Ear Tattooing

Cia recently had this tattoo done on her ear by her coworker Jrgen at Pistolero Tattoo & Piercing in Boras, Sweden. The photo on the left is fresh, and on the right it’s healed.

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31 thoughts on “Ear Tattooing

  1. At first, it looked like an alien..and now, it looks like a mutilated baby. HAHA

  2. yea i thought it was some kind of alien thing. it has faded quite a lot i’m not really keen on the look of it now its healed, but its quite different and cool at the same time!

  3. This is a good example of how much some areas fade. I have to admit I sort of like the faded look. It makes me think of a pencil sketch.

  4. Is it meant to be a snake? If so, that’s a really cool idea! I love the way it looks fresh. A bit of a touchup would probably help.

  5. It doesn’t really look like the same ear, but the photos are both taken from a different angle, so you’re getting a different perspective of the same tattoo, making it look different.

  6. i feel like i enjoy the unhealed version more? but again that could also be becasue its at a different angle…although the darker black is more appealing to me

  7. Thanks for posting an after healing photo, Shannon. I’ve seen a lot of questions of ear tattooing floating around, and I think this shows a good example of how they can fade. I don’t think the healed looks bad at all, it actually looks more creepy to me. Cool. :)

  8. you all are right about the difference in perspective due to the angle…I think part of it is also because the ear is quite swollen in the “before” image.

  9. #12 – I noticed too, but i dont think they are blackheads… some ink spray, maybe?

  10. i thought they were blackheads too – that’s the first thing i noticed :S

  11. My two penneth. I have ear cartilage tattoos (tragus up onto helix) I got them hand-pushed. Lines are as crisp as the day they were done with no fading what so ever and no touch-ups required. Including the parts filled with coloured (as opposed to just black) ink.
    So yeah, get your wallet out and get your lug’oles hand-poked :)

  12. Why is there always someone who bitches about blackheads? Good grief. Everyone has ‘em, it’s a fact of skin and life, and of course you’re going to see pores and whatnot more closely in a macro shot.

  13. reminds me of my feet. The tattoos are horribly faded and more gray than black, and I really need to get them touched up once I have the money. Overall, I like the ear tattoo though. And I agree with #21, people should really quit bitching about blackheads.

    But I do want to know what it is too. New looks like an alien, healed does look like the Donnie Darko rabbit, but can’t be sure….

  14. #18… I was studing dermatology.. Until i realized it freaks me out too much. and it dosen’t look like ink.. #21 & 22-no one is bitching we are observing like everyone else does but just in our own way. But think abt it. Your bitching abt us too. Can we complain on that?

  15. I think ear tattooing’s quality must depend on the person’s body chemistry. A woman I know had a bird of paradise on her left ear and it turned into a giant blue smear, completely unrecognizable as a tattoo. When I first met her I informed her she had blue chalk or something on her ear, not realizing it was embedded ink. I always felt kind of bad for her on this, as it was so blatant and so messy.

  16. i just realized how much more comfortable i am looking at a pierced ear than an unpierced ear, or piercings lacking jewelry.

  17. It looks like a ghost to me… hahaha… a strange one.
    But… I like it! :)

  18. Hi!
    I just wanted to share these pics since you can be aware of how it actually fades in the ear… Of course I’m getting a touchup, but I think it will fade again since there is mostly shades.
    It’s ink in my ear btw;) haha

  19. love the tattoo it looks so good on the ear and it is so a mazing that tattoo artists can tattoo your ear as it must be one of the hardest places too tattoo i all so like the placement of the tattoo on the ear and it covers a good bit of the ear

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