Chain Link Piercings Gone Bad (Well, Duh!)

So the fifteen year old DIY-piercer in this photo came in to Color Works in West Des Moines, Iowa with their mother after their doctor refused to help with the problem he’d caused. He’d decided to do the piercings himself — a pair of lip rings and a septum — using, and I kid you not, pieces of chain link that he’d clipped off with wire cutters. They weren’t pierced in place — they were just “crushed” in place with a pair of pliers and brutally crimped into his flesh!

Evan removed them (and one was even rusted), cleaned him up, and told him to go back to the doctor. While Evan was dealing with the problem, the kid refused to stop touching the problem areas no matter how much he was told, and his mother let his four little brothers and sisters come running into the piercing room from the lobby, upon which the one kid immediately starts going through the garbage. Jarret (who took the photos) got them under control as the mother told him about how she’d tried to cut the piercings out with scissors. Darwin Award anyone?

Seriously, this is why in my opinion laws need to allow young people to get body piercings. “18+” and “16+” laws do nothing but hurt young people. Doctors don’t give a fuck and don’t know what they’re talking about most of the time and are so constrained by liability insurance that they often can’t help even if they want to, parents are clueless, and there are plenty of fly-by-night shops and nomadic piercers willing to abuse pierce kids anyway… High quality shops need to be accessible to people of all ages, because the fact is, people of all ages want piercings, and they’ll get them one way or another.

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227 thoughts on “Chain Link Piercings Gone Bad (Well, Duh!)

  1. Shannon, I have to agree… The laws should allow body piercings… They need not to allow all of them (like genitals or something like that), but they should allow the “normal” piercings, which the teens want most… like a labret, nostril, eyebrow, septum and so on…

  2. & honestly, even if 18+ & 16+ laws weren’t in place, kids would find some dumbass reason to do piercings themselves … like cost, or w.e.

  3. Holy shit, is all that comes to mind.

    And I think if they’re going to allow piercings, allow all piercings. Why should we allow diy mangled genitals any more than faces?

  4. I agree on the legal piercings for kids. I self pierced my nipples at 14 with safety pins, and when those rejected, again with sharpened knitting needles. I was such a retard. I used Ice, and lighters to ‘clean’ things, and dealt with infection with rubbing alcohol.

    If there had been a legal way to do it, I’d have been a lot safer.

  5. You wont find much support for changing the piercing laws to free up under 16s to be honest regardless of the reason.

    People will still use unprofessional piercers regardless of the laws simply because of the cost. Many will think (wrongly) that there will be no difference between a piercer charging £15 and one charging £25, they will vote with their pocket until they are affluent and mature enough to make a professional decision. e.

    This entry shows clearly that even when told not to this kid still kept touching the areas that were infected, I don’t think dropping the age limit will help that matter. Teenagers are obstinate and often don’t have the experience necessary to understand the implications of their actions such as demonstrated here.

    If you drop the age limit you simply put many people of limited income into the ‘can be pierced’ category and I guarantee they won’t be choosing the most expensive, experienced piercer in their town.

  6. Consider the parallel with underage sex – my parents said “Sure, have sex with your boyfriend if you want,” at the age of 15… I did. Now, we’re still together, with a nice kinky sex life, and are getting married as soon as possible.

    His sister, however, was SCREAMED at for having sex a month off the legal age – guess what, she never learned about sensible decisions, and now regularly cheats on her partner using no protection.

    My parents knew they’d brought me up well, so they could trust my decisions. A society that treats its youth like crap will never allow them to take on responsibilities, even minor ones like healing mods…

  7. I really think that is one of the most ridiculous DIY piercings I’ve ever seen.
    That kid (and brothers too actually) all seem like they have ADD. Routing through the garbage? WHAT THE HELL!
    As stated before, I think that people do and until educated enough, always will vote with their pockets. To the uneducated, someone charging £25 for a piercing will just seem like they’re out the make a profit. Where as the education will understand why they are priced the way they are.

  8. Jesus Christ. I think there has to be something more to this story, there seems to be something off about the kid.

    As to the legality of underage piercing, I think it’s a subject that’s quite like the one we dealt with here in BC recently with Safe Injection Sites for drug users. Those that are anti piercings (or anti-drugs in this case) would say that allowing those things would only perpetuate the problem of usage.
    A lot of restrictions, regulations, and annual check-ups would have to be put into place to make sure that shops everywhere were doing the best they could for their clients.

    And no matter what happens, there are always going to be stupid parents and stupid children that attempt to do bullshit like that.

  9. Well, I don’t know about current days (since now i’m “legal”) but I got my nose pierced (three times), my smiley (twice), and my navel, all at 13-14, in the old fashioned proffessional studio way. I don’t think we had age constrictions on piercings in Israel back then, but even if we did, it was a parent’s approval thing (and I think it was more of a personal choice for piercers rather then the law, though I can’t remember.)

    I Don’t know how it works in other countries but it’s an ok way to do things. if a kid was really doing it against his parent’s wish he’d find a way to trick the piercer, sure, but at least they wouldn’t resort to sticking safety pins through their faces (I know at 14 I’d rather trick a piercer then try and do that).
    For me it was easy since my mom was ok with most of what I wanted, I’d sit down and explain to her what I wanted, how it’s done and how it’ll look, and she’d take me and ask the piercer questions about safety issues etc.

    This way, it’s all the buisness of the child and his parents, no need for the government to intrude on a kid’s personal choices.

  10. A society that treats its children like adults loses a strong element of the growing up process where boundaries are formed and discipline helps show the consequence of actions.

    Simply allowing children to partake in every exercise that mature adults take part in does not benefit anyone.

    Puberty during human teenage years causes great hormonal changes and the decisions one takes at 13 are not necessarily the ones you would take at 20. By 20 though you have a greater understanding of the consequence of your actions.

    Em – Your story about having sex as a youngster is all very well but in Britain we have the largest number of underage pregnancies in Europe. That is a hell of a lot of young girls forced into losing a valuable part of their formative social years due to taking part in an activity they are asked to wait for. Simply asking their partners to use condoms has not worked.

    You will not find much support for under 16s piercings amongst a society that looks down on modification as a w(hole).

  11. Wow. This should definatly be up for a Darwin award. We had kids like this running around in middleschool, safety pins thru thier lips and complaining when it started getting swollen and infected.

    The laws really need to be changed and parents need to talk to their kids about piercings. If mom is against taking her 16 year old to get her eyebrow pierced then mom needs to talk to her daughter about how dangerous it is to DIY or let friends do it. Then again a lot of people wouldn’t expect kids to ask their friends to pierce them. The whole topic of piercing needs to be addressed in some way with kids.

    And the mom is a fucking moron for shredding up some scissors near her kids lip. Control you kids lady! :(

  12. What the FUCK?

    And what the fuck at all of you saying he should have been allowed legal piercing. This dude is off in the head and it seems like the rest of his family is too. That mother is NOT raising her children right if they think it’s okay to root through trash and run wild in a place with sharp objects and expensive jewelry.
    Something tells me that even if he had legal access to a piercer he would’ve done the retarded thing anyway.

  13. I completely disagree.
    In what part of that story makes you think that that child or his guardian parent are mature enough to look after a punture wound held open for weeks by jewelry?
    Those “laws” (which aren’t even really laws where I’m from, but a minimum standard put together by piercers observing their clients)
    Sure EVERYONE wants to get pierced.
    EVERYONE wants to drive a car when they’re 4, 9, 12, too! But there are laws based on statistics that are put in place to keep EVERYBODY safe.
    I think for a lot of kids it’s something to look forward to when they finally come of “legal”age to come get a piercing or a tattoo.
    Giving kids something just because they “WANT” it is why our Young Offenders act is bunk and why kids are killing each other at bus stops.
    Kids have this mentality that they should be able to do what they want because they’re going to do it anyway and it’s frankly scarey.
    When *I* was 15 and wanted my lip pierced, my mom said no.
    And that was that.
    No way in hell would I go against my mother’s rules of the house and pierce my lip. The wrath was NOT worth it.

  14. i don’t think the laws should be changed, i think kids should just be taught better. you can’t use this kid as a reason why the laws should be changed…he obviously doesn’t give a shit about his body or proper piercing procedure. he doesn’t even give a shit about trying to learn. he should deal with the consequences of his actions and learn from them, otherwise he will never learn. he could’ve used a computer or gone to a piercer and learned how to self-pierced properly, but he obviously didn’t want to. if he can’t respect his body or professional modification techniques, he doesn’t have any business getting pierced.

  15. It has been my experience and observation that almost every person involved in heavy body modification or body play started experimenting with it at the age of puberty. I have no idea what the correct sociopolitical approach is, but I can tell you that the time period in which they most need help/information/etc is 10-16.

  16. Thank you #15 and #16 for saying what I wanted to. I was just so angry after reading this that I couldn’t articulate what I was feeling.

  17. #15, I agree…
    I grew up with very strict parents… I knew that I wanted piercings from the time that I was 9 years old. My parents said No, and I listened. I bothered them constantly, and they always said no, and I listened, no matter how much I disliked them for it… I started stretching the lobe piercings I’d had since I was a baby when I was 14. After doing this for 3 years, my mom felt that I showed enough responsibility taking care of myself, and that I was mature enough to handle getting another piercing…. She had my dad come with me and sign paperwork so that I could get an industrial. He wasn’t exactly happy about it, but he figured that I was responsible enough to see what I was getting done.

    Now, I have a friend who began piercing herself at 13, using any sharp-ish object she could get her hands on… I once saw her pierce her cartilage with a large, dull sewing needle that she found in my sewing kit (the majority of the items in my sewing kit were from my grandmother, who died in 1991.) without even cleaning it. She told me about how she recently got drunk, and did a horizontal hood piercing on herself with a rusty safety pin.

    The point that I’m getting at by this is, even with access to professional studios, and still, some people will still use horrifically bad, unsafe techniques to pierce themselves and others… regardless of whether there are laws allowing it or not, some people will still choose to mutillate themselves instead of going to a studio and having it done right….

  18. I really think that accessibility to shops is an incredibly small part of the puzzle, and that, as lots of other people are pointing out here, accessibility to information and education is key in having shit like this prevented.

    How do you disseminate information about body mod’s, though? It’s not like they’re going to start teaching it in health class. Obviously BMEzine is a big part of this; simply having a centralized wealth of knowledge and experience about body mods is going to contribute in some way toward people’s education, especially with the internet use being mainstreamed.

    But is it enough? Will it ever be enough? I think there’s only so much you can educate before you have to step back and realize that there are just going to be a subset of the population that is stupid, reckless, and totally apathetic about fucking around with their bodies in an uninformed way.

  19. Oh my god.
    I’m fifteen, and I have my nostril, eyebrow, and monroe all professionally done (Florida laws require notarised consent forms, picture ID for you and your parent/ guardian, and they have to be there). I might have been dumb enough to try DIY repeatedly had I not had BME to eventually educate me.
    Agreed with #16. Though this kid is the sort that makes most underage kids who want piercings and such look even worse.

  20. #20, I make it a point of my work (I’m a piercer) to include speaking with the public.
    I DO go to schools for their health classes and give talks on safe body piercing and how important it is to seek out professionals to do the job. It goes over VERY well and I often see bunch of those same kids that summer with the same little card I give them when they go to get their first professional piercing.
    I also take a lot of pride in what I do. I’m not going to start piercing minors because they “want it”. I want a new puppy! We don’t always get what we want.
    Sometimes we’re not ready for it.
    Physically, emotionally, etc.
    If I start piercing every 14 year old coming in the door looking to have a tongue piercing and they grind it all over their teeth to show their friends and their teeth fall out of their head – that’s two steps backwards for every piercer out there trying to get the point across to concerned parents and clients that “all tongue piercings destroy your teeth” .
    Are you picking up up what I’m putting down?
    If I do a surface piercing on a developing body, or that kid decides he wants to go swimming with his friends with a piercing not healed because they TAKE an indefinite amount of time to heal – then they’re left with a big infected piercing and they tell everyone they got pierced by me and it’s infeted…
    No kids.

  21. What an idiot. I agree with #12, 15 and 16. But hey, he’s gonna have some hella rad scars to show all his friends that he’s so cool and hardcore, right?!!1

  22. Since I’d been brought up able to make my own decisions (not treated like an adult, treated like a child with sufficient intellect) there’s no way I’d have slept with anyone who refused to use a condom (or anyone who didn’t love and respect me, for that matter).
    Often, the parents of pregnant teens have gone all “thou shalt not” without educating them… rather like the piercing laws do… which I’m sure allows both the parents and the older modified community to feel very sanctimonious and moral, but is no bloody use whatsoever.

  23. and the dumbass of the year award goes to……

    jeez have some fucking patience, its not worth the scars or infection

  24. This is the 2nd wake up call I’ve had on poorly researched home done mods on youths. The first was on a girl I had dated a little bit ago. She had the worst home done (prison style) tattoos I’ve ever seen. And in the most public places. Like knuckles. The tattoos were done with real (cheap) machines from the back of bad tattoo magazines. Reusing the same needles over and over.

    I would love to see Miami Ink, or Inked show this side of the mod community and the risk and so forth. It’d be a great change of pace from the garbage they normally show. Asking people to be more emotional over and over and shooting the same interviews over and over.

