Transdermals can be trouble

An active lifestyle will probably make your life longer, but the counterpoint is that it’ll make your piercings’ and implants’ lives shorterTiff says that’s exactly what led to the demise of her paired transdermals — you can see how far they’d rejected in the first two shots. Tom Brazda ( — he also removed my magnets) removed them for her while he was guest spotting at Eternal Ink in Sheffield, UK.

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13 thoughts on “Transdermals can be trouble

  1. i have been thinking about getting a few transdermals done on my chest, but i am not sure what should i do for aftercare. i just want to have my transdermals to be successful. :)

  2. In *this* case (two transdermals on tissue that doesn’t move much), I’d recommend a standard surface piercing personally to achieve the same effect.

  3. Holy shit, that looks painful.

    Active as in they work out a few days a week or active as in they climb mountains and do more strenuous than average excercise? Yowch.

  4. Bodyboarding, mountainbiking, coasteering etc. Having a clumsy partner didn’t help, either! I did attempt to cushion/waterproof them when doing said activities but alas they were not to be.

  5. I have to get my transdermal taken out pretty soon. Bums me out. But I knew going into having my transdermal put in, that there was a distinct possibility of removal, and I hope everyone else thinks of that beforehand as well.

  6. Sadly, transdermals and microdermals are not ready for primetime. At some point perhaps they will be, but not yet. I really look forward to being able to put something in that is totally permanent.

  7. I’m glad this was posted for those of us who are considering getting these and have only seen pictures of healthy transdermals. It’s good to see both sides. :)

  8. Anyone interested in getting a transdermal but are worried about the healing or problems associated with them, should look up microdermals as well.

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