Gameboy and Konami Code Tattoo

For those of you know don’t know what Electracat‘s tattoo means, it’s the gaming equivilent of shouting “KEEP GOING! KEEP GOING! KEEP GOING!” Tattoo by Ace Wilde at Outlaw Ink in Des Moines, Iowa.

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55 thoughts on “Gameboy and Konami Code Tattoo

  1. Side note, her belly button looks a lot like a question mark. Very interesting indeed.

  2. Up, up, down, down, left, right, left right, B, A, Start. Just because we use cheats doesn’t mean we’re not smart.

  3. Excellent!

    But AFAIK, the Konami Code never meant anything at all like “keep going!”, it’s just the Konami Code. But I’m not what you’d call a gamer, either.

  4. haha…love it…but wasnt it up up down down left right left right b a select start….aahh the old contra days takes me back..

  5. Knix – The “Konami Code” is generally a recharge (ie. back to full power, extra lives, etc.) code of some sort, initially intended to allow developers/testers to continue playing games longer than their skill would normally allow.

  6. Nice idea, it’s a pity it wasn’t done a bit better.

    And I noticed the question mark belly button, how cool!

  7. Damnit!
    I was going to get the NES controller buttons on my thumbs, but after seeing The Eternals, I dont want people to think I ripped him off.

    And here I thought I was original.

  8. As much as i love the Konami code and my overuse of it whilst playing Contra, I’m amazed at how little people have mentioned how poorly the tattoo was done…

    Yeah, its a good idea, but seriously poorly done…

    Then again, she’s 19 and she hasn’t learned about good tattoos yet…

    We all have to start with a couple bad ones…

  9. I agree with Brian too..

    The idea is great and so is the concept.. but unfortunately its so poorly done it really DOES look like marker.. which is unfortunate, at the very least.

    But like brian said.. we all start with a couple bad ones.. she can always get it touched-up or re-done sometime alone the way..

    ..I like the question-mark belly button!

  10. maybe it was done like that to make it look a little childlike on purpose?

    then again, i just bought myself a 10 pack of creaming soda cans so maybe im just a little too happy ha ha

  11. I think you’re all being a bit mean about the quality of her tatt.
    It’s a kind of youthful, kid-like design and the texta look of it kinda suits the subject.
    Well, that’s just my opinion anyway :-)

  12. it’s pretty cool but it’s a shame it wasn’t done a bit better. cool belly button also!

  13. Shannon, yes, in the games I’ve played where it works (which is not all the Konami games), it’s done before you start playing, so it’s more of a charge than a re-charge. (I’m not trying to pick nits with you, I was really into video games in the 80s, have never heard it used that way, and am just trying to figure out what I missed.)

  14. I only ever knew it to work on Contra. If done before the start of the game it would give you 30 lives instead of 3, and added with the replays you got (which weren’t endless in those days) it brought the total number of lives up to 120.

    Neat idea for a tatoo, but I think the layout would look better in a circle like the numbers on a clock with the gameboy in the center.

  15. I agree with panties. I think the style in which the tattoo was done adds to the child-like subject of the tattoo. Reminds me of fourth grade.

  16. I honestly don’t think it was the “style” that the tattoo was done in… It just looks kinda crappy cause it is. There aren’t many exceptionally nice studios in Des Moines, if any at all, in my experience (I couldn’t find any last time I was there, I used to live next-door basically). The theme of the tattoo is awesome though.

    & I noticed the “?” right when I saw it too, I looked at the ink then went to scroll down & comment and scrolled back up cause I thought I saw a question mark in it somewhere, haha.

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  19. good idea, but horrible tatto and placement. sorry. i have a couple horrible tattoos also, fwiw.

  20. ooh i love gamer tats. unfortunately i’m not a big fan of thinly outlined colors and the gameboy in the center detracts from the code. i think maybe a “THUG LYFE”-style konami code tummy tattoo would have been more pleasing. this one leaves a lot of sad white space on the sides, and arcs underneath the abdominals tend to make people look a bit fluffy. this is my training in dressmaking speaking =]

  21. I think it’s a cute/geeky tattoo idea, but I think the quality could be better, though maybe its just the photo quality.

    Those panties are adorable- fleur de lis!

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  23. oooooooooooooh yeeeeeeeeah, this girl is now my goddess!!!

    viva la no evolution!!!! i love tha retro tech

    kisses 4 tha sweet model

  24. Ok. About the quality of this tatoo. My friends and I have beautiful tatoos by Ace. They’re all different. I’m sure the juvinile appearance of this tatoo is intentional. He’s very adaptable and talented. If you want a great tatoo in Des Moines. Take your idea to Ace.

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