  25. I’m not going to make any comments on age restrictions for piercings but I will say that this kid is fucking insane, I can only imagine how bad it hurt to not pierce but crush fucking chain links through his lip and septum especially the septum, mine was dermal punched and that hurt bad enough, so as the saying goes…if your gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough

  26. I work at a shoppe that sells body jewelry and a fair amount of young kids (ages 12-16) come in. Many of them think it’s cool to show off to me their DIY piercings done with random objects. I do my best to explain to them how dangerous it is and reference them to a reputible piercer- but most of them just shrug. I agree with #23 in that education is the key. With proper education about piercings (and all body mods for that matter) it might help keep most of these cases from occuring, in both adolecents AND adults. When kids come in asking why their lip/eyebrow/nipple is oozing and twice the size of normal, it makes me very sad. Young people should have their health protected, no matter what.

  27. If someone wants to do something bad enough they will do it no matter how stupid it is I guess. I’d like to speak for myself and say that some under 15′s aren’t that damned stupid and I’m pretty gosure that after that experience he will learn how to get it done, or do it, properly.

    I got turned down at the best piercing shop in my city, and ended up at a crappy unclean place to get my anti-tragus done because I was desperate. Surprise, surprise, it got infected loads and hasn’t healed yet. I think I’ve learnt from that. I don’t care when I get my mods done as long as at the end of it it turns out well done and was done in a safe place. It’s just very unlikely that I will be able to get any like that for the next 3 years.

  28. A lot of you have this “If a person is older, they know better” attitude. That’s not the way to look at things at ALL! Age doesn’t dictate maturity, not in the slightest.

    Yes in most cases it does, and maybe I just know too many stupid people, but I can honestly say I know a lot of people older than myself, and wonder when the hell they became so stupid.
    Now i’m only 17, so I don’t claim to know everything, but I feel that i’m better informed about certain things and more mature than some of my peers.

    “Teenagers are obstinate and often don’t have the experience necessary to understand the implications of their actions such as demonstrated here.”

    If find that to be an INCREDIBLY offensive generalisation. Everyone is different, everyone develops differently, and certainly everyone matures at different rates. My sister is 29 with a 12 year old son and I can swear to God that she is still nowhere as mature as some people have told me I am. I’m sort of blowing my own trumpet here, what i’m trying to say is that since people mature at different rates, some people may know exactly what they want at 14, and some still might not know at 20. Hell, you may get to 34 and change your mind. It’s not about age, age doesn’t define maturity, that’s such a daft thing to say.

    To say all teenagers will make the wrong choice is thoroughly unfair.

    To judge a person based on maturity, you’d need to spend a great deal of time with them, and that’s just impractical as a piercer, so where lowering the age would make some very mature teenagers safer, it’ll also put some very, very stupid and immature teenagers in slightly more danger of infections when they don’t look after their piercing properly.

  29. Now thats what I call using your initiative. We are all stupid in one way or another at that age. He managed to peirce himself THREE times, shit that’s gotta hurt, Thats dedication.

  30. Now thats what I call using your initiative. We are all stupid in one way or another at that age. He managed to peirce himself THREE times, shit that’s gotta hurt, Thats dedication.

  31. In general: Education, education, education. Some people are going to be dumb, but I researched and go my mom to take me to a reputable piercer to get my navel done when I was 15, and then again with my lip, my christina, my tattoos, etc.

    To #30: Your brain does not stop maturing at least until you’re 20. I do agree with you that people should be judged as individuals, not as groups, but you have to take realities into account. I agree with the piercing laws that are in place. I’ve wanted to have my tongue pierced forever, but the laws prevented me, and finally I discovered that I am tongue-tied, and need to have surgery if I want it. Being forced to wait and obsess over it forced me to research, and research made me wise up. Not all teens will make poor choices, but they seem statistically predisposed to do so. I was lucky in that I have a good home that taught me the value of waiting for things you really want. My friend who pierced her cheek with a safety pin wanted it right then, damn the consequences, and many (NOT ALL) other teens would agree! You have to have some sort of lesson that, sometimes, it’s best to wait for things you really want. That’s not something you can get without experience, and experience comes with age.

    Summary being, age does not DEFINE maturity, but maturity and age cannot be completely divorced from one another.

  32. *hits head on desk* yer kidding right?…
    Didnt it hurt the fucker? I mean pliers and blunt piece of metal the fuck?…….
    all I can think if fucking owwww… and then geting them out rusted and all…
    tut tut

  33. I really don’t think this entry has much to do with the fact that the laws need to be bent, this kid was just a dumb ass. No matter what the laws are there are still going to be people doing shit like this. On the other subject… I’m all for modifications, but however there does need to be some law on it. If not, then kids are going to be going behind there parents backs then showing up at home with all sorts of things pierced just to spite them. Another point is that if kids are getting pierced at a young age, most of them are no where near competent enough to care for it. It’s not that they are stupid, they just don’t know the correct way for things. They may just see it as something that looks cool therefore letting all their friends touch it, not even realizing all the bacteria they are letting in. Ok, I could go on and on so i’m done…

  34. his parents should be both in jail. if you have children, you should also take care of them….

  35. I agree with #36 – I’m not too sure that even if there were laws in place allowing minors to be pierced, and a good shop in town to do the piercing, that this kid would have had the common sense to go and get it done professionally… Considering that chainlinks and pliers seemed like a good idea.

  36. I understand how changing the laws could seem like a good idea. Although I agree with the otheres who believe the laws should stay. *Most* 16yr olds aren’t mature or responsible enough to take care of their piercings. Hell, I know some kids my age (20yr olds) who don’t even know how to take care of piercings! I also know some 24yr olds who drink and drive. Should we change the drinking laws? No. Although I’m responsible enough to drink, most people my age aren’t. That’s why we have the laws out there. Yes, there maybe a minority of people who are responsible at the age of 16 and should be able to go get piercings, but that’s for their parents to decide.

  37. I piecered my cousins tounge with a corn on the cob poker in the back of my sisters camaro because well, I was 12 and didn’t know any better. My cousins tounge got VERYYY infected and he had to go to the hospital because of it.

    But if we would have known instead of being sheltered then all of this wouldn’t have happened.

    Change the law.

  38. While I’m all for minors getting safe piercings, if this kid’s as dumb as the pictures and the story let on, I probably would have refused to pierce him no matter how old he was.

  39. I agree with you, Shannon.

    I’m a big advocate of kinky groups lowering their entrance ages from 21 or 19 to 18 for similar reasons. At 17 I despaired of finding any information about doing SM safely and experimented on myself. I have scars. I still thank the Goddess I had no partner — I knew I needed to know more before actually getting started, but I was a horny teen at the end of her wits. With a blood fetish. I could easily have something bloodborne today if my life had gone just the tiniest bit different.

    I wish I’d encountered the message “We’re out there. Just hang on for a couple years. We’ll help you. We’ll embrace you and accept you and it’ll be all right” I would have been able to hang on a lot easier.

    And if info had been out there for anyone of any age, the way safer vanilla sex info was always out there for me and my peers? It probably would have spared me a LOT of grief.

    If society expects people to be responsible and thoughtful, and gives kids the message “It’s okay to want what you want. Your desires don’t make you bad, or immature, or overeager” I think a lot will be more willing to be careful, wait, and think about what they’re doing.

    I could be wrong. But that’s what I’ve seen from kids. If you expect them to be responsible, they often rise to your expectations. If you expect them to be unruly and obnoxious, they stoop to what you ask of them, too.

  40. this is completely beyond the realm of what i like to pretend really goes on. in other words, EW… those look totally mingin

  41. well he’s is from iowa.not saying that all people from iowa are dumb,but they do have that stereo type.and from what eve heard i dont think they have piercing law in iowa,ive had some minors come to my shop with below the belt piercing,and they told me they didnt need there parents consent,which is fucked up

  42. I don’t know about the whole age thing, I mean you can make pretty silly decisions when your young and its not too good if you can’t reverse these things.
    I’ve seen so many young kids with their earlobes stretched. I don’t think that is wrong but I think alot of kids, when they grow out of the “trendy” scene (emo type stuff) and don’t want their ears like that anymore, theres nothing much they can do about it. I’m not saying its wrong, just that kids can get caught up in what their friends are doing and could maybe regret it in later life.

  43. I honestly don’t believe changing a law will make kids any wiser in their decision making. There are smart ones and there are not smart ones (as in this case).

  44. Nothing that this 15 year old did is unusual or anything I haven’t seen probably MORE 60 year olds do… Take a look at the older sections of the genital piercing areas on BME and you’ll see some equally creative and inadvisable techniques. That’s what happens when you force people to run blind.

    By exposing people to quality shops, rather than forcing them underground in one way or another, you force them to confront quality information even if they’re unwilling to search for it online and so on. Sure, plenty of people will still ignore aftercare, etc., and this kid may well be one of them, but he’d STILL be significantly better off if he’d had access to a quality studio.

  45. #49

    i stretched my lobes when i was 17, now, 3 years later i don’t have them anymore but i don’t regret that i’ve got the expierience. that’s life.

    either you stay the same forever or you have to deal with the consequences. being reasonable means, that you can live with things you did in the past as well.

    i think it’s wrong to tell people: “don’t get bodymods unless you’re sure you want to keep them till the end of your life”. what’s true for most of the tattoos (but not really either, did you see lucky diamond rich?!) isn’t the same for piercings.

    no matter if you are going to keep the piercings for the rest of your life or if you decide to remove them later, the most important fact is, that you’re pleased with the result (and you don’t kill yourself ;) ).

    but i don’t think that this boy is satisfied with what he’s got anyways. he should have informed himself.

  46. Didn’t read through every post, so excuse me if someone already brought this up. Regarding the comment,

    “And I think if they’re going to allow piercings, allow all piercings. Why should we allow diy mangled genitals any more than faces?”

    I understand your thought process with that comment. However, in most states in the US (don’t know much about laws in other countries), piercing a minor in the genital region or breasts can get you time in jail for statutory rape, child molestation and/or child genital mutilation. Not something you want to mess with.
    Besides, people that young are not mature enough for a majority of piercings, let alone something like genitals. If they are mature enough, then they can stand to wait until they’re 18.

  47. Wow, what a winner. The whole family sounds like winners.

    I’d just like to say that even in places where younger people can get piercings, they still do stupid shit. I know grown people who have gotten tattoos in the kitchens of the ‘artist’, pierced themselves and the like. Even with laws that are looser about age, kids (and adults) still do stupid shit like pierce each other, tattoo each other, etc. regardless of whether they can go to good, professional places.

    My parents were cool about piercings at a young age and let me get my tragus and tongue pierced at 13, tongue pierced again at 14, and various other ear and navel piercings until I was 18 and able to go and get things done on my own. I was also smart enough to not do shit they didn’t let me do. They would not have allowed me to get a tattoo (legal or not), but I was smart enough that when I was offered home made tattoos by people I knew, I politely refused.

  48. Cody – You’re 100% right on the legal aspects, to say nothing of the fact that I would have serious concerns about minors being abused by predatory piercers with inappropriate motivations.

    However, I don’t agree at all with “if they’re mature enough, they can wait until they’re 18″, because:

    - We all know how well “wait till you’re married to have sex” works (ie. the entire statement is totally pointless, because they won’t wait, whether they’re 16 or 60).

    - I believe that the kinds of people who NEED piercings (and I’m going to guess that’s about 10% of currently pierced people) will often seek out genital piercings FIRST, because when people are “hard wired” with this desire, I believe it’s a part of their sexual nature.

    It’s a pretty complicated issue… I really don’t know what I’d be arguing for if I was a piercer or even a sympathetic legislator, since there are so many obvious pros and cons for every age line.

  49. Ok I think what alot of people are looking at are laws concerning legal age for piercings. Quite frankly it doesnt seem that this kid would have benefitted from a host of knowledge and a reputable artist.

    What he would benefit from would be a call from the local childrens authority, because clearly his mother suffers from dementia or some other kind of psychosis. Also, the idea that he didnt try to pierce himself first but just push the metal through his skin shows he is also off balance.

    It also dissapoints me that the doctor he went to see turned him away instead of helping him, this is quite a serios situation.

  50. In order to qualify for a Darwin Award, the person needs (among other things) to have died or been rendered sterile as a result of their stupidity. Jethro there doesn’t count.

    Stupid people are going to do stupid things regardless of the law. Changing it might help some people, but it will never help people like this.

  51. 1- Put yourself in the mindset you had when you were that age? So many of us started doing home made tattoos a piercings young, what would have disuaded you?

    I got into an argument with a customer the other day, he was talking about how much of an accomplishment it is to pierce your self, how cool it is. I said to him, “graduate from Yale or Harvard and then I’ll be impressed”. I told him how dangerous it is to pierce your self when you know nothing of sterility or proper technique

    2-As a tattoo artist, I have to admit that if the laws were changed and I COULD tattoo a 12 year old, I’d have to say there is no way in hell I would do it! It would make me feel VERY uncomfortable and morally I just wouldn’d want to.

