Cherry Blossoms

iam:pretty_hollows by kelly @ chameleon in cambridge, ma

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68 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms

  1. is that a stick of deodorant in the upper right,,, and if so,, why the crap is it so disproportionate

  2. I’ve always loved her tattoo :) (To #1 – the pic looks like it was taken in some sort of mirror, so that’s probably where the deodorant came from).

  3. I like that you can’t see the word crime, so you just see “SCENE” written all over her.

    Agreed with #2

  4. she ain’t tryin too hard, she just looks a lil pornstarish, if u know what i mean….oh well, nice to look at, though.

  5. having the camera in the shot, and the deodorant, gives this a myspacey/dormroom feel… kinda makes the tape and the pose seem like a non-sequiteur

  6. Yay for labeling people….at least it’s a neat looking picture and she has a nice tattoo, try commenting on that, not by what fashion trend you think she’s following :)

  7. trying too hard, scene kid- all seem accurate.
    and someone who passed me went “Oh my god. Are those bruises????”(regarding her cherry blossoms)

  8. The picture is shitty quality, you can’t even see her tattoo. I guess as long as she’s half naked, it doesn’t matter. BME isn’t what it used to be.

  9. i think self portraits make the most amazing photographs……..speaking of myspace, and stuff like that, a lot of people don’t know how awesome the art they are creating really is…..

  10. I agree with Max — the side product of all of these self-portraits is that we have a giant art movement happening that’s totally unacknowledged. I was just saying to a friend a couple days ago that I think cell phone photos will have the same “vibe” in fifty years as stuff like wetplate photography has now.

    And nicole, if you don’t like these entries, just don’t read the BMEgirls and BMEboys ones and focus on the modification specific ones.

  11. Hmm, in elementary school I was told to stop chewing my toys and my classmates, that’s about it..

  12. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it.

    If you can’t handle criticism, get the fuck off the internet.

  13. Got to love when someone takes their own photo in a mirror, dressed in the skimpyest of the skimp. Seems kinda like a cry for attenchion. two words… Trend Whore

  14. It’s not a reflection of another mirror, you’re seeing through a doorway I do believe, and the deodorant is probably actually body lotion lying on the carpet, next to a normal sized nearly full glass of what appears to be ice tea..

    I think I take better pictures w/ my cell phone.. *all mine are from my cell*

    She has a nice body at least

  15. ok. first of all you can look at my pictures and see that they are all very expressive even though the media (being a “camera” or a camera) may have varied a bit. I was a photography major for a while and believe in taking a picture to capture a random, unadulterated state.

  16. bravemerun – Yeah, because the internet is the only place folks such as yourself would have the balls to stand up to people. Good for you!

    Maiden – Yeah, you’re sooooo much better. I’d rather be a “trend whore” over a repetitive, predictable, anonymous internet heckler any day.

  17. So what if it’s “crappy quality” and she’s “trying too hard”?
    The point is, the cherry blossoms are cute, and she tried to do something different instead of just standing around naked.
    Dear lord, please stop being so anal.

  18. I’m surprised at the comments made in this post. Jeez, give me a break. I have to say, however:

    “I was a photography major for a while and believe in taking a picture to capture a random, unadulterated state.”
    Dawn, I hardly can believe this picture is the result of a “random, unadulterated state.” What do you mean by that?

  19. I’m not offended, angered, bored, or have the need to put down anything in or about the pic.
    Nice tatts.

  20. Enough fucking pictures in the mirror.
    It’s not an art revolution, it’s just a new height of vanity.

  21. More seriously, when I look at that pix, I just see a very nice looking lady who’d look even better with more tatts and bodmod *hints* ;) and nothing “bad”… I also appreciate that she can answer the comments without insulting anybody back, all in all it’s all good to me !

  22. Jessica – Um, *YOU* have posted pictures that are very similar, and have equally few mods showing, etc. etc… Unless this really is all about making yourself feel better by slagging someone else, or some internet drama that I don’t know the backstory on, I really don’t get the point being made.

  23. bravemerun – Yeah, because the internet is the only place folks such as yourself would have the balls to stand up to people. Good for you!

    Standing up to who? I think it’s a crappy photograph – that isn’t a personal remark or a comment on the girl in it. It’s a comment on the photo. I’ve taken hundreds of shitty photographs myself. I expect I’ll take hundreds (if not thousands) more before I die.

    I’m just sick to fucking death of the “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” bullshit that pops up here almost every time someone doesn’t like something. It’s absolutely ridiculous to expect that we should all feel the same and like the same things or keep our mouths shut.

  24. I don’t care what anyone says – she’s hot and the picture is very sexy, although a bit campy. Can’t people just appreciate the female body even if it is not covered in tattoos or piercings?

  25. she is a beautiful lady, and we dont all have access to photographers and/or their studios, so if she did the pic quality could probably be better-but heck her ink is nice and she has tried to do something fun with her pose!!

  26. I’m not really fixed one way or the other about the pic and its ‘meaning’.

    I just can’t help but keep thinking “someone needs ta give her a sammich!”

  27. Wow, a new password thingy. WHY?! Anyways, we can all see that some of you here has an issue with this girl, but do us all a favor and send HER an IM istead of posting shit abouth her on modblog. This is abouth her mods in a picture, not about your issues. Grow up!

