Lobes Censored!

So you may remember Candice, a beautiful UK-based model that I’ve featured here a few times before (see also: 1, 2, 3). Anyway, she recently did an advertising campaign for a university psychology research program… Much to her surprise (and irritation!) they actually Photoshopped her 28mm lobes out of the pictures completely and replaced them with ones that she thinks look hideous on her! I guess having stuff like this is part of the territory if you’re a model, but I just don’t understand why they’d hire someone with stretched ears just to edit them out later…

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90 thoughts on “Lobes Censored!

  1. That is so awful, takes away from who she is and your completely right about ‘why hire her if..’ Why not just hire a girl with long blonde hair and edit that out.

    It’s totally demeaning.

  2. Her stretched lobes would add more to the intrigue of the image and the ad. But hey, it’s true, all models are subject to editing in Photoshop. In the picture, it’s almost as if all the interesting characteristics of her head is taken away by those normal lobes. They stick out like a sore thumb.

  3. Her stretched lobes would add more to the intrigue of the image and the ad. But hey, it’s true, all models are subject to editing in Photoshop. In the picture, it’s almost as if all the interesting characteristics of her head is taken away by those normal lobes. They stick out like a sore thumb.

  4. why not just completely design your own woman and not hire a real one at all.. jeesh.

    I don’t blame her for being pissed.

  5. Its bullshit that they photoshopped them out, but she still looks pretty in that picture….

  6. Why would they take out her lobe piercings if they were just going to add a tattoo on the top of her head? Seems… counter-productive.

  7. “I just don’t understand why they’d hire someone with stretched ears just to edit them out later…”

    Because they liked her face and the shape of her head I guess? A lot of things are edited out of models’ photos for use in publications – breasts reduced/enlarged, colour of eyes changed, etc. etc. This is just another example of that.

    I actually prefer her with the Photoshopped ears, but she’s beautiful in both pics :o)

  8. I agree it’s fairly shitty that they edited out the lobes (and that the ad would be more interesting with them), but mostly I wanted to note that the title of this entry made me giggle a little bit :)

  9. don’t get me wrong, i think it’s stupid and offensive to her to have photoshopped them out, but having said that, it’s ALSO a pretty big compliment that they COULD’VE just got a model with normal lobes – i’m sure they’re in abundance, but they thought she was the absolute best so they used her anyway despite the extra effort they had to go to get the ultimate image they wanted

  10. dumb! Why go hire this strikingly gorgeous model only to make her look totally unremarkable in the ad. The photochopped version completely takes away from her unique beauty…I mean, the shape of her head is very graceful and pretty and all, but I’m guessing it’s her features, symmetry, including her piercings which make her stand out from the crowd and why she is a model. Final version is dull and bland. Think how much more that ad would jump off the page at the casual observer if it revealed an image of her in her naturally jawdropping attractive appearance.

  11. ” I guess having stuff like this is part of the territory if you’re a model, but I just don’t understand why they’d hire someone with stretched ears just to edit them out later…”

    The stretching would compete with the “tatoo” on her head, methinks. Plus, they didn’t hire for her ears, they hired for her face and shaved head. Or maybe the person who hired her liked the ears but, then the editor or art director asked them to edit them out, who knows. Editing out tattoos and piercings, as well as scars, moles, etc is common practice in photography and it really shouldn’t be taken personally. This advertisement is not about her, it’s about a scientific research project. If she wanted to have photography that would portray her, the person, she should only do portraits.

  12. I don’t know where I sit on this one. I can understand not wanting an advertisement to show such ‘outlandish’ piercing/stretchings, but the photo itself – to me, at least – isn’t aesthetically pleasing as it could have been, because they’ve edited out her ears, and also not included her jaw and pierced lips in the picture. Even if they had to clone out her jewellery, I think it would’ve been a better picture if it had included her whole head.

    But hey, that’s just me.

  13. for some reason w/o the stretched lobes she looks less feminine, and I also thought it was ironic this was for a psychology ad

  14. The scariest part of it all is that you would never ever know that they photoshopped it that much, it makes me scrutinize pictures even more now.

