Fame and Fortune

I got a message today about a movie that’s doing the film festivals now, about Steve Haworth‘s work. Steve makes the point in this trailer that he’s Constitutionally protected from prosecution (which may be the case, especially in Arizona, but that still has to be tested in court before it’s a definitive statement), but I wanted to remind practitioners that I strongly urge the oldschool “word of mouth referral only” method of promotion.

It should be a fascinating movie and I’m looking forward to seeing it, but every time a media product comes out into the mainstream world, I worry about what type of attention it’s going to bring, especially when it’s tightly focussed on one person’s activities. That said, at some point I guess a line is crossed where you should be able to make the case that it’s been publicly done for long enough that it’s all de facto legal until specific laws are written codifying what’s what… (BMEshop see also: MODIFY, Like a Butterfly, Dances Sacred and Profane, and the Nomad Piercing DVD; BMEnews see also: a recent extreme body modification prosecution).

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67 thoughts on “Fame and Fortune

  1. Uh oh, somehow I dont see this movie making this guy look good. I see it making more things illegal!!!! Is this an indie film or is it set for major release?

  2. It’s an indie film. I assume it will play the same circuit as Modify did and then be available on DVD.

    I’m looking forward to the movie a great deal. I think Steve’s got insightful things to say on this subject and obviously is one of the most important pioneers if not the most important from a public point of view, but the trailer’s “I dare you to charge me” message seems like playing with fire, and I would hate to see Steve have to back up the claim in court, because successful or not it would be a painful process, and as we’ve seen before, being right/wrong means very little in these cases. I would not want to see any of that happen and don’t think it would be in anyone’s best interest (not the public, not practitioners, not enthusiasts, not competitors, etc.).

  3. This looks like it’s going to be a great film, but I can already see the problems arising from this.
    ‘Look what these evil people are doing to our children, Ban them , Kill them, Burn them’.
    He’s effectivly asking for an example to be made of him.
    He has my full support.

  4. This looks interesting but I do hope it’s not as aggressively anti-establishment as the trailer would indicate. That, of course, comes from part of the establishment.

    As a modifier, one who feels a little limited by the legal issues surrounding my profession, I hope this brings things a little more out in the open. I mean, implants should be common place. Really. At the very least there should be a clearer understanding of the implications of implants rather than the limits of Steve’s own personal knowledge base. I am all for shining the light of day on the stuff we all are interested in and seeing if we can’t get some more acceptance for it.

    Of course, is it as interesting when it becomes accepted?

  5. This looks like it’ll be a very interesting film, but the trailer seems to be playing on the subject matter, suspension in particular, as being horrific and freaky. I don’t like the effect they’ve put on the happy birthday singing at the end to make it seem sinister and frightening, she was probably having a great time.

  6. Wow that trailer was seriously reminicent of a horror film trailer to me, I cant see this film reaching out to many normal people and showing them its not feaky or scary :\

  7. i agree with the above comments. The trailer has been produced in a way that screams something scary. To be honest, i think that if this sort of thing is ever to be accepted on a large scale by society, then it needs to be presenting the people involved as normal as anyone else.

    I will be buying this when it is released.

  8. I agree — the trailer definately puts an emphasis on the “horror” or “freak” factor —— which doesn’t really do much to help the perception of body modification in the general public at all.

    I’m interested in seeing the film if it should make it my way – but I worry that the discourse with which they discuss the subject is overly confrontational and sensationalized (as indicated by the trailer). And in that – could do more harm than good (not just for Steve, but for everyone with any sort of “extreme” mod)

  9. Looks to me like it may be interesting in terms of seeing more procedural footage, but it does seem to make Steve look and sound like he’s very much up his own arse (maybe you have to be in that line of work…?).

    Hopefully there’s a bit more intelligence/normality from him in the rest of the film. Less of the shock theme too please, as other people have said.

  10. I agree with the whole shock-factor perspective on the trailer. Personally, having first-hand experience with the modded world, and knowing Steve’s story, I loved it, but I know he general public will view it how others described above.

    I already can’t wait to see the release, though.

