"You can even win an Emmy!"

Robin writes,

“I know my piercings aren’t insane, but I thought you would like to know that you can be a professional with piercings, and you can even win an Emmy!”

If you’re wondering, Robin won his Emmy in “outstanding visual effects in a miniseries or special” for his work on The Triangle. (See also: Pierced Scientists).

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29 thoughts on “"You can even win an Emmy!"

  1. That actually reads as very arrogant “You can be a professional with piercings!” Well yeah, there are a load of them on IAM, you know?
    I have a talent for academic work, a supportive family, and the will to work a load of crappy jobs to keep me afloat while I slowly become overqualified for everything. I can manage it.

    I’m angry at this guy – Yeah, I totally hadn’t worked out a) that mods make the job market more fraught with hazards and b) that it’s possible to circumvent them. /sarcasm

    I’m sorry if it’s not the case, but he sounds extremely patronising. I especially dislike the use of “insane”. If there’s more humour there than I’ve seen, sorry for being an uptight bitch!

  2. I don’t think this statement is arrogant at all. A lot of people on IAM and in the modified community complain about not being able to get work because of their piercings or tattoos.

    I don’t think there is any reason we shouldn’t celebrate that someone on IAM made a great achievement.

    I say kick ass Robin!!

  3. I think this is great, and was not intended to be arrogant in any way. Its always great to see someone with mods (no matter how small) achieve great things. I think a modified person who wins an Emmy or who is a scientist or who is a professional really shows the “mainstream” that those who chose to modify themselves aren’t just a bunch of crazy hooligans looking for trouble and that we aren’t “sick in the head” as my grandmother would say.

  4. This guy isn’t being patronizing. When have you ever seen someone with facial piercings win an emmy? How many times on IAM do you read about people having to wear retainers, take out their piercings, or hide and change their tattoos when they go to work in any environment, let alone a professional one? Answer: all the time. This guy isn’t saying that people with visible mods aren’t skilled or capable of being successful, he’s saying that they often have a hard time of it because the “professional world” is a conservative asshole and people who choose their visible mods have to work hard not only to remain in the professional world, but to be taken seriously as professionals. Too often people with visible modifications who are “successful” in the professional world are either censored or commodified as a spectacle. All of which is common knowlegde. Even in creative professional fields such as the one Robin works in where one would assume that modifications should be more accepted, it is still hard to be recognized as capable. I mean, Robin didn’t simply manag to get hired and then win an emmy. It’s extremely difficult to get access and entry into these types of fields in the first place regardless of how skilled you are, let alone move up the ranks and get to a position of influence and creative control. If you’re somehow “different” than the mainstream notion of “normal” or “qualified” its even harder. Now if this guy were a visibly modified, openly queer woman of color, I’d really be impressed…
    It’s fun to see someone with facial piercings win an emmy. Congrats. Represent.

  5. Yeah, I was interested and pleased to read of this guy’s success, and not even just because he’s modified, however un-insanely. So thanks for posting it, Shannon.

    And it seems (in the most objective way) that Em has some issues from the sound of it that aren’t anything to do with Robin or his Emmy.

  6. First i’d like to say, Fuck yeah he worked on Snakes on a Plane…

    Congratulations Robin…

    And i’d like to argue that, Snakes on a Plane should have won an award…

    Also, if I’m ever famous for anything i want as much congratulations as possible…

  7. I’d like to second the comment on being modded in the creative community. Its a myth that the creative fields are full of highly individualized people who mostly look wacky and are allowed to be ‘colorful’ cause peope find that interesting. they don’t. the creative fields are just as conservative at times as any other traditional conservative field. So that’s why I say all the more reason to celebrate this acheivement because it means they persevered in a field that frowns on PERSONAL individuality…unless you have a huge profit-making hit and even then you have have to keep having them to maintain that leverage.

