i smoke (a LOT) and yet i have never been high. for my wisdom teeth surgery they tried general anesthesia and gave me three times the normal dose and i was awake and talking the whole time. the pain meds they gave me never worked, either. when i got cavities filled, they gave me th emax amount of novacaine, and then some cocaine, and i STILL felt everything. oy.

  68. That was very eye opening. I enjoyed the interview, and the movie just made it that much better! I would love to see more interviews like this!

  69. Arousing?
    How come he only uses existing holes, and it doen’t even give him an erection?

  70. Arousing?
    How come he only uses existing holes, and it doesn’t even give him an erection?

  71. He may know alot about pushing his body’s limits, but I doubt he’s a biologist. The activities he described “smoking pot, painkillers, and poison mushrooms” are not exclusively related to his immune system.

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  73. I don’t get how someone can treat their body like this. This is the most disturbing thing i have ever seen. Wow.

  74. I have no problems with extreme contents… I don’t know why, but this was too hard for me, I feel sick in my stomach. Not video for me… Uf
    …but very interesting interview.

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