    3-I think Lexi Million has the best Idea! Tattoo artists and Piercers should design a lecture and offer to speak at local schools. There have been enough horrible badly infected piercing pictures on bme to scare the crap out of any kid into waiting until the proceedure can be properly done.

    In my area we have such a bad problem with tattoo parties and bad shops that charge 5-10 dollars for piercings and tattoos. People who will spend $200 on air jordans just don’t want to spend more than 20 for a permenant safe and professional modification. It makes me want to scream, they don’t care that their health is at risk!

    I wish I could make a flyer about the dangers of un-professional tattoos and piercing and drop them of cities from planes. I agree with #28….If only The tattoo T.V. shows would take one greedy minute to spread the word.

  52. So fucking funny. I agree that piercing should be for all ages when accompanied by an adult if under 18. There’s a lot of dumb kids out there like the one pictured above. Luckily for me, I’m not stupid and the only thing I pierced myself were my ears. And I used needles and real jewelry.

  53. This flips both ways:

    I can see why the age is 18+ for piercing. A lot of people do not start to mature before that age to make life long decisions. Some would have the same piecings just to be in with their friends, just like a lot of kids start smoking for the same reason to appear kool with their mates.

    On the flip side, we see horror stories like the above photos. I dont know anything about this young mans parents skills in bringing him up. Maybe he’s a kid thats gone off the rails. But if my kid came through the door with piercings of this nature, I would want to know the full in’s and out’s of the wrong thing.

    Even if he decided to take them out he would be left with life long scares, I guess thats why the age limit in the first place.

    As for the doctor turning him away surely his medical ethics should be bought into question. A doctor should treat without making judgements about an individual.

    Personally if I was a piercer I would ask an individual to return when they are 18, old fashioned I know. I guess this is why a lot of kids get crap work done they go to back street people.

    And hey mother get them kids of yours in check, you should be teaching them life long skills to see them through life. Not standing by while they rummage trash cans!

  54. For the people on here who say that people my age will probably grow out of liking modifications, can I just say that if you’re on here, you probably do, and you must have started doing so at some point. At that point you might not have firmly believed that you wouldn’t change your mind, but just because I think I won’t, dosen’t mean I’m wrong.

    Mabye I just had to get that out somewhere, here seemed like the ideal place. I had a long conversation about it before with some friends (all of whom believe piercing is a bad idea).

  55. I’m from Iowa and this makes me really sad. While not everyone I know from home is as stupid as this kid, this story really doesn’t surprise me for some reason. There are certainly areas of the state where knowledge of piercing safety is as uncommon as a full set of teeth. In response to the comments on Iowa’s piercing laws, I have encountered the normal “16 with parental consent, 18 without” laws that are in place in most states. Unfortunately, there will always be those shady shops that will pierce 13 year old belly buttons and such.

    I think that the most disappointing part of this story is the lack of respect for the piercers and the shop. They are expected to fix this kid’s mistakes even when the little idiot refuses to listen to the piercer’s advice, and the family’s behavior inside the shop is ridiculous. What’s even worse is the doctor’s refusal to treat the kid; body piercers are good at what they do, but they should not be expected to treat possible cases of tetanus. This kid needed medical attention, not a trip to the piercing shop.

  56. Information is key. Shannon said it best.
    On that…I also have seen my fair share of adults make some very stupid makes as well. Piercing and otherwise.

  57. The issue isn’t legal piercing for this guy; he wouldn’t stop touching the problem areas even when the piercer was working on it! Kid’s non-compliant. That proves his immaturity and lack of ability to handle a piercing more than any age limit can.

  58. This is just plain horrible. I was going to try and think of something insightful to say but the sheer stupidity of this just leaves my mind at a blank.

  59. Hey! there were comments about the doctor, who sent him to a studio – it wasnt that bad of him, i think it’s not that he didnt want to help him, or hated modified people, but i think he is right in his opinion that someone who must have met more fucked up piercings than a doctor, could help this kid more easily …

  60. sorry i did not me to offend,people from iowa.hopefully they have changed there laws,and this was a few years back,and from what they told me it was not from a shady shop.but kids will be kids.and that Dr should be reported.

  61. I must admit when I was a young teenager (I’m talking about thirteen), I began piercing myself, experimenting with “cutting” myself by running sewing needles through my skin shallow like… Was this a smart thing to do? Of course not, I had no idea what I was doing. I had pierced my second holes in my ears myself in my bedroom mirror with a needle as well, which my mother later lectured me on for hours and days on end… But did that make her take me to a respectable shop to get piercd at instead? No. I continued to pierce my navel later on among other things. . . If I had been able to use resources such as a professional piercer, I really believe that I would have went to them, and not set myself up for such a risk of infection, crooked piercings/shallow piercings, etc.

    I discovered BMEZINE when I was around fifteen. I then printed out lots of information on a navel piercing and presented it to my mother, and she ended up letting me have it pierced, but that was all until I was eighteen.

    I turned eighteen and have became more and more into body modification every single year. I am thankful I stumbled upon bme as a teenager and was able to learn so much information that helped me realize I wasn’t the only person in the world who was so fascinated with I later found out was “body modification”.

  62. I always knew I wanted a number of mods – labret, septum, ears, nipples etc – right from an early age, and had it not been for BME, I’d have gone down the DIY route.

    BME made me wait till I was 18, and getting everything done professionally, and in doing so, probably saved me a lot of painful infections and health risks.

    If professional piercing was available to me at 14/15 (when I was considering doing it all DIY), I would have gone for it. Thats not saying that I was mature enough to handle a piercing.

    Ultimatly, I dont think it’s a question of legislating for or against this or that – the issue is education, and the general stupidity of the public (and especially 14/15 year old boys, who run entirely on hormones).

    Hope that made some kind of sense!

    - Dan (UK)

  63. What a fucking mess! I agree, especially since I pierced my nose at 16 (back in 1989!) with a giant safety pin… on the upside, it’s a piercing that never closes… but I’m lucky my nose didn’t rot off!

  64. Completely separate from any questions of allowing piercings on young people or not – what the hell was the kid’s family DOCTOR thinking, refusing to help him with his problem???

    I would have thought that even those who are against piercing to the nth degree would at least realize that an injury is an injury, self inflicted or not, and help fix it. And at the point this is, there’s no saving it, it’s removing a punctured wound, like stepping on a nail.

    I do think information would be helpful, however the law is. Over the past 10 years or so piercing has gone FAR more mainstream, and people are wanting mods earlier, seeing far more people with them, etc.

    And finally – add me to the list of people who are surprised the kid didn’t try to at least pierce himself with a boiled needle and ice before shoving the chain link (!!) in.

  65. lots of judgements on here about the mental health status of this boy – are any of you medical doctors? for real. im asking, are you M.D.’s, or able to diagnose because of belonging to another profession? Or just making judgements based on one type of behaviour? Dont’ forget we have all done things that other people would deem “stupid”.

    and when i was younger (maybe underage, maybe just shy or maybe just uneducated about piercing) i pierced my nose (actually when i was 11) and i pierced my outter labia (i think when i was 15) both were ok, both were taken out eventually. i just never asked my parents, and when i had visible piercings, i still dont really remember them ever saying “no”.

    For a needle exchange in Toronto that I used to work out of, I, with a reputable piercer developed a “safer piercing kit” and about half of the people picking it up were hovering around the legal age.

    the kit came with good, easy to read information, disposable everything and strict instructions about never sharing. in addiction we gave them more gloves than they needed, sharps containers, way more needles than they needed (prepackaged, sterile) and jewlery (prepackaged, sterile). and having them come to pick it up, they had time to ask questions (and did they EVER) and to be reminded (almost to death) about HIV/AIDS, HEP and why the exchange exsists…. (because of how people contract these diseases) i never had a person there that just wanted to kit and left – they were all very interested in their wellbeing.

    the whole mandate of the exchange was to prevent infection (obviously) and this (safer piercing kit) just fell into it.

    these programs have recieved the harshest critisism from piercers and people “in the scene” and recived praise from harm reductionists and people in the health/social services sectors.

    because what happens when anyone (including kids) can’t get access to a professional piercer or safe equipment (untill its too late in this case)?

    ….you just clicked on it.

  66. I Don’t think the legal age should be changed. What about alcohol products, smoking products and sexual products? If we change one law we change them all. I wanted my labret pierced *so fucking badly* when I was 13. My dad said no, so that was it. I waited 5 years until he would allow me to go to a professional, and in that time I researched heavily. I didn’t even consider doing it myself. Utterly out of the question.

    The special thing about piercings and tattoos is that you have to wait for them – it’s like a rite of passage, a coming of age. You are now old enough and mature enough to make your own decisions about your body. Granted there are some very mature 14 and 15 year olds about. But personally, I find anyone who self-does piercings and tattoos just because they’re not old enough yet simply proves how immature they are about the situation.

    I’m sure there are a shitload of people who self pierce and self tattoo without any problems whatsoever, and good luck to them.

    I know that children are growing up faster but boundaries are there for a reason. I think information on piercing and infection should be more readily available and parents should talk to piercers if their children start talking about piercings… But I also think parents need to show more discipline

    My parents treated me very fairly – if I could be mature about things, then I deserved the privelage. I think parents these days are not raising their children – seriously, look at his smug smile! He thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread! It sounds to me like that woman has no control over her children.

    So, in short
    ~ I don’t think the laws should be changed,
    ~ I think parents should be more attentive and proactive to their children’s interest in piercing
    ~ I think both parents and children need to learn and show more respect for each other.

    and finally:


  67. i am a strong believer that people should go into schools and have it set up for teachers, students, parents and even siblings if they want should have a day set aside for a knowledged piercer and tattooist come into the school and teach them many different things they should know, like jewelry quality, what they should look for in a shop, what kinds of questions they should be asking before they decide to get work done, and all other kinds of angles…….as well as WHY THEY SHOULDN’T BE PIERCING LIKE THIS.

    also educate the parents that no matter how much they try to restrict their kids from growing as individuals that they will find some way to go against their parents wishes and this is when the nipple piercings and genital piercings definitely come into play. there are so many other things i could get into that could be covered but i just think that it would be a great idea for us as responsible people to start taking the time to go into schools to talk to these people and educate them.

  68. #79 are any of you guys Dr’s what the fuck.what do medical Dr’s know about mental health,but any way we dont need any more laws,but we should aleast be tested,beCAUSE THERE IS WAY TO MANY HACKS,JUST TRYING TO MAKE MONEY,sorry i do this work out of love.and ive been doing this before it was cool and trendy to be a piercer,what we really need is more people in the biz with morals.

  69. Ooooh that’s determination, yeah, that had to hurt. Well done, kid. Nice high pain threshold there, I’m impressed.

    On the other hand, I get the impression he found out from landing on his head, and finding he could get right up and land on it again.

    Sorry, I’m not being objective there, but it’s gone 2am.

    I’m not convinced this kid is unusually stupid for 15 based solely on the piercings – he’s not too sharp, no, I’ll grant you, but surrounded with peer pressure and a similarly not-too-sharp social grouping, I can see how he came to the conclusion that it was more important to get his piercings done TODAY, not to get them done RIGHT.

    That said, I’m not standing up for the kid’s right to breathe n’ breed, either. Just trying to widen the net of people who shouldn’t…

  70. Now I’ve done some stupid stuff in my day but MY GOODNESS! “Crushed” in place with pliers?? That’s like a larger guage piercing gun with all the speed, strength and power of your hand into your lip, after having a few dogs lick and piss on the jewelry/piercing apparatus. What a shit-eating smile. Something tells me this kid wouldn’t properly care for a piercing even if it was by a professional (not a blanket statement for everyone his age though)

  71. I have done close to thirty DIY piercings. Most of the one’s that I actually kept were done at home before I moved out. I have some shitty tattoo work done by some friends that claimed to be better than they were. Do I regret any of it? Fuck no!! And yes, I have permanent scars, I have been to the emergency room, and I have had my parents threaten to disown me. Big fuckin deal. I think that this kid is going to go through life with some minor scarring and feel rather proud of it, cause he pierced his fucking lip with chain link!! And then he will check out modblog and read all this and think to himself “I am one hardcore muthafucka!!” Kid’s shouldn’t get pierced at MY shop because I feel like I have a moral obligation to keep my clients safe, but if it’s him, on his own, let him give himself a bisection, it’s his meat. He won’t really have a choice but to live with the reminders of his cool lip piercings, but that’s a GOOD thing!! The body is a map. Without landmarks you will never know where you have been, and without pain and suffering there isn’t any reason to go anywhere.

    P.S. I wanna read what Yttrx has to say about this. :)

  72. I, like many of you, assumed that Iowa law was 18+ for piercings. However, when I went to get my septum at 18, they asked my age but didn’t check a card. When I inquired as to why, I was informed that Iowa law actually DOES NOT regulate piercing. So the 18+ thing is imposed by shops, most strictly on genital piercings and sometimes not at all on other piercings, and it is mainly to prevent angry, lawyer wielding parents from attacking the shop. As a Des Moines resident, I am aware of at lease 3 nearby shops that would pierce anyone without asking questions and several others that will take you at your word to be 18. So this kid was an idiot, it has nothing to do with the law.

    And maybe not a Darwin award now, but wait until he tries a transcrotal with an exacto knife from his tech-ed class.

