Medicine chest

I didn’t ask Jesse if he popped any pills before his chest suspension..

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If you really need to know try asking Andrew (the editor of this video/slideshow), his wife or Kaitlin who are also featured.

9 thoughts on “Medicine chest

  1. Chest suspensions look SO painful! I can imagine myself doing the “knelbow” suspension posted before, but chest suspensions just look like unbearable agony!
    Well done to that guy! And his mods suit him so well

  2. He seemed to enjoy that a lot :P. I think they should have done Spiderman this way….hahah :] [the whole wall part]

  3. rawr… i don’t think i could do that… back-skin is one thing but the skin on your chest is really thin.

    whatever floats your boat ^_^


  4. haha sorry my boobs are featured in this a few times.. no jesse wasnt on anything. he hang for a good while and only tore a tiny bit from one side, my back actually bled alot more then his chest did

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