Heart Shaped Cartilage Removal

Remember that heart-shaped piece of flesh preserved in plastic that I posted a couple weeks ago? Here’s the now-healed ear it came from, Helen at The Laundry in Brisbane, Australia, who had it done by Howie (LunaCobra) during his Australian tour.

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35 thoughts on “Heart Shaped Cartilage Removal

  1. that’s pretty coolm, i wasnt sure how well it would hold it’s shape, but it is quite obviously a heart :D

  2. wow, it really did work out pretty well, but, I doubt anything more intiquet would work
    very neat though

  3. I really like that. I think it’d be good to keep an update on this, as well as the cartilage that was preserved.

  4. Could someone make a heart-shaped plug/tunnel/whatever and leave it in during healing? Wouldn’t that help it heal and keep its shape (nearly) perfectly?

    Just a thought. If there are artists that can successfully punch out a heart, I’m sure there are craftsmen that can make jewelry for it.

    How about a widely accessibly way to produce custom-shaped punches and jewelry to match? Or mass-produced kits for hearts, stars, and other simple designs? It could be the next big thing…

  5. Wow. That’s healed really well. I think the last heart earpiece I saw was probably a scalpelled lobe on here a while back, and that didn’t heal in a very aesthetically-pleasing way. I’m a big fan of this mod though (:

  6. If you knew anyone into metal working or a jewler I’m sure it would be pretty simple to make a stainless steel tunnel in the shape of a heart, I think the main problem would be getting the actual cutout to match up with the jewelry

  7. i’d be really keen for something like this if there was jewellery for it… i dont think its quite the same without the definition…

  8. The procedure is done with a scalpel and then sutured. It is in no way like a dermal punch with jewelry there to help the healing.

    You would need to wear the jewelry in for quite a long time for it to heal (not to mention there would be complications because of the angles)

    The sutures are there to retain the shape. When the sutures are made it essentially keeps the shape you cut. It should not change shape at all.

    I’m sure you could have someone manufacture jewelry to fit it. But the healing would be more complicated than having it scalpelled and then sutured.

    In my opinion this is the best way; Then having jewelry made for it after. All that needs to be done is to take a mold of your ear.

  9. I was wondering when this would show up on modblog. I love how its one of those lovely subtle things that a lot of people wouldn’t notice right away, but then smile when they do.

  10. To those talking about jewelry – take a look at the artist’s website. They’ve got shiny, cookie-cutteresque pieces of jewelry with O-rings that they put into the holes to begin with. :)

  11. Jonathan S., people like you are the reason that they sell DIY piercing kits at the mall, and kids end up in the news for having absolutely horrid results and infections.
    The modified community needs 100% less commercial exploitation and more people actually doing their fucking research instead of thinking that a picture of a completed mod on the internet has suddenly made them a licensed expert.
    Just go to a shop and ask someone licensed to wield a scalpel to do it, hack.

  12. Wouldn’t this just be adorable with glass in it though?
    Although I’m not sure how well glass would work with healing, if at all…

  13. Whoa, Neurot1k, I didn’t mean that these things would be available to the public.

    I was thinking more like a nice, sterile package containing a nifty special punch and matching jewelry, sold to a qualified professional by the manufacturer.

    Anyone with a credit card can buy needles and punches from BMEshop, don’t you know? This doesn’t mean that a bunch of inexperienced non-piercers are going to order some and hurt themselves.

    If I wanted to cut down a tree in my yard, I wouldn’t buy a chainsaw from Home Depot just because it’s easily available, because I don’t know how to use it. I’d rather hire a trustworthy experienced professional with his own chainsaw to do it for me. Get it?

    Didn’t mean to enrage you. Chill out.

  14. you know, i really like how this looks. imagine the shadow it would cast! and Scott!, i’m thinking a star would be difficult to heal mostly because the pointed ends would dull out as the cartilage recovered. it would end up looking more like a five-pointed blob or a stubby starfish.

  15. um, i looked at this the other day and literally thought “oh that’s a nice colour of ink” and kept scrolling thinking that was all i was looking at! didn’t even see the hole.

    desensitizating? who knows.

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