  73. Shannon,

    I completely agree that the standards of age are ridiculous and kids WILL do what they want because they are uneducated or shut their ears in ignorance to the reasons for safe piercings. However, I am upset at the berating of doctors. There are always exceptions which define a stereotype, but the majority of medical professionals are there to help you and just want to encourage safety in your life. One thing that could be beneficial is the education of medical professionals on the safety of piercings when done by a professional. I know many MDs who hide their piercings because of dress codes within the hospital because some ignorant patients feel threatened by the presence of modified individuals. I too hope to serve in the Medical Profession and I hope that I will be able to encourage a child to explore his desire for body modification without the risk of extreme infection or rejection. This is just like the case of many people thinking most pharmacists are Pro-Life because a few refused to distribute the Plan B pill. 2 cents, take it for what its worth.


  74. Yeah, I’m chiming in again, a bit more coherently.

    What people need to realize is that when you’re as immature as most 15-year-olds, you NEED to wait. I mean, I was more mature than the average 15-year-old, but my parents absolutely, vehemently said “NO” to any body mods aside from maybe a second hole in my earlobe. I’m 19 now and about to get my first mod (deciding between venoms or an Aum symbol on my ankle). I’m really glad I had those few years to decide, because otherwise I’d have a rejected piercing (I sucked at aftercare on the 2nd ear hole and it closed a few months after I got it) or a poorly-cared-for tattoo that I wouldn’t even want now. The way I was 4 years ago? That’s the NORM, not the exception.
    I agree with getting information out there, but allowing kids to actually get the mods? Nah. Let them have a few years to digest the facts.

  75. I worked at a place that sells body jewelry for three years. Kids would come up all the time bragging about their drunken DIY piercings, or getting it done at the mall and wondering how it got infected. I would hand them my piercer’s business card and explain to them in language they could understand how unsafe it is to self-pierce, and to NEVER get work done while intoxicated. Some of them listened but most went on to get more unsafe body mods done by themselves or their friends at parties. As for me, I was forbidden to get anything pierced until I was 18 and held a job. At 22, I now have 15 healthy, professionally done piercings that I can proudly showcase. It takes all kinds.

  76. 80 – how is self piercing a maturity factor?

    also (just directed to whoever is reading) – age isn’t the deciding factor for maturity, inteligence, good judgement…excetra…i have tattoos that i regret getting after the legal age…and i am sure there are people out there, in thier 20′s, 30′s, 60′s and 80′s regreting things they have done years ago and up until this minute.


    CHILLAX, remember everyone is different. not like you, me or everyone else. and take it easy, lemon squeezy, not everyone is as smart as you think you are hah!

  77. i know i’m late to this conversation but i thought i’d weigh in and say word, lexci, word.

    seriously: stuff like this is why i think there SHOULD be an age limit. of course 18 is not some magical number after which people become capable of making wise choices. but waiting a little while never hurt anyone. especially when we’re talking about making permanent modifications to your body…

  78. Lowering the age limit would not help people like this.

    Most likely the kid would just fuck up a professional piercing, get it infected or something, and then the mom would have someone else to blame.

  79. haha 85 thats great stuff, wil andersons an absolute legend, didnt he say that about the corbys??? anyway, yeah this kids messed himself up quite severly he should learn right??? right??? but i doubt it…

  80. Ok, I’m late to this party, but this kid’s doctor was an ass. No question. That said, I am the only doctor I know with a kit of piercing tools including ring opening pliers. Without the right stuff this kid’s lip would have been rendered hamburger. I wouldn’t have turned him away, but this piercing reeks of stupidity all around. I’m not sure this kid would have had it done professionally if he could have because he’s clearly incapable of reasoning out the potential consequences as it is.

    The age laws go to consent and protect the professional. They place a minimum age of responsibility for the decision making. Earlier than that, the piercee could readily turn around and make accusations of forcible piercing or anything else and it would stick. Even without laws, a piercer is a fool to pierce a minor without a parent present. Seriously.

  81. For some reason I highly doubt if this kid would’ve gone to a legit piercer even if he was allowed by law…

    Most DIY minors, even when they do piercings themselves, don’t use chainlink and crush it into their skin. They might use cheapass jewelry and a safety pin, but Hell, nothing compared to this.
    Sounds like the whole family is from a very shallow end of the gene pool.

  82. I completely understand the issues with piercing genitals on minors, I’m just saying the piercing doesn’t matter to the individual, they’re going to get whatever they want if they want it. And really, if a 12 year old is willing to pierce their genitals, they’re probably suited for this community. Most at that age would focus on the pain to stop them if nothing else. And again, I’m not saying that means piercers should be doing 12 year olds bits.

    That said, I don’t think we can infer nearly as much as everyone is about who the kid or the parents are by this story. Yes there were a lot of bad decisions, but that doesn’t mean the parents are bad or the kid is a complete moron, just that bad choices were made.

  83. Somebody please give this kid an injection of windex.

    I honestly wonder what goes though people’s heads, sometimes.

  84. People act like they were never young and stupid/uneducated. I’m all for the people with the ideas for better education about modification for younger people, I love that idea.

  85. I have a few comments on other ppls comments…ahem:

    stacey…thank you for saying what I was thinking!

    “If you expect them to be responsible, they often rise to your expectations. If you expect them to be unruly and obnoxious, they stoop to what you ask of them, too.” -trinityva…

    very well said

    “In order to qualify for a Darwin Award, the person needs (among other things) to have died or been rendered sterile as a result of their stupidity”-bravemenrun

    let’s just hope this kid IS sterile. I think I can speak for a lot of ppl here when I say the last thing this world needs is MORE of these idiots running around.

    Also, I think the doctor made a wise decision…how many family practitioners do you know of that carry the tools to remove horribly bent up pieces of metal from kids faces? Probably not many. Sending the kid to a piercer to remove the junk first was a wise decision. Of course the doctor definately should have told him to come back after they were out of his face but luckily the piercer had enough common sense for that.

  86. what is this an echo room?

    You are all stating the same thing, age doesnt mean mature and at the same time age of consent is in place to protect the young.

    Not everything is uniform, as people are also not uniform. You need a general setup to keep those who cant protect themselves from being abused.

    Now, as I stated before, not necessarily on BME but to friends, in alot of psych texts piercings and other mods are considered deviant and antisocial behavoir.

    While we can all agree the average, run of the mill pierced or tattoed person does so responsibly and with a healthy mindset so this standard should not apply.

    But when you look at pictures like this, it is clear that this boy is suffering from some mental illness, whatever it may be.As is his mother. What person in their right mind tried to cut their own childs lip open to get a ring of metal out? These people need to be watched and carefully. They clearly cannot take care of themselves.

  87. I don’t think I can possibly write a coherent, rational comment to this… I’m at a lack for words at what this kid did to himself. Uh, “I hope he learned his lesson” seems to come to mind.

  88. UUUUUGHH its kids like him who cause the misconception that minors are stupid and ignorant. God damn, chain links?!?!?

  89. i keep trying to type a response and i can’t. i just can’t find words other than ‘dumbass’ and ‘idiot kid.’

  90. 92 – Self piercing itself is not the maturity factor (I was sort of writing and not thinking a whole lot) It’s more the “My parents won’t let me get pierced, so I’ll show them how mature I am and wait it out and research it, rather than go and crush some chain links into my face”

    That’s sort of the point I was trying to get across. I think that turning that special age where you’re allowed to do something is very special, and in the very least, defiling that takes away the excitement of turning that age. We all have to go through rites of passage and whatnot. And as it turns out, this kid apparently could’ve legally gone into a piercer and had these done, because earlier posters have mentioned that Iowa doesn’t have government regulations on piercings.

    All a bit pointless really. He should’ve just forked out that cash.

  91. Oh my, oh my. That looks so incredibly painful!

    So, I’m fifteen and think that most people my age would find this guy incredibly ‘hardcore’, but seriously, this just seems like such a stupid thing to do…
    I never considered doing anything dodgy like this when I wanted a part of me pierced!

    This reminds me of some girl I’ve seen who pierced her breast with a safety pin. As in, breast fresh. Not nipple. And she’s left it in, so everyone can see how ‘tough’ she is.

    What really annoys me is that he’s got a smile in the first photo.


  92. It seems like a million years ago since I was 14 (I’m 22 now) and I remember thinking I was totally indestructible, nothing was ever going to really hurt me, had I been into piercing at the time I’d probably have ignored any advice thrown my way by more experienced practitioners.
    When you factor in teenager’s latent belief that they’re virtually immortal, lack of modification education, lack of funds, impatience, percieved peer pressure, and a ‘fuck you’ attitude to authority figures who tell them not to do stuff it’s pretty much a dead cert that some kids out there are going to do stuff like this.
    Sure education has a massive role to play in stopping this appalling kind of disfigurement, but at the end of the day some kids are gonna do it anyway. It’s mistakes like these that give the anti mod community ammunition to tar us all with the same brush, but we don’t live in totalitarian states, and these kids have the right to screw up their bodies if they want to. We just have to try and reach them young enough, show them how to do these things safely, it’s all we can do I suspect.

  93. 102: Looks like ~6-4ga to me (:

    I don’t think anything would’ve helped this kid, from what I take from the situation, he would’ve done it just to be cool – and we all know you’ve gotta be scene to be seen.

  94. Point 1. This is the kind of young person who purpetuates the idea that young people are irresponsible and should not be allowed to be within a hundred mile radius of piercings.

    Point 2. What possesses anyone to crush pieces of chain link fence into their face? Seriously, I mean I’ve known young people that have pierced themselves but at least they have the sense to use sterile needles and jewllery.

    Point 3. TWAT!

  95. giving kids what they want isnt the way to prevent this kind of thing. theyre kids, they should learn to respect the rules and wait until theyre of legal age to have these piercings. those age restrictions are also in place for a reason because at a young age people are still growing and piercing them in certain places like navel or tongue at a young age could create difficulties when they grow and the piercing will just end up wonky anyway the same way a tattoo may stretch if done when the person is still growing.
    the only way to prevent this kind of thing happening is to properly educate people about piercing and body modification and show them examples like this of such stupidity and show them what they could be doing to themselves.
    of course im not saying that this would prevent every person under an age restriction from doing this sort of things to themselves but we can only give them the facts, the stupidity is up to them

  96. i know i probably should not superimpose my values on others. but i would gladly smack some sense into the smirking face of this imbecile.

  97. way to go, kid!

    just a thought: if (by chance) the “diy” mod didn’t went wrong, how many of you would approve (the attitude at least) it?

    come on. let’s be onest…

  98. Lots of interesting comments here.

    I’d have to agree with Shannon. Education about this sort of thing, or anything for that matter, is SO IMPORTANT.

  99. the more i’ve thought about this situation and read what people have to say, the more i’m inclined to think the following

    - his doctor probably didn’t have anywhere near the proper tools to remove CHAIN LINK. perhaps if it was an ER doctor, but a general practitioner isn’t going to have ring opening pliers. this kid had to use pliers just to CLOSE these chain links. that’s probably why he got turned away, and it makes sense.

    -this kid has no knowledge whatsoever about safety, anatomy, or piercing. either he hasn’t been to the doctor in his life before this, or he’s never watched any medical TV shows, because most unmodified people know that putting some jagged, rusted alloy metal into their body via clamping with pliers carries many risks (bloodborne pathogens, tetanus, infection, bruising, swelling). anyone who’s gotten a vaccination knows how the needle works, and most people who are interested in piercings have SOME general knowledge of the procedure and outcome. not to mention that it isn’t commonplace to see someone walking around with chain links in their face. so my conclusion is that this kid is either COMPLETELY uneducated, COMPLETELY stupid, or mentally unsound/handicapped, and he obviously doesn’t give a shit about his body and/or believes he’s invincible. there isn’t any other excuse for kids of his age who live in this country to engage in such behaviour, especially kids who have been exposed to piercings (like this kid, obviously). this kid is an exception; any reasonably intelligent person who possesses common sense can see that what he is done is dangerous and not even sustainable.

    NOW, if he did this to show his mom that if he’s not allowed to get a piercing, he’ll mutilate his body as a consolation, then i’d have to say i can understand his motivations more. however, i wouldn’t be surprised if he pierced himself like this because he couldn’t handle being told by his mother than he can’t have what he want (piercings), and making it perfectly legal for a kid to go behind his parents’ backs and disregard their rules i don’t think will help. i think what kids in this country need is STRICTER discipline and learning how to accept that they can’t always have what they want.

    sorry for the incoherence.

  100. Too bad they didn’t end their ability to procreate; otherwise we would have had a contestant for this years Darwin Awards

  101. I believe it is our responsibility to use our knowledge and skill to guide and inform young men and women on how and why, while keeping them in as safe an environment as possible. Not turning them away because we are afraid of what our “Guru” trendy scene friends have to say about it. Leaving them to house party piercings and slummy shops isn’t the answer. If they are going to do it anyway, why not guide them along the way properly. 18 + still make plenty of stupid decisions and a great number of them don’t listen or follow aftercare very well either. You cannot baby sit, rather guide people in the right direction. Become a educator not a preacher.

