Loose Heart Cuttings

Maggie had these hearts cut for her by (obviously, since it’s signed) Howie (Luna Cobra). When I say “loose” I mean the design’s big loose strokes, which I think will leave a nice organic shape in the end… so you won’t quite know whether it’s an intentional heart scar, or if it’s whipmarks that just happen to have healed that way…

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25 thoughts on “Loose Heart Cuttings

  1. it thought it said “owie” at first, hahahha. and that tilted outlet is making me angry!

  2. good lord….why did you have to point out that outlet?


    Oh, and the heart is adorable ^___^. I want to see when it’s healed. Never seen a cutting done this loosely.

    Love it!

  3. Nicely done. I agree, I think it will leave a really different overall look.

    Personally, however, I would prefer more detail in such a large piece.

    Btw Howie. You can write ur name on me in blood ANYDAY (or pick ur bodily fluid for that matter).

  4. looks so cute, love the little one above it on the shoulder, should look sweet when its healed

  5. I’m interested to see how it heals…. with such a large scar I wonder if it’s going to heal evenly across the whole piece – considering the body moves in different ways across the back.

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