Tongue Splitting is Bloody Fun

Emil just got his tongue split by Poal Pedersén at Anatomorph in Malmö, Sweden. I know it looks bloody, but I’m actually always surprised at just how little the majority of tongue splits bleed. Either way, this continues to be one of my favorite body modifications, and of all heavy modifications, perhaps the one with the highest “satisfaction” rating from people who get it.

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40 thoughts on “Tongue Splitting is Bloody Fun

  1. Nothing against him, but I actually thought it looked like a she at first sight. Guess it was the make-up or something.. Overall nice mods though.

  2. I thought “she” was hot till I read the above comments and took a second look =0 *hangs head in shame*

  3. I am so fascinated by tongue splitting. It looks so amazing and I love how one can acheive control over both seperate halves. I want to get it done, and I might someday. if I get brave enough.

  4. hey its me on the pics:P
    and im a he, but its okey to think im e she, girls are hotter then boys so;)

  5. It looks like he is having fun!! but I was in so much pain getting my tongue pierced I don’t think my interest in tongue splits will go very far :[

  6. Ah! There is indeed a beard there! I thought it was dried blood and didn’t focus on it.

  7. I most be the most ugliest girl ever !;D
    How can so many think I’M a girl on this pictures ? :D

    / emil a.k Jason_Voorhees

  8. it’s the pretty blonde hair and gorgeous eyes *winks*

    Hell, I’m a girl and I’m almost jealous.

    That looks like a bloody enjoyable time.

  9. Tongue splitting is awesome. I’d like to have it done someday.

    And look at that nice thick septum ring! I’m jealous!

  10. Ohh man, that’s my current “I have to do it soon” obsession. The blood, the super cooool “tongue acrobatics”, etc.
    I like seeing pics of it in progress :)
    I also like the “excessive” metal-in-face/ears. It’s a good look for him.


  11. it’s poul pedersen.
    and his name on iam is mitotim (not atctive really. he is still waiting for me to help him get started).

  12. I love the pics and i’m getting my toungesplit tommorrow at Anatomorph by Poul too. (:
    So i’m happyhappy.

  13. Oooouch
    I Thought It Was A Chick Too….
    But At Least He Know Knows He’d Make A Pretty Girl… Or Cross-Dresser

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