  102. wow,i’m really glad now that i stopped piercing myself and founf BME when i did (besides the fact that i got a keliod scar from piercing my ears with a safety pin).

  103. That fucking moron wouldn’t have gone to a professional even if it were legal, so the ‘lower the age limit’ view is kinda skewed. Maybe if he’d have used something sharp and put jewelry in it, yeah, I could see the point. Kid really wanted it done, but couldn’t get it done somewhere safe.

    But this uninformed dumbass CRUSHED chainlinks (one of which was rusty) through his skin. He obviously didn’t give a shit about respecting his body, so the point is moot. Would someone who did that drop down all the cash it’d take to get all three of those done in a clean, respectable establishment? Pffft.

    Some minors would benefit from lower age limits, but overall it probably wouldn’t be worth it.

  104. Our culture in general is messed as regards age of consent…you can join the military at 16 but you can drink until you are 19. In the states you can finihs college before you are allowed to legally drink… Girls mensturate at 8 but can’t legally have sex until 14… Teens can sleep with each other but get get a perscription for birth control without parental consent…16 year olds can live on thier own but can’t get certain piercings? 17 year olds posting a picture of themselves on the internet get arrested for child porn…explain how any of this makes sense? it’s not just piercing.

  105. I agree that piercing laws about age should be changed… Even if some kid stops liking a piercing a month later because it’s not in style or whatever anymore, then he/she can take it out. Piercings are a much better body mod for underage people than tattoos, because they can be reversed with little effort.

    But I definitely don’t think that tattoo laws should be changed. When people are teenagers or pre-teens or whatever, they like stupid shit that eventually they grow out of. Piercings close up, tattoos don’t go away without some complicated procedure that I don’t know the name of.

  106. Uhm… changing the piercing laws is only a band-aid to the real issue here: People who are TOO FUCKING DUMB TO PARENT.

    Now it’s beyond thorny to even suggest that breeding laws be enacted (who decides who’s “fit” to be parents is just one of a million reasons NOT to do it) but seriously… it’s beyond unfair that willing, conscientious people are not able (or in many cases choosing not to) have children when pieces of shit like this kid’s mom are allowed to squeeze out kids like a defective gumball machine at a Chucky Cheese.

    It makes me fucking sick. A lot more sick than ANYTHING I’ve seen posted on this website, that’s for sure.

  107. Seriously. I deal with dumb fucks like this often. Usually not this dumb, but definitely safety pins dumb. But it’s the parents that don’t control their children. I had some lady let her kid kick over my biohazard trash ON PURPOSE after I already told him to chill out a couple times.

    I agree and disagree with the age being lowered…because it really does depend. But honestly very little of this would be an issue if parents actually parented their children.

  108. I can’t imagine how much that had to hurt.
    And, completely out of topic… He’s wearing a NIN shirt in the photographs.

  109. I don’t see much difference between this and cutting off your fingers or shoving rods through your middle. Maybe this kid had a killer personal experience, you dont fucking know.

  110. I thank BME that I’m not like this…
    I went into a store I despise today to get tapers for my friend and the guy that worked there had a blown out ear. He was maybe 20-22 and I’m 15.
    Because of the things I’ve read on BME and the QOD, I told him how he could possibly reverse his blow out.
    I helped my friend stop the swelling of his tongue piercing with sea salt and compresses.

    Thank you Shannon and the rest of BME for giving me an education for myself and for other people.

    BTW, I’ve only ever had a septum piercing, so most people don’t trust me. So I just tell them to go to BME =]

  111. Oh, and by the smile on the kids face, I’d assume that he hasn’t learned his lesson yet.
    I hope, for his sake, that he get’s an infection. It will teach him to not shove bits of DULL FENCE through his face.

    I’d rather use saftey pins and claire’s jewelry for a PA.

    Come on, kids. You make all other kids look like shit.

    And I agree with Shannon. The laws are crazy. I know people over 18 that use alcohol in healing piercings and kids who use H2Ocean. It has NOTHING to do with age and EVERYTHING to do with maturity. Should we have piercing knowledge tests and IQ tests prior before EVERYONES sessions so we know who to pierce and so we can educate them?

    If anyone has any proper and intelligent rebuttal, hit me up on Myspace [above] or IAM [brian954].

  112. that is… insane.
    he (and his whole family it seems) appear to be lacking any common sense whatsoever.
    there’s stupid, and then there’s this.


  113. “Oh, and by the smile on the kids face, I’d assume that he hasn’t learned his lesson yet.”
    agreed, that’s the sad part…

  114. C’mon people, really, there were worse decisions he could have made. I’m not advocating such practices, but you can’t simply say he has no respect for his body because of this. Not long ago Shannon posted pictures of piercing nipples with a leather tool. That’s certainly not the same thing, but it’s a good step between pinching and piercing jewelry in. And we can’t say it’s an immature thing either. I’m sure there are plenty of old folks on here that in their recent years have tried something “stupid” just to try it. We’ve seen things from inserting foot long metal bars into one’s stomach to using your cunt as an ash tray. People do what their bodies can take, and though he’s young and probably doesn’t know where his body stands yet, that’s not for us to decide and project onto him. He saw an image he liked and recreated it in himself. He didn’t choose the best or safest way, but who here can say they’ve made only good decisions in their life?

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

  115. If those were made with real piercing jewelry and done prof. it could actually look pretty neat.

  116. There are some teenagers who are more mature than others and as such they can take on the responsibility of aftercare. Immature teenagers might ruin it for others, but if everyone else has to wait until they are of age, then they wait like every other teenager. If they do find a way to get pierced anyway, I hope they educate themselves first.

    As for comments like “that’s not for us to decide and project onto him” Actually I think it’s probably good that people are calling this stupid, it means they are recognizing the potential risks. You can say it’s not fair to judge, or that we forget what it’s like to be a teenager, but it should all about education. It’s not such a terrible thing to learn from other people, or learn from their mistakes. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for people to judge that DIY Piercings with pliers and chunks of metal (that can rust) may be unsanitary and carry unacceptable risks.

  117. Ahahaha I totally just noticed his chin fuzz. He really is just a young-un, isn’t he?

  118. i know some people who are 18+ who dont take care of their piercings, goto crap studios, then blame the piercer. i also know some 14 year olds who take perfect care of their piercings, research, and oto he most quality studio where i live… I have a few piercings (tongue, rook-helix orbital, stretched lobes (8mm) and conch) all done when i was 16, and i took care of them all, and all have healed perfectly. I also did my research and went o the best local studio…

    i really dont think age has much to do with common sense or maturity.;

  119. how high up so many if you sit….i can’t believe what i am reading.

    it’s probabaly somewhat dangerous what he did, but dont forget, piercing didn’t start with well polished jewlery and sterile equipment.

    no one is perfect, i dont understand how so many of you are so judgemental…and calling this person names like “retard”, how “mature” is that? lets compete and see how much we can chastize this fellow….please chill out!

  120. #138, piercing knowledge tests sound like a pretty smart idea. Too many kids on BME QOD ask “If I get this piercing, will it leave a scar when I take it out?” and there are numerous aftercare questions which could just be answered by looking at the BME Wiki (at least) or going to a piercer and asking. I personally never go into a new modification blind, and research as much as possible before having anything done.

  121. Exaclty, starless. I especially hate when kids ask questions like “ma ear hurts!!!1 it lo0ks liek a cats arse!!!!shiftone1! is going from 18ga to 1 inch in a month BAD?!?!”

    Grrrrr. If it wasn’t for BME and QOD, not only would there be more kids shoving bits of fence through their bodies, but there would be, without a doubt, kids dead due to infections.

  122. #48

    You fuckass, do you know ANYTHING?
    Based on your oh-so-fabulous typing skills and braindead assumptions, you have nothing to talk about stereotypes of being stupid.

    The stereotype for Iowa isn’t typically that we’re all dumb. That’s Nebraska, hurhurhur. In fact, if someone isn’t assuming that we grow potatoes (we don’t), then it’s that there are a lot of businesses in the US that have the stereotype that people that graduate from Iowa schools are generally more well-rounded people. Ha-durrrr. Yeah, we’re really stupid.

    You have a ‘shop’? I assume you’re a piercer/tattooist, then? God help anyone that DOES come into your shop if you’re running around assuming a state doesn’t have piercing laws. Don’t you think that’s kind of…oh, I don’t know…ILLEGAL? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.
    Iowa actually DOES have piercing laws, and pretty fair ones, if you ask me. Typical places I’ve been to have laws that say you can get your ears pierced with consent before 14, nose/ears without consent after 14, nose/belly button at 16, and everything else at 18. Some places vary from this, as I’ve seen lip piercings as early as 16.
    Like every other state out there, you will run into shops here that do piercings for just anyone, but just like in ANY other state, those are usually the dirty shops that you don’t want to go to.

    Obviously this kid couldn’t wait or didn’t have the money to do it…It happens in EVERY OTHER STATE. Dumbasses trying to pierce themselves aren’t just exclusive to Iowa. I’d imagine it’d run even more rampant in a larger, more populated state, wouldn’t you?

    Logic, people. LOGIC!

  123. Oh, and regarding the age issues…

    I agree that there are many mature young teenagers out there. I took care of my piercings very well when I was 14 and 16. The thing is is that many more people at that age CAN’T. It’s unfair, it sucks, but I honestly think it’s for the best. It’s why the drinking age is like it is, in my opinion. Sure, I drank responsibly when I was 17, but for every one of me out there that has the maturity TO handle it, there’s 1,000 who just can’t.

    I waited 5 years to get my lip pierced. It was a long, loooooooong wait, but in the end I loved it SO much more. And if I would’ve changed my mind in that 5-year span, I would’ve saved myself a lot of money and pain.

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  125. After reading more of the comments, I have more to say I think XD
    In my opinion, I think some of the piercing age limits should be lowered, still. I don’t think it’ll totally eliminate this sort of thing, but at least you have better chances for a GOOD piercing.
    And I agree with everyone’s who has said that education is key. Like i mentioned before, I’m fifteen and I managed to heal my three professional piercings between the help of my piercer and BME- just look at the contrast of BEFORE (piercing my lip with a alcohol-”sterilised” needle) and AFTER (using what i’ve learned to fix the scar tissue my monroe started generating, clear up the allergic reaction to my eyebrow barbell’s steel, and keep from getting even a hint of the dreaded BUMP on my nose).
    So far BME’s meant a lot to me for learning much much more about piercings (as well as all other mods). I have a friend who still talks about “gauging” her ears, or the new “gauges” she got, even after I’ve tried to explain to her multiple times. (then again, this is a girl who’s been stretching her ears with plastic barbells from the flea market and is at maybe 6g [from 18g] in a matter of maybe a month. she’s told another friend of mine that she’s scared to look at the back of her ears after I sent her the BME encyclopedia on blow outs).
    All I’m saying is, this sort of ignorance could be helped greatly if piercers were able to educate kids (or anyone who’s not all that up on it) about piercings, and that couldn’t really be done till piercing laws were changed, could it?

  126. Although I’d also like to say that if it was maybe a seamless ring, constructed out of an acceptable material, the wavy-ness of the chain links could look sort of cool.

  127. I feel the best thing that can be done is to inform people of risks and why getting work professionally done is important. However, assuming most of the people here either have gone through teenage-hood, or are teenagers, we all know that the teenage mind works a lot differently than a rational adults.

  128. This kid is an idiot, his mother or father should have ripped them out of his face as soon as they saw them. How dumb can you be, I guess this DUMB!

  129. i havn’t read any of the coments so far, and don’t plan too. i just wanted to say the kid probably had no idea that this was a bad idea, and didn’t understand at all that it could turn out as bably as it did. i mean metal is metal to most people, and soap is clean enough, right? so i feel realy bad for the kid. i feel that even if the laws were relaxed to let younger kids get more than their ears peicred that they would still do dumb shit like this because alot of parents still wouldn’t let their kids get this stuff done professionaly. so while i agree that the laws shouldn’t really set age limits for any non-gentiatl piercings, i still don’t think it would a whole lot.

  130. I’ve been interested in body modification since I was about twelve, and I wasn’t allowed to have any mods when I lived at home with my parents. they were very conservative. I was never enough of an idiot to try DIY piercing, no matter how much I wanted to have mods. I’ve known a lot of kids who did DIY piercings because their parents wouldn’t let them have piercings, and honestly, I just thought it was stupid. I took the time to educate myself about body modification from the time when I was about fifteen, because I knew it was something I wanted to do in the future. I really just think that people do that kind of thing because they are stupid and don’t care about their bodies. Most of them don’t want body mods for the right reasons, they just want to look “cool.” They are just not mature enough for that sort of thing, really.

    but, that’s just my opinion.

  131. aw, poor guy, he just wanted a sparkly face like everyone else, but he ended up looking really stupid and getting flamed on a website he probably doesn’t know about. i’ve pierced myself six times (ears only, though), i’m 14, and they’ve all healed beautifully. self piercings aren’t all this horrible, obviously, and not all teenagers are dumbshits.

  132. It’s a double edged sword…Personally I say where do we draw the line with age?

    If we offer piercings on ALL ages, why not do the same with Cigarettes? Drinking? Drugs? Drive A car,etc?

