9 thoughts on “Pulling with Jay Berezuk

  1. Jay is a very close friend of mine. He would be stoked to see his photos on modblog. This year before he passed was the happiest of his life, with his pullings and his first suspension in his birthday being some of the highlights.
    Its a beautiful photo.

  2. yay for beautiful people doing beautiful things in beautiful places. and yay for the people taking beautiful photos of it.

  3. Awesome use for a pulling. Lookin’ over the edge. He’s putting a lot of trust in what/who he’s anchored to, and it’s inspiring. Gorgeous setting.

  4. Wow, I actually wasn’t even aware that this picture that I submitted got posted here until I did a google search for Jay.

    Needless to say, all the comments are very much appreciated, and I’m sure Jay would appreciate them as well. Credit for the photo goes to my wonderful girlfriend Melissa. And with regards to comment #8, you’re 100% correct, and I don’t think there is anyone in the world that I would have trusted to be my anchor more than Jay. I am privileged to have done my first pulling with him (his first pull as well) and to have had it occur in such a secluded place where we were as connected to our surroundings as we were to each other.

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