(anarkhos, seen previously defying gravity).

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43 thoughts on “LOUD PROUD & PUNK

  1. i love the dubious look mr. mohawk is giving the tattooed… and mr. loud and proud is laughing like he is just too punk to give a damn…

  2. what is it with punk kids and ICP? That’s one piece of cultural curiosity i’ll never get over.

  3. There is nothing punk about ICP. I dont care how many studs are on your jacket.

  4. I really don’t like that mohawk. Looks very… sloppy?

    The one with the chaos sign tattoo looks very happy :)

  5. I would kindly request we stop knocking my friend over what tee-shirt he’s wearing. He listens to a vary wide range of music, but I don’t think that makes him any less “punk”. He listens to punk music, is active in the punk scene and basicly belives and pratices many “punk” ideologies. In defence of his mohawk he had probibly been sleeping on if for about a week. That guy is a filthy smelly fuck who could give a shit less about what exactly he’s wearing and thats one of my favoret things about him. He doesn’t let silly fashon faux pas dictate what he chooses for his own reasons to like. We’re not in high school any more lets leave that high school drama there.

  6. Whoop whoop for the ICP shirt.

    And a tripple whooop whooop for that amazing facial expression on Anarkhos. I think it basically says it all.

  7. Jon and Chase rock you cock, hands down half the people I know flip us shit about being “ICP punks” but you know what, anyday of the week I would choose Jon to be at my side over any of you ignorant fucks

  8. fuck juggalos. thank satan for them at the same time though. thier species is the only one who bathes less than gutter punks and metal heads so they make us look better.

  9. HAHAHA I LOVE this pic!

    We’ve got Mr.Mohawk-Studded Jacket-Giant Headphones-I Try To Hard is shitting his pants because he just realized everything he thought he knew about punk is wrong.

  10. #18 Jay – What an incredibly ignorant comment. Punk has nothing to do with the way you look. Having headphones and studs on your jacket can be as punk as having a torn up suit or even a ballgown. Punk is about the politics of boredom and having a DIY ethic and not about looking a specific way

    Claiming someone isn’t a punk because they don’t look the part is laugh out loud ridiculous.

  11. geez…I dont believe people in THIS blog are harassing someone for the way they look…..

    #17 – Giles, ICP stands for Insane Clown Posse

  12. hey…I only found this cause These guys posted this blog on myspace to show how dumb and superfical some people can be and Im not much of a punk, but it was my understanding that caring about how you or someone else looks is counter…well everything ive been informed about punk. I figured you just dressed a way you did to identify with people who have similar taste and intrests, not to compete. silly me.

  13. Seriously, most of you people are fucking ridiculous.

    You’re making fun of this dude for not “dressing like a real punk”? First of all, to repeat what surprisingly few have said, the idea that there is a punk “dress code” is contradictory as hell.

    Also, members of community who strongly preaches not judging people on their looks are making fun of him? Practice what you preach, you fucking hypocrites

  14. Punk died in 1979 and is buried (or scattered about Heathrow if you choose to believe it) with Sid Viscious.

  15. To #18 “Big” Headphones meen “Big” Music and music is a “Big” part of punk. Punks come from many social classes, Rich or poor. Punk ismt syle its attitude. Am I less punk because I listen to non-punk music? Am I less punk because I don’t look like every other punk? No I AM AN INDIVUDUAL. So FUCK OFF!

  16. Meh, I stand by my comment,

    I see some one looking the part, and some one living the part. Regardless of how these people are in their day to day lives this is how I interpret the pic. I’m not gonna get into a debate of “what’s punk” and what’s not.

    Punks not dead, it just deserves to die

  17. jay, what makes you think the mohawk guy isn’t living the part? Because of how he looks? pffffffffffffffffffffffffft to that

  18. Is punk still going, it just looks really dated to me.
    Time to get a new look boyz.

  19. ************* Shannon************************
    Help please why can I no longer post a comment without moderation. I have tried a diff nick.
    Any ideas please?

  20. Oh please. While I agree that you can’t form judgment base solely upon appearance the theme of the photo does clearly lean towards the “I’m better than you” arguments – regardless of any other intention.
    HOWEVER, I hope the :-P at the end of the KKK comment is indicating that its suppose to be a bit of a joke…. because well… it’s a joke one way or the other I guess.

  21. “hat guy is a filthy smelly fuck who could give a shit less about what exactly he’s wearing and thats one of my favoret things about him. He doesn’t let silly fashon faux pas dictate what he chooses for his own reasons to like.”

    haha, i wonder how long it took him to put those studs on his jacket.

  22. I guess I’ll step up too in the same way as too few have on this topic. I could walk out on the street in a pair of dockers and a button-up shirt, and be just as fucking punk as anyone else because it’s how you think, not how you dress. Fuck your punk rock dress code. Let the kid be a filthy smelly fuck and let him listen to ICP all he wants. Why are YOU bitching? It’s HIS life.
    “My mohawk is bigger and straighter, and I have way more patches for way more obscure punk bands, and I don’t listen to anything that you could get at a normal record store, because I’m far too elite for that. I must be way more punk than that guy.”
    Blah Blah Blah. It’s all a bunch of bullshit.

  23. 26… i hope you mean sid vicious. sid viscous… is a bit slimy for my tastes.

    in any event, yay green mohawks, yay studs, yay lack of mohawks, yay lack of studs, yay tattoos, yay lack of tattoos, yay bandannas, yay lack of bandannas. etc etc.

  24. i agree with number 5 there is NOTHING punk about icp
    icp is for the creepy goth kids who shop at hot topic and claim to practice DIY.

    love the tattoo tho

  25. icp fucking rules……i think that guys mohawk is awsome and i love the tattoo on the other guy…”icp is for the creepy goth kids who shop at hot topic and claim to practice DIY.” ummm how is that? so because i dont get my merch from hottopic icp is not for me fucks that and im not a creepy little goth kid im a mother fucking juggalett for ever! juggalos come from all backgrounds u cant say only this type of person listens to icp it just wouldnt work… but just leave the guy the fuck alone because dressing punk dosent make u punk …u think punk there fore you are

  26. I think those studs on his jacket took as much time as it took me to put those studs on that belt I’m wearing in that picture.

  27. children, children, what are we all fighting for? Are we forgetting how grimey and homemade punk is supposed to be? Does it matter about the exact state of the mohawk and the jacket? Does the fact that you are are arguing about the fine details mean that you have missed the entire point of punk yourselves? Am I just playing devil’s advocate to get people thinking again about what they are saying? discuss.

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