  8. in regards to Em’s comment…

    I think he might have meant “insane” as in hard-core or heavily modified..’insane’ as a slang term can mean much more than just “not sane” or “crazy”.. it can mean the amount of something or the type of something.. like i’d call large nostril punches “insane” because they’re huge.. but not because it’s crazy… so i really don’t think its offensive..

    but.. CONGRATS!! That’s freakin great!! i get so excited when I see modded people acheive greatness, especially in the public eye because it just goes to show EVERYONE outside of the modded community (cus lord knows we don’t need to be told twice) that mods are a part of a lifestyle as much as yoga and vegetarianism is. Anyone can acheive greatness and its great that people with mods are finally being allowed to shine with their true colors!

    I can’t wait for the day where people will think how great it is that someone has mods AND is succesful rather than today’s current thinking how its great that they are successful IN SPITE of being modded.

  9. Very well said copper wire, ansd since he already said it so well i’ll just do the following:

  10. That absolutely kicks ass! It actually gives me hope that I would one day be able to freely rock my piercings and future tattoos when I get into the corporate world.

  11. Maybe it’s a British thing then… over here, anyone who tries too hard to be inspiring is immensely mocked, no matter how inspiring they actually are.
    I loved it when Shannon posted the Nasa scientist – it’s great to post successful people with mods. It’s just the quote that grinds my nerves – I’m gonna give the guy the benefit of the doubt and say that the “Hey kids!” approach here is nothing like his real personality!
    /proud supporter of self-effacing Britishness

  12. Lol, I’m British, and I don’t see anything patronising about that. I think you’re reading way too much into it.
    Congratulations to him, that’s great :)

  13. Em, don’t drag the rest of us Brits into this. Just because *you* read too much into it doesn’t mean we all will. He comes across as a genuinely nice guy that wants to show that piercings don’t have to stop you realising your dreams, despite what the mainstream world would have people believe.

    I think this is great, congratulations!

  14. ^^^^^^
    I’d have to agree, Em, just because that is your opinion don’t try and backtrack it by saying it’s a British thing. It’s fine to have an opinion different to others but when it’s a particually ‘high-horse-esq’ one it doesn’t reflect well on us other Brits when you try and blame it on our nationality. God knows most people online already think that we’re up our own arses all the time without anyone provoking the stereotype. xxx

    Also “over here, anyone who tries too hard to be inspiring is immensely mocked” Not over in my neck of the woods, and I live in ESSEX! :P

  15. Wow it’s AWESOME that he won an Emmy! Probably couldn’t stop smiling for a week :) Congratulations!

  16. I don’t think it was meant to come across as patronising in the slightest, but even if it was then..well, he did win an Emmy, I know if i’d won one I’d want to flaunt it a bit :)

    Congratulations to him, modded or not.

  17. I feel a need to further reiterate this sentiment, but being sour about other people’s success is certainly not “a British thing.” Don’t pass the buck.

  18. Hey sorry guys if it seemed really arrogant. I feel really bad that I came off that way. When I was younger I was always different (Mohawk, collars… blah blah) and people looked at me and treated me like I was just a looser and worthless. I worked very hard to get where I am and I just wanted to tell some people that might be in the place I was (low self esteem, feeling alienated), that honestly most people don’t know what the fuck they are talking about and you can be anything you want. I always thought that you had to sacrifice your uniqueness if you wanted to be taken seriously, but as it turns out the most important thing is to take yourself seriously!

    So again I am sorry if I seemed like a prick, I honestly didn’t want to come across that way.

  19. Robin,

    I don’t think you came across as a prick at all.

    And congratulations again…

    Also, have you worn the Emmy on a gold chain around your neck yet???

  20. heheh not yet :) I was thinking about getting a custom laser pointer that shot out a picture of the Emmy. Then during dailies I could use it to critique other people’s shots :)

    I think I would get beat up if I did it for long though hahah

  21. robin, that laser pointer idea is fucking GOLD!!! I laughed heartily at that mental picture.

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