24 thoughts on “Very Nice Large Blackwork Tattoo

  1. Amazing, I wish there was info on it. How many hours, artist, ect. But this is a very beautiful piece, the black is very consistant unlike alot of black work I see.

  2. i love blackwork and most definitely if it’s done properly, this looks really wicked.

  3. this is awesome! even so whenever i see a big blackwork tattoo i think “coverup” right away :B

  4. i love big solid blackwork. i just started my arm. can’t wait to get it finished!!!

  5. Possibly the only solid blackwork that I’ve really loved

    I don’t know how you didn’t link to this either!

  6. I guess the majority here is the black is solid…. but it is great when it is this solid for sure.

    But I like the contrast of that and the naked skin on the other side.

    And the design work is not bad.

  7. I have never before seen a solid blackwork piece that I like this much, very smooth.

  8. It’s so smooth it looks painted…

    I wonder if it will heal uniform like that or fade more in some places over time?
    I’m digging the ‘cut out’ negative designs too.
    The line quality is just intense.

  9. Super! Has that just been done? Because it is very very black. It looks a lot blacker than most I’ve seen, is it just the pictures?

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