Rick Payne

I got an email from Rick Payne of his tattoos by Scotty “Flying Ace” Lowe at Shotsie’s in Wayne, NJ — he says to watch out for him on the upcoming Protect Me If You Can reality show (as in bodyguard skills; the site appears to be offline right now but it was up yesterday so I assume that’s temporary).

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  1. Why am I suddenly in the mood for sausage…. and salivating? Its like I’m Pavlov’s dog or something.

    On a more serious note, his tattoos all seem to go together rather tastefully, I wonder how much of that is because they actually go together, or how attractive he is with or without the tattoos.

  2. I don’t really find him attractive, but he pulls off large tribal pieces better than most.

  3. hahaha Jen, I looked just to see if you posted a comment. 🙂
    Not a fan of that style, but they seem to fit his physique very well.

  4. I admire his physique, and the fact that he’s got so much tattooed, but I really have grown to dislike those fake-tribal blackwork tattoos. They just aren’t original anymore, nor harken back in any way to a more ‘primitive’ culture.

    Of course, the counter argument is that our society is creating it’s own tribalism and tribal artwork. That may be the case, but I do hope we can come up with better symbolism than that.

  5. I love tribal tattoos over any other type of tattoo, but that’s just my taste. It is fascinating how people’s tastes vary on tattoos; I have never been a fan of colour in tattoos. They look great on this hot and sexy body…

  6. hahaha Janice, I figured you’d have posted 😛

    Not really digging the tattoos personally, but I will say the black tribal DOES flow with the body well.

    But ultimately bodybuilding/sculpting is Body Modification and man oh man did that boy go to town!

    *looks at his own body now* Alright I’m going to go to my room and cry now.

  7. PHWOOAAR!!!
    Now please don’t think I’m being a PC Nazi, but Jayde and co., darlings, stop being so damn heterosexist and referring to him as `God’s gift to women’. It implies that an attraction to men is naturally for women, which is crap. Try and be more inclusive in your language, acknowlede that there are as many men who’d want to fuck a hot guy as there are girls who’d rather die.

  8. I hope no guys look at this and go, “Fuck I want to have that type of body.” The amount of hours this guy spends in the gym must be brutal not to mention the diet, protien drinks and whatever else hes got helping him keep that 32″ waist and 44″ shoulders. But then I dont want to knock the guy, hes probully worked very hard to look like that and if he does it naturally *without steroids* the more power to him. Because we all know noones grows up to look like that without alot of hard work.

    #10 Im pretty sure thats a dragons head on his ribcage.

  9. wow he’s really hench. i don’t like guys with that many muscles though! nice tattoos 🙂

  10. I’d rather spend my time caressing a little (or big) Buddha belly any day, but I will recognize the hard word he’s put into his body, and that his blackwork does flow nicely with his physique.
    Nice photo.

  11. Aww man, too bad you can only really see the triabl stuff, I love scotty, he does AMAZING work above and beyond tribal.

  12. I’d fucking kill myself if I had that much tribal shit done when it was “fashionable”.

  13. Wow what a bod 🙂

    I like some of his ink, but its kinda messy. But im a symetical gal, I love things neat and tidy.

  14. I think it would look great if he just had the strong tribal work done, something about the other pieces disturbs the flow so to speak.

    He must have worked so hard to get to this stage and bloody hell, he’s done well 🙂

  15. Tribal’s not my style, but I think it suits him really well. I agree with wiggledance that the other pieces kind of ruin it for me. But that’s what happens when you start small, I s’pose.

  16. #26, There’s nothing wrong with wanting that body. And it actually doesn’t take the world to get a body like that. You can work out 6 days a week under a total of 4 hours a week to hold up a very similar stature. Guaranteed they will be very intense. But I hardly think that’s a lot of work.

    and that’s without steroids.

  17. All I can say is “DAMN”. I love tat’s & he has the body to show them off. 😉

  18. As a weight lifter myself, I’ve always wondered how this community would feel about heavily muscled guys.
    I look at it as another form of body modification. Like stretching a piercing to attain what you believe to be the perfect earlobe, this man, as well as myself enjoy increasing muscle mass to attain what we believe to be the perfect pec/bicep/thigh/etc…
    The tribal tat’s are nice. It’s tough to pull that much off, and I think he does a good job.
    (I hope to get that big one day… it’s harder than you think)

  19. oh! if he were just well cut then i wouldn’t care but the tattoos just make look so damn good!

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