Another tricky tribal tattoo

My old friend Thor at Yonge Street Tattoos in Toronto did this almost airbrushed looking blue, white, and black-fade tribal piece. This photo was taken two days after he did it.

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30 thoughts on “Another tricky tribal tattoo

  1. Generally not a fan of tribal tattoos, but this one is very nicely done. I’m impressed.

  2. I’d go with #1. This is probably my favorite tribal that I’ve seen. I haven’t seen too many blue, let alone with a great fade like this.

  3. Well, apart from PHWOOOAAAAAAR, I really like the way I can’t tell where the tatt starts and finishes; the white connecting the front from the back is just on the edge of visibility.

  4. I.. haven’t ever really been a fan of tribal work

    I need something like this. It’s amazing.

  5. that is a very nice tattoo – i assume it’s fresh – and if the wearer is reading this….send in a healed photo as well! i am curious to see what it will look like….

  6. I always thought certain tribal on some people looked good[big pieces, not just small little armband] I’m really liking this mainly because of the color and the way it jumps out at me[and the fact it does look painted on in certain parts] very niiiiceee

  7. Thor’s a beast! Love his artwork! :D

    Still remember my first time meeting him at my old apartment building hahaha

  8. It’s amazing to see how just changing the color of something as common as a tribal piece makes it pop and look completely different. It looks so sexy and fits him very well. The colors make it look painted on, wicked!

  9. This is beautiful. I second the request for healed picture. And feel the sudden need to add something to my — sadly — black tribals.

  10. This is so beautiful. I’m not usually a fan of this style of tribal, but the colors [particularly the fades] are just amazing.

  11. i’m not a huge fan of tribals, but that’s gorgeous! The boy is lovely too! ;-) And is that also some white ink work done on his ribs? It looks like kanji…

  12. i guess no one thats commented on this is from texas, thats a UT beltbuckle, nice!

  13. the color work is amazing, however at the end of the day it is still tribal. i would love to see more of the Thors work. if he can do that with trible im sure his other art work is amazing

  14. Hah, this is my massage therapist! I saw the rib part when it was healed, the blending wasn’t that great and the white had faded. But the finished peice now looks much better, though I am curious to see how that white holds up.

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