  15. on the other hand…
    i just thought about it some more, and…
    considering this is an ad for volunteer psychiatric care, if they had showed her mods, would it appear they were implying she was a crazy person for having stretched lobes and in need of a free mental health evaluation? because this ad to me makes it clear that she is being depicted as the subject to be studied. I’m just saying, as a psychiatric ad, it could have potentially reflected negatively on body modification as indicative of mental disorder.

  16. I agree that it’s shitty – but I’m against major photoediting in general. Which is why I always get a little peeved even reading this blog when Shannon makes a girl skinnier, and things like that. Maybe it’s just the photo purist I am, but to me they’re similar artistic crimes.

  17. i would’ve thought that a psych magazine would be all for stretched earlobes…well,it would atleast get people more interested in reading the article.

  18. i think that their photoshopping out the lobes was a good choice, because this was an ad for mainstream media, not a representation of Candice’s beautiful face and mods. i think she looks prettier with those bright eyes at the camera and all her metal rightly in place.

  19. Uhm, I think that in the picture without her lobes, she kind of looks like a man a little. I didn’t even realize it was the same person at first glance. I agree with whoever said if they are going to edit things why not just create their own perfect model on photoshop or something, censoring her lobes seems really stupid to me. If they want models they shouldn’t be photoshopped and fake otherwise why not just create your own photoshop fake woman. blah.

  20. I don’t think it was “censored” so much as that they felt it detracted the focus away from the top of her head – the “brain maze” thing. There’s pretty much nothing going on in the photo to take away from that – no eye contact, no facial expression. So it makes sense that they wouldn’t want something else to distract the viewer.

  21. as a graphic designer, i can say i understand why they did it. it’s easier to photoshop lobes into normal than to find someone with little hair and regular lobes and edit the hair out.

    she’s hotness anyway, so who cares ;x

  22. Personally…I don’t think ANYONE here has a right to comment on this situation.

    Has anyone bothered to try to consult the creative team who came up with that ad?

    No? So then, why bitch and moan about this then?

    Yes Candice can be miffed and upset that they photoshopped her lobes out…But for fuck says she’s a Model.

    EVERY model nowadays is photoshopped in someway shape or form…So its nothing to get everyone all pissy and upset over.

    Creative team wants someone with green eyes not brown, POOF! They’re Green now.

    Creative team wants someone with a larger bust, POOF! Got a bigger bust now!

    This is something that happens DAILY in this part of the world…And personally I don’t get how she could find it offensive that her lobes were photoshopped…Yet the tattoo on her head was, not to mention the creative art team probably went over her ENTIRE face in photoshop to make sure it was “just perfect” for what they wanted.

    The ad didn’t call for big lobes, so what? Oh well, that’s apart of that realm of modelling. Don’t like it? Start learning to walk down the Runway/Catwalk instead.

  23. I don’t understand why this ad required a “model”. It’s a picture of eyebrows, a forehead, and the shaved cranium of someone who could have been a man, a woman, whatever. Nothing really specific or striking that couldn’t have been acheived by anyone with a shaved head and a clear complexion. But hey, if it’s another chance for the modified community to cry foul and bitch about being treated unfairly by the mainstream media, so be it.

  24. That sucks that they photoshopped out her lobes…but it’s a pretty doctored up photo to begin with.

    I really just wanted to say that she’s so adorable! I love her freckles

  25. why not just hire another girl? she’s gorgeous. they hired her because “aw, she’s such a pretty girl.. too bad she has those piercings, oh, we can just edit them out”… aholes :p

  26. I think that shes beautiful both ways, but for every one complaining about them taking away her identity and being offended by them removing her freckles you have to realize that this picture is not supposed to portray her, nor beauty. This is an ad for a university psychology research program. I mean if you look at it from an advertiser’s view, they don’t want to distract from the main point, which is the mouse maze on her head. I think that to the average person the ears would draw a lot of attention. I know my comment doesn’t really prove it, but I’ve taken a graphic design course at an art school and you have to realize that this is an ad which is supposed to draw your attention to the program, but not some beautiful modified girl.