    PS; Lovin’ the new player =]

  11. i cant wait i hope i can see this on dvd or downloaded or SOMETHING it looks amazing. im just worried this is going to open up a can of worms and start causing a lot of issues within the bodymodification world because people are seeing whats being done and may not agree with it. i mean everyone has them but to be broadcasted so people see the cuttings and implants and all the things as he says that ‘cosmetic surgeons can but will not do’ coudl start controvercy over if these people should have medical lisences or something.

    it would be a shame :-(

    but on a lighter note- like i didnt want to do a suspension badly enough, this just elevated it times 100 :-)

    keep us updated on this and where we can see it!!!

  12. I think that, thats the angle they were going for.
    I personally hope to see this film. I love watching and learning about other peoples experiences and how to’s.

    Basically I have come to believe that if you think the ‘others’ outside of our family community are going to take it bad then YER I think they will. This is something different to them. Without them being encouraged and nurtured towards out culture, GOSSIP has helped them draw their own conclusions.
    I think it needs to be shown in a neutral light to help people that arent part of the idea understand.

    Just my thoughts though.
    I was lucky enough to have been able and strong enough to draw my own conclusions and find myself grow towards these activities in my own time.

  13. The strobe effect and the danger music suggest that the images should be shocking, even people seeing this who woldent normally have a negative reaction are going to pick up on that vibe. This strikes me as a choice that projects a strong negative connotation on the images presented. Odd choices for documentery. I wonder if the mood carries over nto the piece or if this is just a shock-centeric teaser.

  14. I’m definitely hoping there will be some kind of release near me, if not (and I doubt it haha) I’ll have to wait for DVD. I think in part I’m mostly interested in seeing how it plays out through the film, one of the things I loved most about Modify was that all the people in it with these “scary” mods were totally funny and relaxed people which can only do good for the community. But then again I totally get the idea of taking the fight to the establishment as it were, whatever it turns out like I wish it every success!

  15. Any idea how recent the footage is?

    i totally agree that this trailer has a very horror-movie feel to it. Which isn’t good really, seeing as a fair amount of horror movies use body mod-esque practises but present them as ‘torture’ or y’know, some wierd perversion the killer has.

  16. the video perfectly illistrates why the mainstream will never understand why we do what we do, it’s just too freakshow for them.

  17. ugh, i agree with most of the above comments. the trailer really doesn’t paint body modification in a positive light. i definitely think more people will be exposed to it, but i certainly don’t think it’ll benefit the general consensus on how body modification is perceived. i personally am very interested in watching it, but like most people said, it seems more like a horror film than a documentary on an ‘artform’.

  18. I live in Arizona and it’s the most conservative place I’ve ever lived in so far which makes me respect Steve Haworth even more for not being scared.

  19. I tend to agree with overall statement here of the trailer being a little too “scary movie” and not enough “straight shooting documentary.” Now, I’m just going by the trailer here, but it looked to me like it displayed Steve as a pretentious asshole, suspension as a fetish, and pain as the desired outcome of modification, not the mod itself. The whole “To Some, Pain is Pleasure” made it seem like we’re all in this for the pain and we need to hurt and bleed to get off.

    I’ll be interested to see this, and to see if the film itself gives off a better vibe than the trailer does.

  20. i see this leading to more corrective explanations to non-modified people.

    the whole thing made me sigh in an “uh-oh” way.

    i dunno…..part of me thinks some things are better left unknown to the general public. i mean there are thousands of us that found modification without movies (Strangeland does NOT count, damnit) and this could just open it up to more yahoos than usual.

    that being said, hopefully the movie will be a little more realistic than the trailer.

  21. I think they are definitely going for shock value and more of a horror type trailer because that is what gets people’s attention, what will make “average” people want see this if it is available to them. Maybe I am jaded because I look at modblog often, but I don’t think this is all that upsetting to non modified people like me. I have seen the “cat guy” on Discovery channel a few times along with the guy tattooed to look like a leopard, and then there is Real Sex on HBO late night with all sorts of things. People that look “normal” are often the ones who are “freaks” underneath! Once the shock value wears off, I think people (Americans anyway) don’t care about this kind of stuff unless they are right wing bible thumpers. This is the least of their problems here, I think the idea of having a black president is going to freak out the racist close minded bible belt more than this flick. So modified people, don’t worry!