  28. “Unless this really is all about making yourself feel better by slagging someone else”

    it’s all about the negative person’s insides – not the subject – she’s just an easy target because she is on the internet.

    “no one ever kicks a dead dog” – Dale Carnegie (but he may have been quoting someone else)

  29. i, personally, don’t like her tattoos- the cherry blossoms don’t look like cherry blossoms. but it’s her body, not mine.

  30. I agree with #17.
    BME ISN’T what it used to be.
    In the old days, a picture of such low quality would have been rejected.

  31. “d” – ModBlog posts plenty of random candid snaps, and *always* has. Its purpose isn’t just closeup shots of modification, so you should EXPECT to see shots that don’t always do that.

    Some readers can appreciate different people’s ways of expressing themselves, some people can’t I guess. If you’re not a person that enjoys it, seriously, just skip the BMEgirls and BMEboys type entries and focus on the mod ones.

  32. “Maiden – Yeah, you’re sooooo much better. I’d rather be a “trend whore” over a repetitive, predictable, anonymous internet heckler any day.”

    Shannon, Im intitled to my opinion and I will say whatever the fuck I feel like saying.

    I think she looks quite slutty, yes very pretty, but retarded. Look at me! *does flip and kicks mom in face* yay!
    Thats going out to all the fruit baring trees in Africa, Thanks for the chips.

  33. Personally I don’t think the entry should be titled to suggest the picture is about her tattoos. Clearly if she wanted an actual picture of her tattoos, she would take a decent picture with the tattoos as the main focus, and the photo would show them CLEARLY. Obviously the main focus is not going to be on the tattoos, as being presented with a barely clothed female will divert the attention of many away from the tattoos.

  34. oh and sidenote: ever notice how most the people who cause a bit of a ruckus or defend themselves to the death… don’t ever have a link in their name so we actually know who they are?

  35. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of the picture. The color balance is too far to the yellow for me, and Dawn, while she’s quite pretty, is not my type.
    That said, it seems like the only difference between this and so many of the other BMEgirls pictures that get comments like “oooh tasty!” and “oh, she’s really hot” or “so creative” blah blah blah is that Dawn has a camera in her hands, rather than having her picture taken by someone else. Is that all it takes to make someone ‘scene’ these days? If she had ‘dressed’ like that for a ‘legit’ photoshoot, I’m betting most of these comments wouldn’t even be here.
    Lame, guys. Dismissing this picture as ‘scene’ is basically making you sound as lame and clichéd as everyone seems to be saying that she is. And I’m sure more than a few people who comment on Modblog on a regular basis are dismissed out of hand as scene kids in the real world, themselves.
    It always amazes me how continually closeminded the world is, even in forums where acceptance of the most outlandish body modification is the order of the day. Where is the line? Genital torture and suspension are ok, but taking a picture of yourself in a mirror isn’t? Strange world…

  36. For some reason, I dont have to log in to post today? Anyway, I think this girl is gorgeous and her tattoos are very pretty. Yeah she does look a bit like a hoe but whatever tickles your fancy. My boyfriend, however, thinks that her tattoos look like the plague.

  37. It’s so nice to see that Kelly Ripa has finally gotten the courage to get all the bodymods she’s been wanting for all these years…

  38. “and believe in taking a picture to capture a random, unadulterated state.”

    hahaha riiiight. i know i often randomly find myself wrapped in crime scene tape with a shit-ton of makeup on, posing in a mirror.

    anyway, i like the placement of the flowers but they’re a bit unrealistically large for my taste.

  39. So I’ve definatelly been outspoken before about the pictures that showcase scantily clad girls with barely any noticable/intresting/innovative mods, but this one, I think her shoulder is intresting. I like how the tattoo traverses not only over the front but around the top.
    But in response to this photographic style as art… Sure the style is and will be art, but this photo in perticular, definatelly not. If i was making a collection of myspace style self portraits, this would not be in it. I mean sure, if the blurryness was used to convey somthing, or used as an experemental state, or if there was some artistic merit, sure, but there isn’t and so it’s just kind of a lame photo. I like to think that art has some attention to detail. I don’t think the deodorant was meant for detail.

  40. You know what? I think she’s beautiful, I love her tattoos and her peircings and she has a lovely body too.

    Her picture is different to everything else on here – get over it. Different is good.

    And I would post a picture like this, I think it’s original and a good idea and shows off her look and tattoos very well.

    And people calling her scene, ffs stop stereotyping people already! Most of you are what, 20,30? And you’re acting like 12 year olds stereotyping a poor girl just cuz she looks beautiful in her picture.

  41. She’s damn hot.

    She reminds me of that model…Whos name is escaping me right now.

  42. She’s a knockout. The tattoo’s look great on her. The photo is great….it’s all good as far as I’m concerned. Dawn, you are to die for.

  43. goodness. i believe dawn was just having fun and snapped a hot photo of herself. big deal. enjoy the beauty that is a naked modified chick. jeeez.

  44. She’s hot and i like the tape! But I do have to agree that the picture itself is of poor quality with the lighting and the out of focusness. I usually expect better quality from modblog.

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