Friends at the beach

You know, I see movies like City of God make Rio de Janeiro look pretty frightening, but then I get these pictures from Freakboy in Sao Paulo, and my desire to go to Brasil again overwelms any fear of being murdered. Click through for a second photo.

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11 thoughts on “Friends at the beach

  1. Shannon you were kidding right?….
    The media and movies always show the third world countries in this light that just keeps people thinking shitty things about them…

    Before taking their word for granted I really recomend people to come and see it for themselves…. Latin America is not what is seen on tv as a matter of fact when you get here you would be surprised…

    I know you have travelled shannon round these areas and I am sure you can back me up on that one

  2. I want to go to Brasil! I always thought it was such a terrible place until I met someone who’d been there. The media really does fuck with your mind.

    They look like they’re having an awful lot of fun! I love the boulders in the sand.

  3. Yeah, even here in the south of Brazil the problem is this motherfucking high temperature.
    But we’re quite fine down here, btw.

    Of cooooourse there are tons of problems, like violence, hunger, lack of jobs, political shits and such but it’s not like an wild jungle full of armed psychos ready to jump off on your throat.

  4. In spite of all I’ve heard about the dangers of Brazil and other S.A. countries, I have been literally obsessed since childhood with seeing Brazil, specifically. I’ve met people from there, spent years researching the animals that come from there, and I will quite literally die unfulfilled if I never make it there. I need to find some people with first-hand accounts who can offer me advice as to the best ways to travel, where to stay, what part of the year to go during, how to avoid harm and see the more natural areas, how much money is needed, etc.

  5. That suspension looks amazing. The people look so friendly and welcoming in this photo as well, I would love to go to South America sometime in my lifetime.

  6. my grandparents moved to south america when they were teens, so they and my dad always had tons of stories to tell me about south america, more specifically suriname. that’s way tinier than brazil, but from what i heard about it and the surrounding area, i really want to visit at least once in my life!

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