  22. It is arousing a lot of questions…
    Especially because the trailer is using the same kind effects than the SAW movies serie…
    It’s a long time I saw that movie about bob flanagan and I wonder what kind of repercussions it had back then…

    now about this new movie
    I could imagine teenagers going there to see “weird and scary stuff”…
    and soon fake implants will be commercialized…
    Though on another hand, I’m not in this “keep it underground” spirit neither… let see what will happens…

  23. “Once the shock value wears off, I think people (Americans anyway) don’t care about this kind of stuff unless they are right wing bible thumpers. ”

    I dissagree. I’m Canadian, so I cannot speak for Americans. But I’ve had some INCREDIBLY strong reactions from non-religious, often liberal, mainstream people. Alot of the time it isn’t even conscious by them — but I’ve called people in my classes on their reaction to my scars many times.

    The skin works as a signifier of society. What’s socially accepted and shunned in society is often acted out through people’s reactions to and difference in skin.

    This is partially why glorifying the horror aspect of body modification has such harmful potential — because it just reinforces the modified person as a social “other” separate from mainstream, human, society.

  24. Urgh.
    I’m looking forward to this movie coming out, and I will buy it.

    But it really did put off a “scary” and “evil” feeling … I hope the movie doesn’t have that sort of vibe and perspective.

  25. the part where he talks about how a doctor could loose their liscence is just asking for trouble.

    but i really want to see it and hope i get the chance.

  26. I really want to get a copy of this film to watch it, just like MODIFY.

    However who all wants to take bets on that with more films of this type coming out, we’re going to continue to see a larger rise of unqualified individuals doing poor work and putting people at risk.

    My personal view is that either some form of alteration to the cosmetic surgical world should be done, allowing for this type of work to occur…OR it needs to continue to be as you said Shannon: “Word of mouth referral only”

    Steve’s definately a “pioneer” and has been very involved with the media in making people realize that what we do/want is ok. So if there was to be a movie made about anyone, Steve I think is a guy to have that done.

    But yeah I often wonder how we all say: “We’ll fight tooth and nail” for something, I wonder just how far “tooth and nail” is for everyone who claims that.

    I’m sure Steve will fight as much as he can, for as long as he can. But as you said courts are lengthy/costly battles and they take a SERIOUS toll

    Now I don’t think the government will go after Steve for this movie…But later down the road…They might go after ALL OF US…From Body Modification Practioners(The surgical type) right down to the average Body Piercer.

  27. #33 Dani: Why do you say that? It’s true nobody is denying it…A Doctor WOULD lose their License for performing many of the procedures Steve and others perform…Due to legal liability.

    But that in turn puts Steve and others in a hot spot, as what they are doing is practicing medicine without a license.

    So there’s problems no matter which way you slice it.

  28. I think the film looks interesting and plan on seeing it, but I do agree with everyone who says the trailer is putting all this in a negative light.
    The shots, style of editing, music, sound, ect. all give it this connotation of a horror film feel. If they wanted to make these forms of body modification a freakshow or a dangerous cult then they’re doing something right.

    I’d also like to point out that you don’t a single smiling person in the entire trailer. Isn’t it the happiness that these mods and rituals bring these people is what should be focused on?

  29. agreed that the overall musical tone gives off the vibe of “horror” but I think what puts it over is the very stoic presentation that’s being made.

    Although the whole: “Put another human on the bbq” comment was kinda funny, others won’t see it as such lol

  30. and the whole ending with the girl suspending and the fade out of the people singing happy birthday…That just OOOOOZES LionsGate Entertainment or Maple production hahaha

  31. I see a lot of negative comments, and I understand them.

    However I see this as progress. Steve was on National Geographics TABOO as well as some others.

    IAM Tiger was on Ripleys belive it or not!

    IAM Louie Sanchez akd themexicanmutant has been in several things.

    I think people WANT to see what the ‘freaks’ do….. what other people have the guts to do. It amazes and repulses people at the same time. It’s the kind of stuff you don’t want to watch but you can’t close your eyes.

    As far as Steve being ‘safe’ with the laws…. well who knows. Larry Flint had a lot of slack when he started (to say the least) but hustler is still around and if I am not mistaken we have him to thank for some tattoo magazines that get published every month.

    I can’t wait to see this, I can’t wait to see the reactions and be a part of supporting it for the modified community.

    It is a GOOD thing for anyone reading this. I don’t see ‘dermal anchors’ ever being ‘mainstream’ but who wants to go to wal-mart for a piercing.

    I can’t wait!