  27. She looks quite nondescript in the advert, but in the other picture she looks just gorgeous! Even the piercings notwithstanding, they seem to have edited out all that makes her attractive and engaging.

  28. in reponse #31: “Nothing really specific or striking that couldn’t have been acheived by anyone with a shaved head and a clear complexion.”

    the title of the ad is “explorers” and the tattoo is of a maze. the maze on her head to me says “explore”. i think thats why they used her. as for the photoshopping of the ears, i don’t really know what to say. but i definitely understand why they used her over anyone else. simply because it’s explore.

  29. Joobie is the first person to actually hit on the most important point-while we may all be up in arms over the fact that they photoshopped her ears away, think about it for a second.

    They(the ad people) wanted to put a maze on her forehead to help illustrate the article. They likely chose her as a model not because she had stretched ears but because she already had a (Very difficult to photoshop well)shaved head, was reasonably pretty looking(and has a pleasing recognizable quality to the shape of her head) and they figured that was as close to what they could get(or needed) and they could photoshop the rest out/in. The fact that she had stretched lobes probably played little if any role in her being chosen since they chose to edit them out. The article is not about people with stetched ears, so showing someone with them may have confused the principal demographic for the magazine/article/whatever as to what the specific focus of the article is about. I can also tell you, the first thing we all noticed was missing would be the first thing other non modded people saw and visually it would have totally taken away from the busy maze design on her head. the designer wants you to look at her head, not her ears or her complexion.

    Its pretty hysterical listening to some of the reasons people have taken offence to this add(“OMG they photoshopped out her freckles!!”) but not one fucking practical legitmate reason why until joobie’s entry. People…are we really this over-sensitive and out of touch with the techniques employed by mainstream media(skin lightening, freckle/wrinkle removal, eye/teeth whitening, hair color changes and yes, even lobe removal) that we can’t get over ourselves? Its an ad, she got some (i’m assuming) paid work from them and unless she had something in her contract that says her face can not be altered in any way, she as much fair game as anyone working as a model in this day and age. time to come down from the chandeliers and lighten up people

  30. They probably did it so the lobes didn’t detract from the “tattoo,” which is the focus of the ad

  31. I think that considering how much photoshopping Shannon does to tweak the pictures to his liking nobody can really claim this is a surprise or a bad move.

  32. everyone needs to chill. this isn’t a shot at her lobes or at us as a community. she’s a model. she got photoshopped. big deal. she should have known what she was getting into when she decided to do print modeling.

  33. Candice is obviously proud of her stretched lobes, and she is a stunningly beautiful lady.

    Maybe next time she does a modelling job it would be a good idea to see the proofs before they are printed.

    These days I seriously doubt many pictures are printed without being tweaked through photoshop and any imperfections removed.
    So, I guess its swings & roundabouts, a few inches would be removed or someone having a bad skin day would be edited, and the model would be happy with that.

    But I do think this is a totally different thing removing her lobes.

    On the possitive side it does keep all the airbrush wizards in a job.

    I think she look beautiful either way persnonally.

  34. For a blog that itself edits photos very heavily it seems pretty rich to be jumping on the defensive about this shannon.

    I mean you’ve become very defensive in the past about YOUR photoshop editing, so why is it suddenly wrong when you don’t agree with the edits made?

    Seems kinda like you wanna have it both ways here.

    BTW, I see no problem with any of the editing on modblog or the lobes editing in question here. Media/advertisers have the right to project whatever image they want.

  35. i think it’d look way better with her stretched lobes. but i can see that they wouldn’t want any distractions from their selling point, and to the general population big lobes are. it is part of the territory with modelling, but yeah, i don’t get it. it can’t be that hard to get a shaved head model with non stretched lobes, can it?


  36. man that sucks!
    Should’ve just hired a gal without stretched ears in the first place. But I guess the stylist might’ve had a change of heart after the shoot and then couldn’t afford another shoot so just photoshopped.
    Thant’s the shallow world of modelling for ya!
    she’s SOOO mega pretty btw!

