Infinity brand

This large electrocautery brand is freshly done in this photo, by Shawn O’Hare at Fillmore Tattoo and Piercing in Fillmore, CA. Visually I love the placement, but depending on the way she scars it might be hard to get it to heal evenly… (Note for the not-sharp-eyed: check out the microdermals too!).

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35 thoughts on “Infinity brand

  1. that’s totally going to suck healing, but it looks sooo beautiful now. definitely great placement for now! it’d be great to see some shots of it during the healing process!

  2. Oh man, crossing the joint seems to me to be unwise. I’m not the biggest fan of branding and scarring as it is, but the practical implications of crossing over the acromioclavicular joint are significant. There’s lots of mobility in multiple planes and it’s going to tend to rip and scar and contract in unpredictable ways. That and looking again, it extends up onto the neck pretty far too. Scars crossing joints are generally bad because of the mobility issues involved making them much harder to predict and likely to keloid.

    I’d think that one would want their branding to scar evenly and doing it this way reduces the odds of an even appearance significantly.

  3. I agree with you mod doctor, but on top of the healing issues stemming from the desired aesthetic results, there is also an issue of mobility after healing. Since it might keloid over those joints it will make mobility in those areas a bitch and may even make mobility impossible and very uncomfortable. It looks great fresh though and I hope it heals well.

  4. It does look awesome and I’m sure it will look even better healed, at first thought I was only thinking of asthetics and with a bra strap ontop of the actuall brand it might not scar as well in those areas but after reading moddoctors post I’m thinking there might be more significant problems aside from asthetics, I hope not though just thinking about the last large keloid removal posted on here I’de hate to see another one.

  5. yea i don’t think it’s even. and the downward stroke of the infinity is much skinnier than the res tof it .. :-/

    but nonetheless, it’s pretty. lol

  6. I love it. It is going to be a bitch to heal, as mentioned many times, but that adds to the allure and beauty of the modification.

  7. Holy wow, that’s my hometown! I moved away 5 years ago with my job, but while I was there i don’t remember it being very open-minded. I’m very glad the shop is open, and I wish them well. Definitely stopping there on my next trip home!

  8. Thanks 4 the comments, i will post healed pics as soon as i see her(she moved, but should visit in a few months) yeah!
    It’s not symectrical or even, but it isn’t supposed to be:)

  9. i am sorry, but the scar looks like bacon to me…ahrrr, this must have hurt so bad. i don’t like it, idk. the way the scar looks is just giving me chills.

  10. ouchie. thats going to be a bitch to heal. it’ll look awesome though, if it heals well.

  11. owww. it goes right over where her neck bends. if it keloids really big then she won’t be able to move properly! still, from an aesthetic point of view i really like how it looks.

  12. also, it might just be my eyes messing with me, but it looks like she has previous scarification work underneath her clavicles. that might explain the unevenness of the infinity sign, as it covers up the older scars.

  13. ouch! I want to see it healed, but I hope that she doesn’t lose alot of the mobility!

  14. Oh man, that’s going to be a bitch when he heals movement wise, if it heals evenly :\
    I send lots of luck. Cool idea, though…

  15. oh gawd – that looks so unpleasant – i don’t know anatomy as much as those two posters above, but it just seems like a poor idea to get branding over places that have such a broad range of movement…

  16. #25, if you look at her other side it looks like she had some clavicle surface piercings so I’m guessing those are the scars you are seeing underneath the intentional one.

  17. I seriously love your comments..I really want to know how many of you have had laser/electro cauterary branding done before you made your “medical” opinions known about healing and how much it sucks. I have had 7 sittings for laser branding and it does suck BUT the healing over my knee joint WAS NOT more painful than over my thigh. They all fucking hurt. My brands have healed completely even AND they are my entire right side body..if you have some laser brands (NOT thermal) and are then making comments hey thats fine, but otherwise you have no fucking idea.

  18. I’m curious to know if the scar ended up to be keloidal after it healed I have 3 Brands shoulder forearm and top of foot very big and all but the foot became a keloid scar

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