  32. The Scariest part of this Upcoming Horror movie is the Ever – Inflating size of Steve Hayworth’s Ego.

  33. I would love to see this film. However I too am nervous about the ramifications that will come from it. No matter how eloquently and positively you portray this type of subject matter, there will be hard-headded people who do not want to listen to reason and will just want it gone. Therefore I hope this film reaches the right people who are open-minded and see things for what they are. I don’t expect any giant public outcry against this film and its subject matter, but I do fear the small fanatical group that is strongly against the content of this film growing in its voice and reaching the mainstream media. With luck though it will just be overlooked by the close-minded people.

  34. #39 Dallas: “As far as Steve being ’safe’ with the laws…. well who knows. Larry Flint had a lot of slack when he started (to say the least) but hustler is still around and if I am not mistaken we have him to thank for some tattoo magazines that get published every month.”

    And how many of us in the industry look at these magazines and shudder/cringe/wince at MANY things displayed…As they are very watered down and lacking in true quality.

    The more watered down/dilluted the product, the lesser the quality

    None of this stuff is EVER going to be fullblown mainstream…Even if the majority of people are into tattoos and piercings. Because what many of us do to our bodies, like what is displayed in this film, in Modify,etc. It goes BEYOND the limits of where many people are willing to go.

    There’s no trying to switch it up or change it, its true. I see it on a DAILY basis with my scarification sleeve and when I discuss MANY things I’ve had done to my body.

    In our life times will the surgical modifications be acceptable and treated with unbiased and fairness? Probably not…Not unless some SERIOUS/BIG changes are to occur, both on the Governments behalf as well as those within the Industry as well.

    #41 Cere: C’mon dude…Tell us what’s on your mind…What is formulating within the mind of Cere.

    C’mon…Tell us what you REALLY think ;)

  35. To add to my statement to #39 Dallas

    Its true people WANT to see what the “freaks” are doing.

    Its like a horrible train/car wreck/accident…You don’t WANT to look but you’re compelled to lol

  36. I have a few points:

    1. The freak show will always be popular. It may as well be US making the freakshow than some clown promoting the midget in the tent for 5 bucks.

    2. Modify had some seriously strong content (IE: liposuction graphically detailed, breast augmentation, Trigger putting a fucking ball in his own cock). I didnt see any negative newsprint, I didnt read about it in the NY Times, I didnt see a story on my local TV..WHY? Because the people that are buying the DVD are US. we want to see US in that movie. Its like looking in a mirror. Like “hell yeah that is awesome” or “I want to do that next time”. The mainstream may see some of this but the vast majority of watchers will have some modification already.

    3. Steve was instrumental in developing the Arizona set of laws concerning these practices. He was involved politically at that level to writing the documents for medical and non medical use. IF more of us were as political, as accessible, as in the public as Steve is, than perhaps this issue would be resolved by US and not BY THEM…

  37. I felt like someone took a trailer from a “happy” movie about modification, and re-cut in on their older sister’s iMac to be scary and sinister.

  38. A lot of this footage was shot around 5-7 years ago. I was there during some of the shooting, and from talking to Larry and other people involved, it should be a pretty good documentary. I think that the trailer is just set up this way to draw people in and make them interested and wonder what’s going to happen.

  39. its a movie trailer. movie trailers are created to be edgy and “in your face,” to really get some excitement and emotion stirred up. what the hell would be the point of making a boring, blah trailer… would any of you remember the movie in months when it comes out on dvd? memory is tied to emotion, basic psychology and marketing knowledge.

    the whole “freak show theme” (ill just refer to it as that for simplicitys sake) is the reason most of these kids do these things, even when they are up on their soapbox claiming how they “dont care what people think about them” and they are “just doing it for themselves and not for public reactions” (just like we all -well most of us who were able to grow and evolve our lives and not get stuck in one mindset forever — did when we were kids)

    so its all about marketing.

  40. #49 took some of the words right out of my mouth.. Trailors of movies are typically set up to be controversial and attention grabbing to make more individuals desire to see the film. It’s just like in a speech or a book you have to grab someones attention, or they wont be interested in the rest of it..

    I really want to see this film.

