New Server Alive

If you can see this post, you’re seeing ModBlog on the new server… and you’re also seeing DeliaPsyche, pierced 134 times by Russ Foxx and her friends in Vancouver. Full blog returns tomorrow!

43 thoughts on “New Server Alive

  1. The first pic the girls back with the brown hair, looks like a simoleon simbol from the sims either that or a section sign.Just my first impression.

    And on a completely diffrent subject I really have to stop putting off posting my pic of my knee surgery titianum screws I use as earings now.Im sooo lazy.

  2. 9 & 13: I *knew* I’d seen that symbol somewhere before! Damn! I wish my sister hadn’t taken her copies of the sims 2 when she moved… >:(

  3. #9, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that.

    Man. I’m an addict.

    Also that’s some beautiful work. I wish my pain tolerance wasn’t so low…I’d totally love to get play pierced.

  4. Wow.
    She is so beautiful.
    I love her hair.
    And the play peircing is amazing.
    I’m completely in love with everything in these pictures.

  5. P.S. It didn’t hurt that much, but the endorpin rush was so intense that I felt totally drained and out of it for the rest of the day.

  6. Welcome back – wow new server is quick :)

    Thats some serious piercing on both girls, corset work always looks some dam sexy.

  7. Look’s awsome, bloody intense I should imagine. I’m glad that I’m not the only person that though that symbol looks like the sign for sim money, lol.

  8. what the fuck, it’s not from the sims!
    jesus christ. it’s the way the milky way is.

  9. i don’t know which is geekier, thinking that the brunette’s pierced symbol was a spiral galaxy or a simoleon symbol. i guess it’s to my credit that i thought it was a spiral galaxy.

  10. Super duper hot girls, super hot piercings, and pretty nice photos…….but I think it would be even more attractive without the ribbon. It seems totally unnecessary, and I think the piercings and the model are all it takes….

    Either way……it’s beautiful, and it’s nice to see someone put out the effort that it takes to do nice work……

  11. wow!!! that is so beautiful! and sooooo sexy…
    Yeah I definitely wanna do that some day..
    seriously it looks great!!!

  12. exelente realmente, gran performans , realmente no abundan mujeres que se animen a esto es de resaltar :) sin palabras solo exelente

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