Unusual Vertical Upper Lip Piercing

This seems like an unusual placement both in terms of depth and where it lies on the lip… “Name it,” writes Marilyn from Venus Modern Body Arts in NYC, who did the piercing.

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62 thoughts on “Unusual Vertical Upper Lip Piercing

  1. i’m not sure if i like it or not.. i’m still thinking. i’m pretty sure that would reject after awhile.

  2. Name it? Rill piercing. ma*RIL*yn, the piercer….or is my creativity for nought, and it really already has a name? I really should check these things before I post, Hmm?

  3. i dont mind the way that looks. it probably wouldnt look good on alot of people though. this is wierd…but it reminds me of this cold sore i had once. haha

  4. Honestly, I like it. But the first thing that popped into my mind when the post said to name it was “cold sore”.

  5. Oooh, I love this. Not sure how viable it would be though, and with my history of scarring it would probably be best to stay away from this -sighs-

  6. I think the Cold Sore piercing suits it best. Or Inflamed Lip Zit piercing, aka ILZ.

  7. I think that looks pretty neat! I agree w/ kay that this wouldn’t look good on everyone…but with this chick’s mouth…it works.

    I wonder how well it would work if you placed it in the middle. Like a vertical medusa…?

  8. I’m on the cold sore bandwagon!

    Anyone else keep thinking it’d look so much better if she had it on both sides?
    /symetry whore

  9. As far as names go….I like ‘smirk’.
    ‘cold sore’ doesn’t sound too appealing.
    Could you imagine walking into a studio…
    “Hi! I’m very interested in getting a cold sore…” LOL

    [Neo-Geisha – OH!(>

  10. Neo-Geisha – OH! I just looked that up…I’ve never seen that before. Well, now I know the name. Thanks! hahaha(…jeez sorry for that goof-up)

  11. That’s a very cute piercing!
    It works on her because she’s got beautiful flawless skin.
    I like “smirk”, but you could also call it a “sneer” – a”sneer piercing” !

  12. #28 – What has flawless skin to do with a piercing suiting your face or not? What about shape etc.?

  13. the piercing is about 3 months old at this point and so far there are no signs of rejection. we changed the ends of her jewelry and she is now sporting some white gold and cz bling in it.

  14. aha I like it too, the first thing that came to my mind was the “Dr. Evil” as in that pinky finger gesture that he and mini-me make when they’re up to something particularly evil… MUhahahahaha!

  15. We had a guest artist that worked at our shop for a minute that had a pair of these with spikes on the bottom half to look like fangs. I assumed they’d reject out, but he’d had them for over five years when I met him. Apparently everyone told him they’d reject out and he figured they would too, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to try.

    Either way, personally, (especially with spikes on the bottom to look like fangs…) it’s not something I’d wear myself. Neat idea though. I’m sure if someone has the right anatomy for it (ie. enough of an outward curve to their lip) this could potentially work out just fine.

  16. Vertical upper labret? Provided it’s a curved bar it should have the same acceptance rate as a vertical lower labret, right?

  17. I’m all about calling it “smirk” sounds cute and devious all at the same time.

  18. i like smirk. but yeah i did kind of think of a cold sore when i saw this…

  19. Call it the “you got something on your lip….right there *make pointing gesture*”

  20. Upon first glance I thought of a beauty mark, much like those of the b/w movies…

  21. I have to say: That is the single most sexy piece of piercing I have ever seen. I might be overselling it a bit, but still. :)

  22. we already have “marilyn” and “medusa”–how bout a “cindy” named after cindy crawford’s beauty mark?

  23. that’s super cute….rejection is a bitch though. my face would push that out for sure, which is why i just got the lip straight through. i do envy those with any vertical lip piercings though

  24. I have this I got it today cause if this picture :) kinda regret it but then I think knowing has it really be original you know (:

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