Penectomy Edgeplay

To me, castration edgeplay and penectomy edgeplay is sort of the same death-wish thrill (at least in appearance) that you see in some of the crazy solo apnea/breathhold videos — it plays on a very, very fine line that if you cross it, your life will never, ever be the same again (but as you can see, there are many healed scars as well as the fresh injuries in the photos). In any case, I guess you could say the same thing about rockclimbing in terms of risky play that people find fulfilling.

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43 thoughts on “Penectomy Edgeplay

  1. This…. I’ll never understand. But to each his/her/it’s own.

    Reminds me of the Mickey Avalon song “My Dick”

  2. jesus! that’s… i mean. how would you know how far is too far? i don’t understand this idea of “edge play”.. if i want something gone, i’ll take it off. if i’d like to keep it, i don’t fuck around with it.. i guess it’s that simple for me. not to say i don’t find it interesting :)

  3. The rush that it must feel to almost lose your limb (of course I mean VOLUNTARY)… must be out of this world.

  4. If I lost my penis, I’d probably kill myself. He’s my best friend. He’s also my girlfriend’s best friend.

  5. Some times things like this completely turn me on. but if he sneezes, its allll over. thats scary.

  6. This is too far for me. Fascinating, but way too risky.

    Messing with fingers would seem more like the ting to do. There are 10 of those little bastards, but only one dick!

  7. Er….something went wrong with my previous comment. I *was* trying to say it reminded me of the song “Detachable Penis” by King Missile.

  8. I think #3 has it right. And cameron (#6), why do you think he doesn’t love his dick?

  9. i broke my ankle rockclimbing (bouldering, actually)…now i’m terrified of it (i’m also mostly afeared of heights, as well), but I am going to be making my first foray back into the rock gym soon…i wonder if the terror and anticipation are some small semblance of what penectomy edgeplay feels like

  10. And the only thing i can think of is “damn, that dude has an ugly penis”.

  11. That looked like a really decent cock before he took sharp things to it. :(

  12. Just because someone is interested in penectomy edge play doesn’t mean they don’t love their penis…

  13. Looking at all the scars on his penis makes me wonder just how many times he’s abused himself.

  14. The thing I think I’d be most worried about would be if it got infected after while healing, I guess it would be bye bye penis if that happened. You’d have a job explaining that at the hospital lol.

    But I can see the thrill, its like someone else commented comparing into rock climbing in the sense that one wrong slip and thats it. However I’m scared of rock climbing so..;)

  15. one wrong slip _anywhere_ and that’s it. I know someone who’s mom slipped in the kitchen and died from hitting her head on the counter.
    That said, this looks like it’d take your breath away.

  16. amazing. i can’t even begin to imagine what that would feel like,,, the adrenaline alone would be ,,,,,,,,,,,

  17. hahaha it reminds me of “der canibale von rothenburg” that i was watching yesterday! very vivid scenes during breakfast, yuck!but very fascinating!

  18. I’m sure there this guy has a video on BMEvideo…my local piercing studio started ‘accidentally’ playing while everyone stood round in horror while I laughed – I was the only chick in the place :P

  19. The thing that surprises me the most is that I don’t see a turnacate of any type. And the lack of great amounts of blood.

  20. Outstanding pictures. I would like to have seen moor of the ritual by stripping nakid (perhaps even pubic shaving) then ‘The Cut’. Nevertheless, very exiting and self inducing.

  21. what do you mean edgeplay? in the last picture the scisors close, implying he’s gone right through, meaning he cut it off. or am i just seeing it that way?

  22. Wow.
    I ADORE that series of pictures.
    I have seen very few men who will take this idea from their mind to the blade of a pair of scissors or a knife.
    Is this something which you would only do yourself? Or would you involve someone else into this at any point?

  23. I love edge play and I like to cut my cock. I have lots of scars on it and want many more. Sometimes I get so hot thinking of cutting it off that I am afraid that eventually I will end up cutting the whole cock off. Im gonna double band it with two latex bands, one so I wont bleed and the other so I can suck on my severed hard cock. I’ll cut in between the bands. I tie my cock up a lot so that it gets numb and I get to feel what its like to have no penis. check out my cock

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