Squishy Squishy

From the FK bonus gallery, aka The Indestructible Man:

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24 thoughts on “Squishy Squishy

  1. lol
    this guy is so awesome.
    just makes me laugh out loud.
    thats an awesome picture

  2. Sqqquuuuiiiissshhhh. That’s curious indeed.

    Makes me wish I could see the rest of the FK bonus gallery, bah! Damn college and this po’ ness.

  3. in response to #4: I think it would illicit at least a mild immune response as it is foreign matter inside the body. This guy obviously has the most immense immune system, so his body would certainly deal with it – the immune response might cause some irritation to the surrounding tissue during the break down process, but eventually all the breakdown products would enter the lymph system, and thence the bowel and be discarded.
    Theoretically so long as the penetration of the body cavity didn’t introduce any pathogenic matter the immune response would be minimal – simply a case of lymphocytes attacking the semen and breaking it down into its composite amino acids.
    Hope that answers your question to some degree? It’s always nice when years and years and *years* of biology come to the for and are actually vaguely interesting and useful at the same time :)

  4. I can’t even get over the mind block that doesn’t allow me to see what he is putting his finger into…

  5. I shall call you squishy and you shall be mine and you shall be my squishy.

    Posted by lilish on March 27th, 2007 at 10:09 pm
    What is that from??? GAHHH

    oh and it looks like he’s fingering his nipple to me..weird I know but yea

  6. Yay Finding Nemo!

    I would love to palpate my insides like that (in a non-sexual way) and be able to be that close to my organs and tissues.

  7. Finding Nemo stole it from Bugs Bunny.

    My mind can’t wrap around this one, and coming from someone born male about to use their penis as doner material for a new vagina, that’s saying something. x.x

  8. Shit son… I’ve always wanted to touch my own beating heart… I wonder if one day it would be possible…

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