    These are over the top scenerios although somewhat true…I remember getting drunk, doing drugs, smoking at an early age…Why? Because certain older individuals were doing it so I thought why not me.

    This is EXACTLY the same situation currently facing the body piercing industry today. Because our industry is now in the popular favour, somewhat, kids of all ages are interested in getting them…Because tv stars have them, musicians have them, the list goes on.

    This isn’t about the kid wanting them for any other reason other than: because so and so has it done.

    Some people claim ritualistic views based on tribal people from various parts of the world…But break down the EXACT situation surrounding those situations…How old are the individuals getting the work? WHY are the individuals getting work.

    The main problem is that nobody is educating the minors about body piercing and everything thats involved that comes with it…Instead the Idiocracy is taking over and nobody is listening nor educating the masses.

    The most we have is a small handful of people/piercers/websites that are devouted to trying our best.

    I’m not saying all individuals under 16 are dumb, stupid, don’t know what they’re doing…But the issue is as was mentioned in the entry, legal liabilities…As many shops are insured and their insurance companies do not want them doing work on anyone under the age of 16 or 18,etc.

    If anything I think it should truly be a case by case situation, where time is spent with the clients to figure out what they want,etc. As well as to educate them on the situation at hand.

    Again to me personally this is more about the fact that we’re telling the minors NO and not explaining WHY…As when you tell a minor NO, it just makes them want to do something more.

  133. And why does everyone make it sound like DIY is an aweful idea? Obviously there are plenty of people who do their own piercings and have them turn out well. It’s just uneducated and with innapropriate methods/utilities that we should be protecting them from.

  134. And drawing parallels between piercings and drinking and drugs isn’t fair either. Sure, part is because they aren’t able or just don’t think about the future enough to respect how the choices will affect them in the future. But part of not becoming a drunk or smoking 4 packs a day as a child is because there are so many more problems that can occur because the body’s not finished growing yet. Yes, tattoos would be a bad idea on skin that’s still growing, but things like faces really don’t grow much throughout your entire life. Ultimately I think it should be a case by case decision, not a blanket law.

  135. If that kind was that stupid enough to pierce his own lips and nose with fence links his parents or someone with a little bit of a brain should have told him to remove the rusted metal from his face. Yes his face would have healed better without the rusted metal in his face!!! #159 Creative non fiction

  136. #164 CreativeNonFiction: The simply fact is that most DIY’ers simply do not comprehend what exactly it is that a professional does.

    Afterall…All it is is a piercing right? *sighs*

    When a DIY’er can properly use the required disinfectants to prepare the work environment. When a DIY’er can properly obtain sterile needles and PROPER sterile jewelry(last I recall 99% of all jewelry sold online does not come pre-sterilized, and even if it did, I’d personally want to re-sterilize it)…When a DIY’er understands the proper protocol for prepping the area to be pierced as well as understanding anatomy so they don’t fuck themselves up.

    When a DIY’er can pretty much rival that of a Professional Piercer(I’m not talking just the current average level piercer, because sadly there’s more poor quality then high quality artists out there), I’ll say they are able to do it in their home.

    Yes what you do to your own body is your own body…But when what you do to your own body REFLECTS the business industry that I work in, and work hard at showing it in a positive light….All most of the DIY’ers, like the individual in the article, are doing are giving our industry a VERY bad rep.

    Because when the people are hospitalized/die/whatever the tabloids don’t look at if it was done professionally or not…They broad spectrum it and say it was a piercing that caused the hospitalization/death,etc.

    Nowadays when I read/see people talking about DIY mods, you know what my advice is? My advice to DIY’ers is this:

    Visit a studio and ask the piercer privately if its possible for them to help you prep/mark/pick the proper jewelry,etc…But when it comes time to pass the needle through the entry and exit points, that you do it not them(the piercer).

    But know what the flaw is there? Most people think they are spending endless amounts of cash they don’t have by going to a piercer…Instead they’ll spend it on a needle, on a piece of jewelry, NOTHING else…They’ll pierce themselves with jewelry, not making sure its even of the right type,etc.

    Then guess what? They show up on our doorsteps with a poorly done piercing asking for help and often are paying more money out of their pockets to try and fix it.

    I can’t count how many times I’ve had endless waves of individuals coming into this shop with self-done or friend done piercings gone bad, that I had to help try to correct.

    The fact is most DIY’ers are not informed on ANY subject matter and simply want to do it because they are saving a few bucks…The ones doing it for more serious reasons, other than just to save a buck, are certainly in the minority…

    But even then how many people comprehend jewelry quality/materials? How many people know proper procedural prepping protocol? How many people know proper sterilization procedures(since the average DIY’er is “sterilizing” with boiled water and/or alcohol)

    And once more I’ll add that it’s not that the DIY’ers did the piercing and did the piercing well…And that all the others are just uneducated,etc…The ones that managed NOT to fuck their bodies up, are only LUCKY.

    Because like I said most, I’ll just throw out say a 90% value, simply do not comprehend in the SLIGHTEST what it takes to do a PROPER piercing procedure….From start to finish.

    Again this is why if anyone is wanting to perform a DIY procedure on themselves, I actually ENCOURAGE them to come to me and ask for me to help guide them through this journey.

    I’ll simply charge them for the supplies and jewelry,etc…I won’t take the piercing fee that I normally make…Just so that I can provide a safe DIY experience for these people.

    Also finally there are DIY’ers of ALL ages, not just minors…This specific discussion is about Minors who are simply doing something because they are told they cannot.

    And funny…Drugs and Alcohol can kill you, FACT….Improper education/knowledge of Body Piercing CAN KILL YOU ALSO…

    For those that call bullshit on me, I throw the bullshit right back at you…Because there IS documentation of individuals dying/being hospitalized due to body piercings…Mostly from performing DIY procedures or going to very shady/crappy shops. This is often a result of improper piercing techniques as well as aftercare protocol.

    So yes even though its all along a different portion of the same line…All these things are things that minors are told: “NO YOU CANNOT DO!”

    And lets take a poll and ask this…When you were a minor and you were told you could not do something, how many of you listened to what you were told? Seriously?

    I know for a fact that 9 times outta 10 I said “FUCK THAT” and did what I was told NOT to do.

    Its just a common thing growing up, thinking we’re invincible and that nobody and nothing can harm you.

  137. I don’t understand what your stance is, Warren. You’re saying kids under 18 are a liability, but you’re expecting them to do whatever they’re told not to. If we made it legal, in your eyes wouldn’t the likelyhood of them getting pierced go down?

  138. ok,this discussion had made me think of all the times as a teen when i did some pretty dumb and painful shit to myself. one of the main reasons i wanted mods was because of the aesthetics, but a secondary reason was because i like pain to a certain degree. i think that possibly this might be the reason for this kid to have done this to himself.don’t get me wrong, the whole damn family doesn’t seem to bright but pain can be enjoyable/thrilling.

  139. My stance is this…kids nowadays do not listen to parents or any other authority figure, Idiocracy is taking control.

    Does anyone remember a time in their life where when a parent/adult told you no, you actually listened to them? Most of us can’t because we weren’t raised that way, hell most of us weren’t probably raised hardly at all. Due to the fact that nowadays most households require BOTH parents in the work field, to make a family survive.

    My stance is this, EDUCATE the minors and make them realize that this IS a big step to take, that it’s NOT “Just another piercing”.

    Its not “expecting them to do whatever they’re told not to” its REALIZING that the minors are going to do the complete opposite of what they’re told…”You say I can’t do this, well fuck you I’m going to”

    And no I don’t think the chances of minors getting pierced would go down…Instead I think it’ll stay steady or even increase initially. And also due to the current status of many sub-par shops in the world nowadays, you’ll be seeing just as many problems.

    Currently I hold a VERY strict policy of 16+ for all basic piercings and 18+ for genitals/surface,etc.

    However I have been known to on occasion pierce a minor…The ONLY piercing they can receive is an ear lobe(s)…And know what my FIRST response is when they come in? “NO!”

    From the minute I say “No” I base what I’m REALLY going to do on their(the minors) actions…For starters its always the parents coming in asking, not the minor…Secondly often when I tell them no, the minors will LITERALLY get all upset.

    Hell I even had one kid STORM outta my studio crying because I told her no.

    What does that say to me? It says they are not mentally/maturely capable of dealing with the concept of getting pierced.

    If I was to say: “no” and the minor looked confused and just kept asking me why, as well as asked serious questions about the process,etc…Then that shows they are interested.

    And the only liability for me is kids under 16, as I’m in Canada…Which the current age for a minor to sign for themselves, choose to do what they want to do and what they don’t want to do, etc is the age of 16 years old.

    Now in the legal sense of the matter…Anyone under the age of 16 is not allowed in the procedure room with me, receiving what I do. This is all based on Age Of Consent laws that govern ANY act of Penetration(ie: we penetrate the body with a needle).

    I’m willing to help fix a minors mistake, because with that they’ll get a solid talking to, as well as they’ll be paying for my service.

    But ultimately my stance is the legal limitations on MY end…What we as an industry, the parents,etc need to do is help make their kids aware of the risks and try to not delve into Idiocracy world.

    For those who claim rites of passage,etc…We then have to evaluate EVERY SINGLE DETAIL about that rite of passage…Many of those situations involved when a child became an adult(man/woman),etc…Which back in the early years DID happen sooner than later due to life expectancy…Now that life expectancy is changing and so is the human race…We cannot compare a 14 year old now to a 14 year old 50, 100 and most definately 1000 years ago.

    Again ultimately I believe its our duty to at least EDUCATE them first…So if anything to pierce a minor…they should at least pass a consultation first, both with parent and without…and I’m not talkin a 5 minute meeting either.

    Its about not just saying NO to the minors…But more so just talking to them and making them understand what is going on with their bodies…All a minors life they have someone talk DOWN or AT them…If we just talk WITH them about the situation, personally I think we’ll see less problems occuring.

  140. My stance is this…kids nowadays do not listen to parents or any other authority figure, Idiocracy is taking control.

    Does anyone remember a time in their life where when a parent/adult told you no, you actually listened to them? Most of us can’t because we weren’t raised that way, hell most of us weren’t probably raised hardly at all. Due to the fact that nowadays most households require BOTH parents in the work field, to make a family survive.

    My stance is this, EDUCATE the minors and make them realize that this IS a big step to take, that it’s NOT “Just another piercing”.

    Its not “expecting them to do whatever they’re told not to” its REALIZING that the minors are going to do the complete opposite of what they’re told…”You say I can’t do this, well fuck you I’m going to”

    And no I don’t think the chances of minors getting pierced would go down…Instead I think it’ll stay steady or even increase initially. And also due to the current status of many sub-par shops in the world nowadays, you’ll be seeing just as many problems.

    Currently I hold a VERY strict policy of 16+ for all basic piercings and 18+ for genitals/surface,etc.

    However I have been known to on occasion pierce a minor…The ONLY piercing they can receive is an ear lobe(s)…And know what my FIRST response is when they come in? “NO!”

    From the minute I say “No” I base what I’m REALLY going to do on their(the minors) actions…For starters its always the parents coming in asking, not the minor…Secondly often when I tell them no, the minors will LITERALLY get all upset.

    Hell I even had one kid STORM outta my studio crying because I told her no.

    What does that say to me? It says they are not mentally/maturely capable of dealing with the concept of getting pierced.

    If I was to say: “no” and the minor looked confused and just kept asking me why, as well as asked serious questions about the process,etc…Then that shows they are interested.

    And the only liability for me is kids under 16, as I’m in Canada…Which the current age for a minor to sign for themselves, choose to do what they want to do and what they don’t want to do, etc is the age of 16 years old.

    Now in the legal sense of the matter…Anyone under the age of 16 is not allowed in the procedure room with me, receiving what I do. This is all based on Age Of Consent laws that govern ANY act of Penetration(ie: we penetrate the body with a needle).

    I’m willing to help fix a minors mistake, because with that they’ll get a solid talking to, as well as they’ll be paying for my service.

    But ultimately my stance is the legal limitations on MY end…What we as an industry, the parents,etc need to do is help make their kids aware of the risks and try to not delve into Idiocracy world.

    For those who claim rites of passage,etc…We then have to evaluate EVERY SINGLE DETAIL about that rite of passage…Many of those situations involved when a child became an adult(man/woman),etc…Which back in the early years DID happen sooner than later due to life expectancy…Now that life expectancy is changing and so is the human race…We cannot compare a 14 year old now to a 14 year old 50, 100 and most definately 1000 years ago.

    Again ultimately I believe its our duty to at least EDUCATE them first…So if anything to pierce a minor…they should at least pass a consultation first, both with parent and without…and I’m not talkin a 5 minute meeting either.

    Its about not just saying NO to the minors…But more so just talking to them and making them understand what is going on with their bodies…All a minors life they have someone talk DOWN or AT them…If we just talk WITH them about the situation, personally I think we’ll see less problems occuring.

    Sorry I’m all across the board…Just this article and so much more, is stuff I deal on a DAILY basis…and it frustrates me to no end that the mind is going a mile a minute and I’m trying to bring forth ALL the issues at once lol

  141. This kid is fucking retarded, sure, and lots of stupid kids shove lots of stupid, dirty things in their faces, but this kid has gone beyond self preservation methods of home piercing.

