41 thoughts on “Monster Energy Drink Logo Tattoo

  1. drinking the green ones is asking for it I think there is close to 60 grams of sugar in one can, I go for the blues they don’t give me the shakes, I don’t think I’de get the logo tattooed on me but hey

  2. why anyone would ever want a product logo tattooed on them is beyond me… from now on he’d better be getting a salary from monster’s ad department for all the free publicity. or at least a lifetime supply.

  3. Personally I go for Lost… Energy drink, it’s delicious and has a can that is enough to distract even the most attention deprived person.

  4. i’m a fan of the sobe no fear 24 karat gold energy drink

    also, there’s an arizona green tea energy drink that’s suprisingly good too

  5. Monster is my energy drink of choice, however they sell more varieties of Monster in the USA than Canada because of our laws

  6. Personally I think this would make a badass scarification piece. A tattoo, not so interesting.

    Man how weird is it that I think scarification is normal and tattoos are boring. A year ago I’d never even heard of scarification.

  7. I more or less got the tattoo for the shock factor of it. I love Monster and I drink it daily; and FYI I’m a girl, not a guy. My left arm will be a sleeve within the next 2 years, and this is only the start. Thanks for the comments… and whether or not you like it- I love it!

  8. Ha, I drink wired X344, twice as much caffine as a monster, if you’re gonna drink that energy drink shit might as well go all out.

  9. Personally I’m in love with SPIKE Shooter, apparently they only have it in Colorado and Southern Cali right now, but it should definitely spread soon. There’s three gov’t warning labels on the can and it’s restricted to 18+ purchases. You’re not supposed to drink more than two cans in a day, at least 6 hours apart, or you’ll have heart palpitations.

    A whole bunch of middle-school/junior-high kids recently chugged a couple and ended up hospitalised. It was on a couple news sites, haha.

  10. The question is: did this person want to recognize the specific drink, or wanted “claw rips” and brought in a can and said “I want these” without caring?

  11. my nickname is monster.
    so I think it’s kinda neat.

    it’s well done too, the colours are intense.

  12. not a big fan of logo tattoos… and i’ll take good ol’ hot green tea over energy drinks any day.

  13. energy drinks…how can anyone drink that shit?
    give me a dew and im set.

    but id never get a logo tattooed on me. what if some day you hated monster energy drinks? then your fucked.

  14. There was this one night that Levi Jones and I drank up about 2 dozen cans of these wacky Chinese imported energy drinks before realizing they had something called “nicotinomide” in them.

    We had a hotel room in our hometown for some reason too. I can’t remember why. Sometimes you just have to gak out on nicotinomide on pressed sheets, I guess.

  15. and after a quick google, I just realized, it’s only niacin, and not some awesome addicting nicotine product.


  16. i RECENTALLY SWITCHED Back to monster from rock star considering yeea bla bla blaa . Its kind of hard getting the whole energy drink use down to a science but I have. I’d tell ya’ll but I’d rather ya’ll figure it out for yourselves . There is a way to get the same effect every day without building a huge tollerence. You need to switch brands every 3 days and drink 1 juiced 1 and 3 day of cycle.That is on a 2 can a day usage, or just get whatever is 2 for 3 dollars at your local circle k.

  17. wow, this is a great tattoo, but i would have gotten the blue one, cause it has less carbs, but both logos are awesome… you kick ass for gettin this tatt, i was drinking a monster today, I tried the java one, its the best ever. and i thought about the tattoo and how cool it would be…


  18. Thanks for all the comments/suggestions, I definitely appreciated them.
    To the people who mocked me… in particular – Max Brand – FUCK YOU, I don’t judge you and I didn’t ask you to judge me…*UPDATE* I now have the funds for the sleeve… so yes, I will be getting one within the next 3 months. Man, I dispise haters.

  19. Dude thats awesome i would like to get the same thing on my back but its too expensive but anyway sweet tat

  20. Why do you care? It’s not on you. I’m sure she isn’t getting tattoos, so that they can meet your approval. I think the Tat is awesome.

  21. I’ve seen a lot of tattoos, weird ones, cool ones, bad ass ones some that make you blush and I even have some of the coolest work done myself HOWEVER, I can not for the life of me understand why someone would get a “product logo” tattooed on their person! I just can’t. As I said, I’m a tattoo enthusiast, I have several wonderful pieces of work but good gravy man, this person must really, I mean really like that drink. Ugh! I love me some Diet Pepsi myself but I damned sure aint about to get it tattooed on my body!

  22. you just made me realize how good it looks on the skin, i am in full support of logo tattoos, if it means something to you, fuckin get it, youre a friggin’ bad ass, GETCHA PULL and unleash the beast!

  23. and to all those cockheads bagging this guy out for gettin a logo tattoo ‘cough’ short for fuck off and leave him alone its his decision and he obviously likes it so good on him

  24. Im going to get a huge monster logo tattoo on my back that will cover it. I love it!!!!!

  25. That is awesome I recently got my Monster Tattoo. I love it. Did Monster offer to pay you?

  26. i just turned 18 and i wanna get this one!! I LOVE MONSTER SO MUCH!!! but idk how much it would cost could u tell me

  27. Skin art is skin art. Don’t knock it.. Nothing wrong with getting a monster tattoo. Simply if you don’t like someone’s ink don’t look at it.

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