Is it just my imagination or does Lola* have two uvulas? She really does, very cool! Piercings (not in the uvula though) by Taco Joe at Black Ink Industries in Borneo, Malaysia. As a point of trivia, about 2% of people have a bifid uvula — it’s similar to a cleft palate anatomically.

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39 thoughts on “Mutantes

  1. Wow!! Gorgeous teeth, I’m jealous :)
    And aside from the nostril piercing, I’m rockin’ the symmetry. Lovely.

  2. Hahh, first time I see another person with two uvulas… I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE other freaks are out there ;)

    Cute girl too…

  3. Another double uvula here! I wonder if the four of us would work out to be 2% of the modblog/bmezine population?

  4. ^_^

    that looks so cool!

    she should get them pierced OR get a smiley face tat on one and a sad face tat on the other ^_^


  5. First time I see that double uvula thing! Interesting.
    But Shannon, you got me all confused – Was she born one of the 2% people with bifid uvula, or is this some kind of new body mod, such as tongue splitting/ cock splitting/etc.?
    uvula splitting? I donnow…
    And if not – Has anyone ever thought of it or done it?
    (Come to think of it, why not… If you can peirce it, you can split it, I guess :-))

  6. Hehe, I’ve got a bifid uvula!!

    So wow 2% only?? How interesting… I guess I’ve naturally been a freak all along. :D

  7. With elongated needles, I would imagine… unless you had a huge mouth to work in or verrrrry long fingers!

    I am loving the new requirement to login, Shannon – good call!

  8. Hey my mom has two uvulas. I didn’t realize it was so rare. The only problem she has ever had with it is sometimes it is hard to swallow pills.

  9. i dont even have one uvula. had mine removed a few years ago for sleep apnea surgery.

  10. neato. pretty piercings and general neatness.

    how is it that so many of you have 2 uvulas?? hehe

  11. I also have a double-uvula, didn’t realize it was considered closely related to a cleft palate…everynow and then at a bar I’ll show people the double-uvula, I also didn’t realize I fall in a 2% category there…pretty cool I guess…and I have strabismus (cross-eye, even though its been corrected)…now I’m a stud

  12. Hi! I have a double uvula as well. I’m glad to see there are more of us out there as I’ve not met anyone else w/ that before: )

  13. Hey!! I also have a cleft uvula. Mine looks more like a sack of nuts than two seperate uvulas though. Nice to find some more freaks!

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