    I don’t think there should be LAWS to legistlate age restrictions for modifications but I think studios should be given authority to set their own age limits and enforce them as they see fit. The studio I worked in followed the medical laws regarding consent (16+ for medical procedures without a parent/guardian) and then did 14 & 15 year olds on a case by case basis with both parents present.

    Earlobes we would do a lot younger but we assessed that on a case basis as well.

    This kid needs to watch less tv and have a parent who pays way more attention – as illustrated by the babies rumaging in the trash. Ew.

  142. I’m not claiming expertise on the subject, but it seems that this kid was either unmotivated to get educated on the subject or unable to. Either way the fact is he wasn’t educated it’s clear to see. That being said…

    My mother wasn’t the most involved parent in the world, to this day when I think of my mom’s active role in my childhood the same mental picture of her sitting in her chair drinking coffee and reading a book for hours on end always pops up (I love my mom to death, don’t get me wrong!). I pretty much was left to do whatever I wanted.

    When I was 14 a piercer and a tattoo artist from Slave to the Needle came and spoke at a library at my hometown, and a majority of the youth showed up and sat in the grass and listened to the two artists talk about what they did and the explinations that they gave.

    I noticed three types of people that walked away from that, the ones that were turned off to modifications, the ones that thought “That’s cool! I gotta get one!” and the ones that said “That’s interesting! Where can I learn more?”

    The ones that had to have piercings started showing up the very next day with safety pin piercings in their eyebrows, ears, and everything else they could see in the mirror. They didn’t want to do the research, they didn’t want to talk to anyone else, or try to find websites to get informed, they just new they wanted that look and went for it headfirst. It wasn’t because they were stupid, they were just unmotivated.

    Most of us that decided to do the extra information gathering by going to online resources, sending emails to different studios with questions, and even visiting different studios to ask questions (and get rejected for most piercing requests, lol) decided to wait.

    Then there was me. It didn’t take much looking to find out why safety pins and other home DIY methods of piercing were downright dangerous. I quickly learned that Hepatitis was a big risk, and not one I was very willing to take. Piercing studios were turning me down left and right, but I wanted a piercing!

    Sometime when I was 15 I found BME, and the site opened my eyes to a buttload of information. I started reading everything and anything I could find on piercing technique, and aftercare, and once I felt I knew enough of the basics to be able to preform one myself I ordered my first slotted forceps, sterile needle and jewelry online. The shipping time was the longest wait of my life. The day it came in, I pierced my frenum, and I couldn’t have been prouder. It was slightly crooked, a little lower on the left than on the right. But it was mine.

    I tried a lot of things out after that. I experimented with play piercing a bit on my chest and legs. I tried a few more permenant piercings, and different aftercare techniques to see what worked and what didn’t. Last December I split my tongue with a tie-off method, furthur dedicating myself to my modifications. I’m 21 now, and working on getting an apprenticeship with my tattoo shop.

    Looking back a lot of things could of went wrong, but I still feel that I was being safer than a lot of other kids I grew up with, simply because I was motivated to get informed before I leaped in. However I was impatient, I will admit that.

    I guess the point I’m trying to make is, kids are going to do things reguardless of what their parents, professionals, or the law tells them. Wether or not this kid was subject to bad parenting isn’t part of the equation. What matters is that the kid did something dangerous without thinking it thru, and without taking the time to learn anything about what he was doing. He wanted something, he went for it, changing the laws isn’t going to solve anything.

    There isn’t any solution or safe guard that anyone can put up to protect people from themselves in situations like this, it sucks, but it is what it is.

  143. This kid wasn’t hurt because laws forced him to take matters in to his own hands.
    He was hurt because he’s a fucking moron. Don’t try laying blame somewhere else.
    Plenty of other people give themselves peircings without problems like this, because they actually use a little bit of this thing called common sense.

  144. Is that also another chain link in his septum?! Don’t know if this has been asked but fishing through 175 comments is going to take a hell of a long time!

    That kid is a moron whoever he is!

  145. I don’t think legal piercings would have made a difference in this case. The kid is obviously an idiot. If he had any bit of common sense he would have waited until he had A: the money, and B: it was legal.

    The reason the limit is where it it’s at is because some people regret piercings, and how can you make a decision to alter your body when you’ve only lived 15 years IN that body?

  146. I have fucking idiot friends like this. I’ve given up on trying to help them. This one child I knew pierced his lip with a safety pin and tied a combonation lock onto it, and basically just tore the “piercing” It was disgusting.

  147. Oh dear fucking god….why? Why would you do such a thing? Doesn’t anyone do any research or use any common sense anymore? I mean, I thought that kind of metal was acceptable at one point, but I never put it in my piercings.

  148. This clearly isn’t in result of a law supressing teenagers. It’s the result of a dumb kid who is desperate to follow a stupid trend. The fact they can’t legally pierce themselves isn’t what’s the problem here.
    Maybe if this kid and others stopped being trend-following emo/scene kids- and yes, that’s what emo/scene kids are: trend followers- It wouldn’t be such an issue. If this kid had half a brain, he would’ve told himself that piercings aren’t as hardcore as everyone thought, and he might have actually used a safety pin. Idiot.

  149. when I first saw this, my first reaction was complete and utter horror. When I read that he used pieces of chain link to do the “piercings” and that he crimped them in place with PLIERS, I was just so amazed that they didn’t get infected! And that kid doesn’t have the sense that was given a goldfish. What a stupid idea. That and seeing part of his hair (from the pictures) I can guess that he’s an “emo” kid. And did this hairbrained idea to be more “scene”. Ugh. And he wouldn’t stop touching them? Cross contamination or extreme infection anybody? It looks like that middle hole is already well on it’s way to becoming extremely infected and will probably leave a big scar. That and i’m amazed he didn’t pass out from the pain!

    And the mother let her FOUR other kids into the piercing room? And one of them started going through the garbage? And she tried to cut the chain link off with scissors? What a candidate for mother of the year. I’m sorry, but you shouldn’t let your child go through the garbage can of a piercing parlor. The chances of him getting extremely hurt are very high. Control your children!

    I will say that when I was a bit younger, I wanted to get my ears pierced. But my parents said no way until I was 18. I’m 19 now. I waited 11 long years, and have yet to get my ears pierced! I researched all the piercings I want to get and I looked up reputable studios and the risks that can be associated with the piercings that I am planning to get and my chances of having a kind of reaction like keloiding due to my background. I am thankful that BME was there to educate a naive 16 year old me! Knowledge is power. And knowledge is something that this kid could have used!

  150. Speaking as a pierced and tattoo’d mother and nurse… I’m sure that the mother is overwhelmed with all those kids, but she needs to step up and take responsibility in raising them! Their (including her) behaviour is completely unacceptable! When I take my daughter into a tattoo shop I tell her before we even go in what is expected of her and what the consequences will be. I take her there to help her get educated by professionals and to see different results out there. (My tattoo shop keeps a wonderful portfolio of their work covering up and/or fixing scratcher and DIY jobs.)

    Education is really important. It’s quite possible that the doctor didn’t want to accidently make it worse and/or he wanted the boy to have a chance to get educated (at least a little bit) by forcing the mother to take him to the shop. I’m hopeful that was the doctor’s reason at least.

    I remember in junior high and high school when most of the piercings I saw were DIY with safety pins or sewing needles. When I was 16 I was told to numb myself with ice and push the sewing needle threaded with floss through the skin. Instead, I went to a piercing shop that didn’t ask for ID. I like to applaud myself for not doing it myself, and then kick myself for going to such a seedy place. If my parents had been more willing to work with me and look up accurate information (they said that they didn’t want me to run up a medical bill because piercings “always” get infected, even though my ear piercings 3 years earlier didn’t get infected), then I am sure I would’ve been able to go to a more reputable place without fear. I made a mistake, and I made sure that I learned from it! Hopefully this boy will learn from his… or, at the very least, another teenager can learn from this.

  151. My god what an idiot.
    It’s people like him who make all teens look stupid.
    I myself am 16 and would NEVER dream of doing something like that.
    I mean, I pierced my friends ears but thats all and that was the lobe and it was done with needles that were in sterile packages and with gloves…..but still…even thats not great.

    But geez…..if my kid did that they’d be put into the hospital or something until they learned some sense and that they cant get what they want when they want it.


  152. In north dakota you can get pierced as young as 13 years old with parental consent

    and that kids a fucking dumbass

    D.I.Y piercing is one thing…
    but using chain links!!??!?!

  153. i had to chuckle at the thought of that poor piercer sitting there relaxing as a lady comes in with a ton of out of control kids, one of which has forced rusting chain links through his lips and nose.

  154. Hmm….. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but my family was very very strict about piercings, as in I didn’t get lobe piercings till 8th grade when I begged and begged. (I’m a girl btw, and lobe piercings are very very popular where I live, in fact it’s kind of weird not to have them)
    Later in high school I pierced myself a couple times with help from friends, and I learned from the lesson. Both in how mad my parents got, also in medical issues.

    Hopefully he learned his lesson too.

  155. fuck, that’s even more punk rawk then the kids with the safety pins in their eyebrows.

    Retarded yes, but damn

  156. Has anyone noticed how BENT those ring openers are in the photo? That kid has some severe pain tolerance. Or judging by his smile, acces to alot of drugs…

  157. i commented this already, but i am seriously considering asking my school if they will sponsor a “body modification awareness” class through a club or health classes or something. so many girls are showing up with self-done lip piercings with ear studs in them that get horribly infected and look like cold sores gone bad. a lot of them don’t even know that piercings should be done at a studio. they all thought that you should just get them done at claire’s or by “experienced” friends.

    if i could somehow find a way to show these people my age the truth about cross-contamination, transmittable diseases, infections, proper procedure, and other piercing (and possibly tattooing) essentials.

  158. I totally agree with what u said at the bottom of the pics about lowering the legal age. When I was 15 I got a tattoo from a “carnie” who was in town for the annual fair. This guy actually poured the ink into the cap of the bottle, used it, and then poured the remainder back into the bottle. I am soooo lucky I didn’t get any diseases!! Hey if a kid wants a tattoo, or a peircing they will get/do it. and they will get fucked up because of it.

  159. Im 17 and just had my lip pierced and now that i have seen what could happen i think i will take it out and let it grow up even thogh iv only had it done for a week

  160. I think it should be lowered … here in Canada, we don’t have age limit laws from what I understand, just general practice amoung professionals that they won’t pierce anyone under the age of 16 without parental concent.

    Now … when it came to my little brother, at the age of 14 he REALLY wanted a nipple ring. I told him to wait till the age, because his parents were not going to allow it. However, he got restless and at the 15 come hell or high water, he was getting it done. All the reputible shops wouldn’t pirce him without signing the waiver, but one bad shop that is know for shitty tattoos and less than stellar body piercing practices. There was NO way I was allowing him to get pierced there, so I begged my piercer to do it, so it would at least be safe. He agreed, and adv him that if his parents came after him when they found out, he would have to tell them that he lied and said he was 16. Waiver was signed, piercing was done and healed well. His parents didn’t find out till he was 16 … and apparently didn’t care that much.

    lowering the legal age might not stop a kid from pircing themselves with stupid objects, but it might allow pircers to give kids safer alternatives.

  161. I can sort of understand where this kid is coming from…

    Was he planning on keeping the ‘piercings’ permanently, or were they just there for aesthetics?

    I have to admit that I used to fuck about with BCR’s with no balls in to see how a piercing would look on me…


  162. As blindingly stupid as this is, I don’t think changing the age limits of piercing will necessarily change things. So-called adults can be just as stupid as children. I have too many friends who have self-pierced with safety pins at age 19 (and older!) because they “didn’t feel like paying somebody to do it {well}”. I think that’s a college kid problem – not wanting to pay for someone else to do something right for you when there are “easier” ways out.

    On the other hand, I am absolutely disgusted by the doctor’s reaction! He shouldn’t be able to practice after that.

  163. I am 14 and have my navel pierced aswell as my cartlidge and lobes. (with parental permission)
    Im not stupid enough to do that, nomater how bad i want a piercing i would rather get it done by a professional who isnt gonna leav eme with a huge scar, than by myself and have it infected.
    As to the whole law thing if they did reduce it i dont think it would make a diffrence. becuas einstead of doing it unhygenicly themselves they will go to a bad shop and get it done. Basicly its up to the teen who wants it done not the law

  164. Im not exactly sure why evry1 haer is calling this kid a bunch of names..O i know why because of the moderators stance and evry1′s desire to fall into place behind them.He did nothing more than whhat i would be considerired ubnkown epermintaion. That dosnt make him dumb just uninformed without kids like him there wouldnt be men on here liek me but fuck all u stupid hose with the bad attitudes !_#

  165. I’m late and didn’t even read about half of the posts but I want to give my 2 cents to this thing.

    I personally agree with the age qualifications if set to the same level in all the us states,most preferrably 16 and 18 and educating them at school. But I would still make some exceptions on younger kids getting a piercing.