  41. um, i think that the trailer came accross as a advertisment for some strange cult…or a “select” group of nut bars who cane themselves….which is opposite to why i love this site , especially the use of the end scene with the creepy echoing “happy bday” i truly hope the movie makes a solid atempt to show how these are just everyday cats who are just enjoying themselves…just my observations.
    also, if i was stright lace smith and saw that trailer…well id be concerned about my kids etc…and hell, alot of people are just gonna see the trailor…if its shown and used as advertising out side of the bod mod community and ahhh, im pretty sure they wont make an effort to see the full length movie, however maybe im simply judging straightlace smith in aclose minded fashiion, for which i apologise.

  42. as much as i fear body modification getting mangled in the press/mainstream, i’m pretty sure many of the things being presented in the movie will not become en vogue. atleast i hope it doesn’t become fashionable because there are going to be some fucked up people.

    i hate the trailor- like some here.not because there aren’t some great images but because the atmosphere surrounding the whole thing makes out to be more like a slasher flick than anything else.

  43. I am the filmmaker whose trailer everyone is talking about here. I should have been more sensitive than to confuse people in the body mod community with this. The movie is actually utterly different in tone from the trailer. I made the trailer just to get the attention of prospective buyers who to get them to want to see the whole thing. The trailer will never be seen on television or in theatres. I made the film very consciously in an extremely even handed way; no judgments. There’s absolutely no freak show or horror film mentality to it whatsoever. All participants speak for themselves, and the editing of their comments is designed to keep the story clear and moving in a forward direction only. I filmed this over a three year span. I’m proud to say that one of the first things that people say about this film is that it’s not remotely exploitive. But it’s also not a promotional film for Steve either. This is entirely my take on his life and times. Steve very methodically takes the viewer through his development from working with his Dad (who’s also in the film) through the development of his implants. (We see his first ones, etc.) We see many procedures up close which he’s never allowed to be seen on film before. We get to know about some of his relationships and about some of the people he’s done work on, particularly those who represent Steve’s “firsts” in terms of techniques that were new at the time. Then the film transitions into a bit of a background on suspension which includes two original Catlin drawings of the O-Kee-Pa from 1833. There is a suspension by Fakir and 4 by Stelarc who graciously and generously contributed his footage. And then we see how Fakir and Stelarc inspired the formation of Steve’s suspension group, Life Suspended. I feel that unlike other films dealing with this subject matter, it better represents for the general public clear answers to all the ‘why’ questions that people tend to ask, but without sensationalizing anything. For those who are familiar with the subject matter, they get to see stuff they may not have before, and for the general public, they can react however they want. Some are freaked out by it, while others tend to have a new appreciation for something they’ve only seen sensationalized.

    I know I’ve rambled a bit but I’m very proud of this film, and I hope that people won’t judge me by the trailer.

  44. I’m not particularly worried about the content on the whole. What I worry about is that the trailer kind of “dares” the authorities to charge someone…..

  45. #55 Shannon: I absolutely agree the trailer is a kind of “dare” display

    #46 Mitch:

    “3. Steve was instrumental in developing the Arizona set of laws concerning these practices. He was involved politically at that level to writing the documents for medical and non medical use. IF more of us were as political, as accessible, as in the public as Steve is, than perhaps this issue would be resolved by US and not BY THEM… ”

    Some of us personally feel that those laws put in place, were put in place far too early…And were simply done so on the biased views of Steve and others who had people perhaps willing to listen/follow what they say.

    Much like certain states that are newly allowing tattooing, yet require ignorant requirements to become tattoo artists.

    Don’t get me wrong the laws made, I think, are GREAT…But if you ask me they were implemented too soon.

    Its a case of what came first, the chicken or the egg?

    How can you make laws ALLOWING us to perform medical/surgical cosmetic procedures on individuals, even though none of us have proper medical schooling/training?

    There is no standardized testing/training for someone to become a Body Modification Artist/Practioner…So how can you have laws BACKING something that has no proper training?

    To me that just doesn’t make sense…Other than the fact that Steve managed to sway political parties into listening to him and believing him and even partially supporting him.

    But like I said not EVERYONE is Steve Haworth…For one Steve Haworth, there’s a good larger number of sub-par skilled individuals attempting these procedures.

  46. The quote “you are either born to suspend or you are not” suggests that these people are different from the “normal”, that they are somehow special or different, which suggests they should be treated differently from all other people – in the eyes of the law that often means “deeply disturbed individuals”, “perverts”, “violent”, “mentally ill” etc., and many people would love to see them locked up in a prison/mental facility. In my opinion, it would be better to show modded people as normal people, which they are in a sense that they are not criminals. Yes, sure, they have often been through more shit in life, which lead them down the path of rituals and extreme mods, but that’s not to say they are completely nuts. I just think that isolating these people like that will give the wrong impression to the rest of teh world, especially the folks uneducated/inexperienced in all things body mods/rituals. Hmm.