  37. Yes it sucks but, she was hired for her head not the rest of her. I have worked a professional photographer and photo retoucher for a long time removing enhancing and otherwise faking lots of things on models and “normal people” to make them look better or just suit the story.

    She is a beautiful model there is no doubt about it but the cover is a photo of a beautiful womans bald head not a modded model her lovely stretched lobes would not sell the story they are trying to illustrate.

    I don’t think i could count the amount of times i have had to remove scars, pinch a waist, brighten eyes or make breasts or an ass bigger and perkier via the computer with no input from the model only the client, the one who signs the pay cheques at the end of the day.

    Open your eyes and look at every cover of every magazine and see how much work is done to modify and correct to suit the story. this is part of the the whole media industry, if you don’t like it you don’t get any work.

  38. Hey when you model you give away the right to the pics so they can pretty much do what they like with them. Candice has exceptionally beautiful eyes but they didnt use those either. Really it’s thier loss.

  39. These days I seriously doubt many pictures are printed without being tweaked through photoshop and any imperfections removed.

    “These days?” Professional photos have never been printed without having been tweaked – the only difference is that it used to be done in the darkroom & by airbrushing, and now it’s done digitally.

    starspring and Joobie have it right.

  40. models SELL their image to the agencies, wich is, BTW, a really reaaaaally easy job, with no need of other thing than beeing born beautiful and knowing how to stay put with a smile.
    They have no right to bitch about how they have their eyebrows corrected, or how their teeth are tweaked, or if they have their stretched lobe removed.
    Models, as models, in their professional acting, arent walking statements, they dont stand for no cause, they dont add anything to our zeitgeist, they are blank screens where we, the media workers, do our job.
    Models, as persons, can and should use their share of the media hysteria to draw attention for causes they deem just, BUT they have no right to ask for “respect to their bodmods” when they are WORKING, SELLING their image.
    If Candice really felt offended, in a professional way, all i can say is that she is a lousy model and should look for a new way to make a living, cause this one will only cause her frustration.

  41. Can I state the obvious? They wanted a bald model with a beautiful head so could paint the maze on it. Bald models are sort of hard to come by. It’s easier to edit out her lobes than make a completely fake head for a model with hair.

  42. i looked at the picture without reading first and i was scared she took them out.

    what a relief:)

  43. This really isn’t anything to be upset about. I’m a commercial photographer (online/catalogue stuff), and my younger brother, who is heavily pierced, begs me to let him model — and I refuse. Why? Because it’s too distracting to have somebody with a bunch of shit in their face in the picture when you’re trying to sell a jacket. Such is life.

  44. The tattoo is of a maze, and the poster advertises ‘MindSearch’ the maze is relative the the theme of the poster. The lobes are not. get over it!

  45. Yeh, it’s ok to photoshop someone to make them look skinnier, but take out their piercings and be damned!

  46. ok firstly in response to comment 61 i think its a bit harsh to say i am a lousy model and that we are just blank screens and all the rest. I was just a bit peeved thats all that they had photoshopped my lobes out, not in any serious way. Yes i am perfectly used to the whole photo shop thing. I have done many different modelling shoots from advertising, music video’s, T.V programmes (where yes i have had to act) and mainstream advertising, so its not just about “staying put for the camera”, there is alot more work that goes with it than you think!!! I was not complaining about it, i was just a little dissapointed in a way!!! And more having a moan as i never liked the lobes they added to it!!!!! Yes those are my real eyes in the picture, no my freckles were not photoshopped out, they just smacked loads of makeup on me, because i had to blend in with the freshly shaved head, which was rather white!! I think that being a model i am very aware of all the photoshopping that goes on!!!

    Thank you to those for all the positive comments:) you do feel a bit bummed when they photoshop such an important part of you:( but yes being in this industry i am fully aware of it and ofcourse if i had that much of a problem with it then i would not be doing it!!!