    I myself got my 1st piercing when i was about to turn14 (i don’t think Finland has anything too restricting,just guidelines based on observation and the like).Just a normal eyebrow barbell,nothing too complicated and i’d wanted it for years and waited for my mom to go with me to a reputable piercer. The guy pierced me,the jewellery retired quick after that because it grew out,wich i’m quite prone of. After the eyebrow,i got my bridge done,followed almost immediately by center labret piercing,done at age 15. Those were basically the piercings my mom allowed me to have,she stopped caring after those. After that i got my tongue,industrial and 2 cartillage piercings done pretty quickly,but I was without a reputable studio since the piercer died (and the distance was about 300 km from my own city since we didn’t have anyone doing piercings at the moment.)

    Over last summer though new piercing place opened up and it’s a part of a larger chain.They had a piercer there who had 2 trainees,the other being the trainee of my previous piercer. I had my bridge re-done since it had grown out and a horizontal eyebrow but somehow i didn’t like the trainer. Me and Jussi,the other trainee who works there now permanently hit it off well though and are good friends. I got several piercings done by him now,my 3rd bridge,now retired other horizontal eyebrow,nape,2nd tongue,snakebites navel and inverse navel,septum,inner conch,nipples and i’m about to get a madison and a vch done pretty soon (i started stretching ears at some point but i can’t remember when).He has pretty high standards in his shop because he’s seen very immature kids who can’t take care of their piercings so his limits are 16 to every other piercing except genitals wich he does at age 20 (with some exceptions). I’m about to turn 17 in november yet i still have these mods.I have taken care of all of them,and never considered DIY on anything other than my earlobes done by a sterile packaged needle. I could very well wait on my mods,but i also feel very strongly that it wouldn’t be any different than it would be to get them done now.I’m also not stupid,nor is my piercer since (hell he wouldn’t do anything on me if he didn’t know me and that I could take care of my piercings)i’m bodily mature. At least that’s what my doctor says to me,no changes in height or anything anymore,otherwise i wouldn’t have things like my nipples pierced and I’m also mentally mature enough to take care of them properly.

    What i’m trying to say mainly is,sometimes people are mature enough even in younger years to get the piercings they want.A piercer can with some effort learn if the kid is mature enough for it,by simply asking about if they know about the aftercare and the consequenses (spelling?) of mistreating it and i.e. if it’s an oral piercing,tooth damage. Same goes with people of older age who are just plain stupid,like a person i know who got her labred pierced at 21 and kept shoving make-up into the fresh piercing hole and then wondering why it was irritated.

    But at least one thing regular jewellery shops have upgraded here,recently a shop hired a piercer to train one of the women (she’s in her late 30′s wich is a wow) to do professional piercing and she’s doing very good.No more gun abuse. Information,Information,Information.

    P.S. If some people are wondering about it,if i hadn’t had any access to shops,I still wouldn’t have done it myself,I have a knark of researching things very throughly. Oh,and I believe that kid is just a plain dumbass who wouldn’t have neccessarily gone to a reputable piercer if given the chance. I just wrote a novel here.

  166. You only have to walk into the two parlours to see the difference.
    When deciding on my piercing/tattoo parlour, I went to the two with the best reputation and checked them out. I compared their prices, and eventually went with the one that I saw was cleaner, even though it was a touch more expensive.
    [That, and looking at their artists' work, etc.]

  167. It is people like that who give things a bad name for everyone. I mean most people if they choose to do the piercings themselves will actually pierce with a needle rather than just crushing it on with pliers, I can’t see how he even though it would work.

  168. this is so stupid, why the hell would you “crush” it in?!
    if you wanted three piercings that badly, surley you’d look up how to do it in a book or on the internet.. or something, does he think piercers use rusty pieces of chain… ahhhhh this is horrible!

  169. he’s a scrummy looking kid anyway even if 18+ & 16+ laws weren’t in place he looks as if he wouldn’t have the cash to get them done professionally. lol

  170. im 13 and have my nose pierced….it depends on how the acual individual cleans there piercing. i’ve had no problems… far …..:)

  171. i honestly believe that people need to be educated in schools about piercings and tattoos and maybe there wouldnt be so many stupid kids doing their own. it frustrates me when kids come into the shop i work in and try to tell me the law. the funniest one is that aparently british law states you can have a tattoo under 16 if its YOUR OWN NAME and 16-18 parental consent. these kids dont have a clue because NO ONE TELLS THEM.

  172. omg. that looks painful.
    i can see where he was coming from wantin to fo them himself because the pathetic law says were are not allowed piercings like this.
    im 14 and i have so far pierced my own navel, upper lip frenulum, nose,snakebites and earlobes 9 times and i actually used the proper equiptment and cleaning products.
    however thats not the point
    the point is i wouldny have had to do that if ithe law had allowed me to have piercings at this age
    the law should be lowered to age 14+
    then stupid teenagers like me would not have to use pathetic and frankly dangerous self piercing eqquiptments like the boy in the pictures.

  173. in australia you can get all non-genital piercings at any age as long as you have parental/legal guardian consent
    yay us (y)

  174. I agree that maybe the age limit for certain piercings could be lowered; however, some kids will not take proper care of the piercing no matter what, because they will think that something bad won’t happen to them. I agree with everyone else who said that this kid was an idiot for using these metal links and pliers for doing the piercings. Where was his head at? Where were his parents? This kid is damn lucky he still has a face!! I hate to think what would have happened to him if he got MRSA or something else. If he was my kid, I’d take him for a psych eval ASAP!!!

  175. I got my first piercing when I was fifteen, my eyebrow… but I was religious about cleaning it. I even spent the money and got it done right…. i assumed that if an air particle touched it then my whole right eye would be gone. I’m suprised I didn’t wear an eyepatch over it.

  176. i have a lip persing it didint hurt when i got it and i had it for a mounth it hurts i take care of it i think its enfacted

  177. This gives a bad name to all young people who want piercings. I’m the exact same age as this kid, and I would never DREAM of doing this. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. I don’t think the piercing laws need to be changed, I think that immature kids need to grow the fuck up, and learn to respect their parents’ decisions to not let them get piercings. I really hope that people in the modified community don’t see all younger people interested in body modification as idiotic as this kid is. I’d like more respect than that.

    As for the mother? She doesn’t deserve her kids. IMHO.

  178. where im from the law is “anyone under the age of 18 must have parental consent to receive any piercing”
    also, you HAVE to be 18 to get a tattoo, no exceptions.
    other than skeez ass parlors that dont care how old you are
    which in my opinion need to be investigated more and shut the hell down
    i know people who got tattoos when they were like 13 and firstly they are very shitty quality, and they (now of age) dont like what they got. im glad i had to wait until i was 18 to get a tat because looking back on the tattoos i wanted when i was younger; i would regret getting them now.

  179. i know im late on this but i just have to comment.

    this kid is an idiot. honestly, i think he would have done it the way he did even if the age limit was lower, just because some people are stupid like that and dont want to pay for it. honestly how much do you pay to clip off some chain link and press it into your skin? nothing. how much do you pay to get a professional piercing? at the shop i go to $40. and at 15 he probably doesnt have any sort of job. he probably would have done it anyways tho, cuz its hardxcore XP

    i dont think the age limit needs to be lowered, cuz i would have done so much stupid stuff that i would regret today. i was soo convinced at 16 that i wanted my eyebrow pierced and a sleeve tattoo. had it all planned out and everything. but i waited until i was 18, and got my piercings then. lowering the age limit will only cause kids to run out and get stuff done, but then later they will probably regret it because they didnt take the time to think about it. i thought about it since i was a kid, seriously 8-9 years old, i knew i would get a tattoo when i was older, because my dad had some and i thought it was really cool. i would draw on myself and have that serve as a ‘tattoo’ and when i got older, i would wear fake jewelry to get used to what it would be like to have a lip piercing. now, most people would think i jump to it and go get piercings randomly, but really, i think about, but dont talk to people about it cuz they will tell me not to do it because they dont like piercings in general. so when i come to a decision, i get it done within a few days. so a lot of people think i dont think about what im doing to my body. i have 13 piercings and 4 tattoos, and i have thought about every one of them, how it will be getting them, how it will be taking care of them through the healing process, and how others might judge me [which in all honesty i could care less, but i still consider it]. and i have found a lot of times, i think i want it, but end up not getting it because i dont want it. i have only retired one piercing.

    lowering the age limit wont do anything. kids will still diy, kids will still go to cheaper places cuz the dont want to save up the money. hell, adults do it! a friend of mine, who is 21, has 2 diy piercings, and tried to get her belly button diy but it didnt work. the only one done underage? the failed belly button piercing.

    it is so worth the wait to wait until your legal to get piercings. it gives you something to look forward to, and gives you time to think about it. and honestly if i were a piercer i wouldnt do piercings or tattoos on people under 18 even if they had parents permission.

    wow, that was a book, lol.

  180. That’s the punishment for all the idiots who do it at the night places.

    Son: Can I get a piercing, Dad?
    Dad: No, son.
    Son: Dad, that’s not fair! I’m 15, I should be able to get a piercing!
    Dad: NO!!!
    (that night, at the back of a bar)
    Bartender: You sure about this, kid?
    Son: Of course!! Now do the freaking piercing!!
    Bartender: Allright…
    Son: Ouch!!!!!
    Bartender: all finished.
    Son: Cool!!!
    (The next morning)
    Dad: Son, I told you not to get that piercing!!!
    Son: Whatever…
    Dad: There will be punishment.
    (One month later)
    Son: Dad, what is this yellow, sticky stuff coming out of my piercing?
    Dad: Hahahha, I told you there will be punishment, son. Your piercing is infected and you’ll have to have it removed.
    Son: Nooooooooooooooooooo!

  181. Oh my! What I don’t understand is HOW he was able to pierce his own lip. Especially with a pair of plyers.

  182. Or, instead of piercings being legal for young kids, the kids can get their asses beat for doing stupid shit instead of reprimanded, then maybe they would think twice. I know I sound like an old fart but I’m only 20 and didn’t get my first piercing that wasn’t on my ear until I was 18, and I’m glad I didn’t because I went through the whole I WANT 38403453 PIERCINGS phase. Why didn’t I do it? BECAUSE MY MOTHER WOULD BEAT MY ASS.

  183. um….if your dumb enough to do that to yourself, you definitely should not be making the decision to get pierced at all, professionally or not.

  184. WHAT. THE. FUCK.


    I did a lot of dumb shit at his age, and I will admit I didn’t take the best care of my ear piercings back then, I wore silver earrings before they were totally healed(I’ve got a couple of ‘silver tattoos’ to show for it too. In my defense, though, I had no idea that you weren’t supposed to wear silver before they healed up), but holy shit, I would NEVER have done anything like this. Being young is NO excuse for doing something this goddamn stupid. What an idiot! Imagine how bad that hurt by the time they pried them off! THE BACTERIA! He’s lucky he didn’t get septicemia! Hay-zeus, there are not enough exclamation points in the world to express my disgust, shock, and horror!!!

    That said, I really do think situations like this are a result of overly strict age laws & overly strict parents. I really don’t see the problem if a teen wants to get something pierced. I will let my kids get pretty much whatever they want done as long as they earn it through good grades & behavior. I don’t see why parents are so damn stuck up about this stuff, piercings aren’t even permanent so why not let your kids be themselves & have some fun? I am 100% in favor of lowering the age limit for piercings too. If a 16 year old is mature enough to drive a car, they’re mature enough to get a piercing without mommy’s permission.

    Kids are going to keep doing shit like this unless they have access to safe, clean piercing shops. I never did the whole self-piercing thing, but multiple people I knew did. One of my closest friends shoved a safety pin through her navel & surprise, surprise- within days it was bright red & oozing pus. One kid I knew even shoved a jumbo safety pin through the skin on his HAND. My 10th grade-boyfriend & his friends once bought one of those home ear piercing kits & went to town on each other one weekend. *Slightly* better than safety pins, but still- my boyfriend was a damn moron & so were his friends. They used that gun on their noses, their eyebrows, etc. Again, within days they were all oozing pus cause none of the dumbshits knew you had to actually CLEAN piercings.


  185. I’m 14 and have my nose pierced. I got it done professionally, by a qualified piercer under my parents consent, who they had called themselves and asked permission, I then had to fill out a few sheets regarding the consequences of having it done whether it would become infected or not. When you get a piercing done either by a qualified person or yourself, you’ll be putting yourself at risk. I have seen other teenagers self-pierce their belly’s and end up having to get it taken out at hospital due to not using clean tools. You can get piercings done in a professional shop under the age of 16, you just need parent permission. But they have piercings where you must be 16+ and even 18+ the way this guy done his is disgusting and shows that his mother isn’t smart enough to stop him. I’ll never pierce myself, I will always get it done by a sterilyzed gun, or needle by someone who has done it many times before. My mother likes my nose piercing because it has never caused me nor her grief. And I also believe that, once a teenagers watches a video of someone piercing their own bodies on Youtube, they believe they can as well. Piercings express teenagers, it shows society that they are who they want to be, not someone else, we’re all unique, we’re too young to get tattoo’s so don’t take away our only other way of being ourselves! (:

  186. “we’re too young to get tattoo’s so don’t take away our only other way of being ourselves!”

    A hole in your face is not the only way to be yourself. Neither is ink in your skin.

    And I know its harsh, but if a person shoves a piece of chain link through their face, they deserve what they get.

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