It’s alright, I’m a Jedi

Sinister sends in this shot of Zack Nigel’s Rebel Alliance palm branding, done by Matt Bruce while stationed at The Rebel Base at Yavin in Edmonton, Alberta (a part of Canada more regularly confused with Hoth). According to Zack, his fifteen minutes of having his palm branded was definitely more painful that his nine hours of head tattoos.

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20 thoughts on “It’s alright, I’m a Jedi

  1. That’s a beautiful branding, but won’t it affect opening and closing his hand once it scars?

  2. Pps: This is what i see everytime i go to Strange City.

    “these are not the tribal you’re looking for…”

    Ppps: It’s weird how you cant see any of his tattoos.

  3. Is it just me being a dork or wouldn’t this be an awesome way to pick up girls? It’s got that whole rebel hero thing going on.

  4. i guess it depends what kind of girls youre trying to pick up lilish, at a sci fi convention im sure he’d get all the babes lol

  5. when my sister was 6, she got at the push-in cigarette lighter in my car. (i dont know what she was thinking, as i was in the store), but she pushed it into the palm of her hand. 6 years later, she still has the circular scars. i think its sort of neat looking.

  6. I’m sorry, but… On his hand? The palm of his hand? I can get the WHY he did it, y’know. But. There’s that whole ‘I think I might want to use this hand in the future WITHOUT issues opening and closing it’ thing. It’s nicely formed brand, but the hand? Come on now.

  7. hahah!
    thats awesome, but its sad you cant see his awesome starwars sleeves to complete the theme!

  8. sweet branding, i want a cluster of stars burned into my hip…and sorry but zach is hot.

  9. That’s pretty sweet. Can’t wait to see it when it’s healed! Would a brand like that leave a smooth, white scar?

  10. i am SOOO jealous. im really looking forward to seeing how it heals.
    also, i dont think the scars would limit mobility noticably. i have the top of my hand branded and i really have to flex both hands at the same time and think about it to notice the scar pulling in the slightest

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