  47. I’m curious as to why it’s ok for Shannon to edit his pictures on ModBlog as much as he wants, and he’ll jump to defend himself if anyone has a negative comment, but when it’s done here he has a huge issue with it. Making girls appear skinnier is no more right than removing stretched ear lobes. Seems slightly hypocritical to me…

  48. in defence to Shannon, i dont think he is being hypocritical or jumping to anyone’s defence, if you read at the top he says “it comes with the terretory being a model”

  49. In all honesty I do think that if her real (and better looking) ears were left in, it would take away from the intent of the ad. Rather than have people focus on the maze on her head it would be “hey did you see her ears”. And, at least it is a pretty good photoshop job.

  50. Ooooh! I remember seeing her in pamphlets at a bank in Cambridge last summer. I thought she was so modified and beautiful, I took a pamphlet as a suveneir.

  51. Expecting something does not take away your right to be irritated about it.
    It is beyond ridiculous to tell Candice she has no right to her feelings.
    I expect to be shouted at in the street, and I am. I am used to it. It does not mean I am not allowed to be annoyed when it happens.

  52. Dunebug is correct. Being annoyed about having her lobes removed and replaced with rather ugly ones is her right, and I get it. She is beautiful but that has nothing to do with her lobes. Models sell the product, not their own image. It would be one thing if they were to edit out “a part of her” in a piece/interview about her but she’s not the focus of the ad here.

    Making a big deal outta this by saying that it is demeaning shows the need to volunteer for a psych study in itself (or at least a need for some education regarding critical thinking). Professionals have to look a certain way in a wide variety of fields and I am done with people bitching about it.

    No one bitches when people have their hair cut funky, are forced to put on make up or has a tattoo photoshoped in for an ad … I hope people get where I am going with this.

  53. I’m pretty sure that Shannon doesn’t Photoshop girls skinnier, he just adjusts the colour saturation and brightness and stuff.

  54. Rhiannon – He did it at least once, but that was just to annoy people who kept going on about the different girls sizes.

  55. honestly….who cares…..nothing is real anymore…..you have almost never seen a published picture that hasn’t been altered……why is anyone surprised……

  56. Much of the text the mainstream media prints uses, at best, creative word choices to evoke specific thoughts and/or emotions. Why should the photos be any different?

    A couple of people (e.g., #20 and #44) nailed it, this picture isn’t about her.

    #53, I’m betting that any model that wanted to see the proofs to approve them would be told, “Never mind, we’ll find someone else.”

    I don’t really understand the comments about it being ironic that this was for a psych research program. What exactly do you find ironic about it?

    #26 has an excellent point. If this was a psych research program into deviancy or behavioral/developmental disorders, would people be complaining that they DIDN’T use Photoshop — thereby implying that stretched lobes and facial piercings means one needs an eval? Anyone?

  57. Leroy – I remember that, but people have been making out like he does it on a regular basis… Liz (comment 28) and Kelsey (comment 70) in particular.

  58. all i have to say is that by photoshoping her ears out they only got part of her beauty… honestly one of the most attractive women i have seen

  59. ah, her freckles are gone too. personally, i think they make her cuter, as do her ears. to hell with photoshop.

  60. How hypocritical is it that it says “Explorers wanted” but censors her own personal explorations.

  61. Well, it seems to me they just wanted a female with a closely shaved head. I think the lobes would distract from the maze on the head which is the focus of the picture. I personally love her stretched lobes but a lot of people don’t like them. I’ve had someone actually call me disgusting because of my 3/4 lobes. As a model she is paid to sell a product. This advertisement wasn’t for modified culture or body jewelry so if I were her I wouldn’t be really offended if they didn’t want the lobes in the photo. Tons of models have tattoos that we never see because they are constantly “shopped” out. I think a model is typically supposed to be a blank canvas to be molded to fit whatever campaign they are working for. If you want to be an individual I wouldn’t suggest modeling as a career. But, there are people like Zombie boy who is popular for his highly modified look. So it does happen. I love fashion but I think the industry is very cruel and judgmental.

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