Personally I prefer maggots to toilets…

…but if you’ve seen how messy my bathroom is, you’d understand. Subtract the toilet and I’d love the picture. Meredith writes me,

"Hi Shannon — I'm catching up on ModBlog and I came across your "I'm not sure how I feel about toilet shots" comment (on the c'est la vie foot tattoo). So I figured I'd help you analyze those thoughts a little further with another toilet shot."

Photo of Etoile by Janet Ryan, tattoo by Mick Michieli-Beasley, Dragon Moon, Glen Burnie, MD.

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42 thoughts on “Personally I prefer maggots to toilets…

  1. yea, ill have to disagree shannon. toilet shots are the light of my life. please give us all you can stand of them. for me at least. going to the bathroom is natural!

  2. I think there is something especially attractive about toilet shots. Maybe it is the vulnerability in them. Maybe the golden shower factor, who knows.

  3. i still can’t tell how i feel about them either, though i’m pretty sure i’ve got a toilet shot of myself somewhere.

  4. Nice, clean, maggotless, and amazing composition, coupled along with amazing body, A+

  5. The toilet doesn’t bother me because sometimes its the only place I can go for some quiet reading *nods*

    And she’s very prety :)

  6. If she sits like that, she will pee all over the seat. Or is it just me that can’t pee with my legs open :p

  7. I like the way shes sitting, cute look on her face too. As for the toilet shot thing I could take it or leave it, it’s not the toilet I’m concerned with.

  8. i dont know…a picture of a girl peeing is kinda hot, but if she was making a doo-doo id probably throw up.

  9. For people who don’t like toilet shots, do you think it would be better if the toilet lid were down and she were sitting on That instead? Like if you took the possible pissing factor out of it if the picture would become more attractive? Just curious.

  10. 32. Yes.

    I’m probably the only person who doesn’t know…
    what the fuck is an f hole?

  11. Dear god she’s hot…

    33) f-hole is the shape in the body of a violin and cello, the shape she has tattooed on her back.

  12. 33) a f-hole is the resonance/sound opening in string instruments, mainly of the violin and viol families.

  13. im gunna take this opportunity to suggest that not only there be more toilet shots on modblog… but also that there be a section in bme/hard that is devoted to women pissing and shitting. not scat or anything personaly. i just like watching them going.

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