  47. #57, I think the point being made by Steve, is that he’s not a person who was made to suspend. Others are. The preview’s editing is obviously going to be different than the actual documentary.

    I’ve watched quite a bit of the shooting of this over the last six or so years, and I really think Larry Silverman is going to do a great job with it. He’s the same guy who shot my wife’s Ripley piece, and tons of other non-freakshow stuff which came out great.

    Oh, and I’m in this! Breathing fire for like a quarter second. Haha!

  48. please, let’s not be dicks about it. I don’t like to be hung by hooks and neither does 95% of the population. I don”t have a tattoo on my penis nor have I ever considered lopping off a piece of my body. I have tattoos and will never consider them the norm. So don’t think that you’re special. We’re all freaks looking for attention. Go get a Jolly Roger on your arm, or maybe a star

  49. Trailers are about creating hype and advertising a film to a certain type of audience. The modified community is a built-in audience (many of us know Haworth’s name and would be interested in seeing a film involving modifications), so this trailer is serving the purpose of marketing the film to other audiences–not us. While we may not agree with the tone it sets, the shock value is likely to attract a wider audience. We just have to hope the subject matter is presented well in the film itself. ;)

  50. this looks like an awesome movie, and i think the horror sence that everyones getting is just the suspence thats trying to be built up for the video, i didnt get a horror sence to it, tho at the same time i can understand alot of people seeing that cuz theres people screaming n getting cut open. things really go down like that, tho some, not all, practitioners use anistetics, so thats still not entirely true.

    as far as him pushing for someone to come after him…. atleast hes calling them out rather than him having them kick in his front door to lock him up for having a family pic n being held in prison for years. its sad to loose a big pioneer, but with this going out, it could definatly pull some attention to the rest of the world.

    #58 its true that people r ment to hang or not, doesnt mean theyre any special, everyones pain tollerance is different, everyone heals differently… take into considering that not everyones skin streaches the same. i was told i had awesome skin for hanging, and it was always a breaze for me. tho id talked to other and have seen others struggle tremendously doing just a pull. hooks arent for everyone. its just a matter of accepting what ur anatomy allows u todo

  51. I’m really not ready for another video that portrays the modified culture as a radical, deviant, pain-loving (just me personally, not speaking for everyone :)) band of rude individuals.
    I don’t want to alienate anyone who is friends with, looks up to, or was in the film “Modified”, but I was disgusted with at least 50% of the comments made. (Please do not confuse this for disgust or disapproval of those interviewed, just some of the broad comments that were meant to represent our entire community.)

    If there was a way we could get a neutral, informative, and open concensus of a larger number of people, I feel that the end result would represent us much better.

  52. OK, he’s probably a nice guy and very good at what he does, but that “I’m an artist, flesh is my medium” stuff really comes across as corny and pretentious. “I’ll fight them tooth and nail… I’m an artist.” It really sounds like the person he’s trying to convince is himself. It also vaguely sounds like he *wants* someone to come after him for what he’s doing, as a kind of validation that he’s “really out there” and “on the cutting edge” (so to speak). I smell the acrid stench of fame-seeker in those kinds of statements.

    Someone confident and grounded in what they do doesn’t talk like that, much less make a huge show of what they’re doing complete with oblique threats about “fighting tooth and nail”.

  53. A good informative piece covers a lot of issues. Some of the more important issues attached to extreme body modification include the legal repercussions, and what the practitioner would do about it.

    I think it’s extremely interesting viewing to see/hear what someone in Steve’s position feels and says about said issue.
    And who could blame him for wanting to fight it? Doi. Just because Steve’s not playing gimp to Uncle Sam the bear, doesn’t mean he’s pretentious or daring the government to come after him.

    As for him being corny…
    Wellll, he just is sometimes.

    …and once again, it’s a case of the trailer trying to suck is in. Which it has succeeded at marvelously.

  54. Well, the movie has been playing around the world on select television networks willing to show it (but not in the U.S.), and it’s finally available on DVD.

    I’m the filmmaker, and if you ever get a chance to see it, I’d love to know what you think about it.

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