Want Pinker Nipples?

George “Drake” Wiggins at Body Xtremes in North Quincy, MA, did these nipple tattoos on a post-op transsexual who wanted, well, pinker nipples. (See also: nipple outlines, tattooed nipple shield, and a nipple flower).

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63 thoughts on “Want Pinker Nipples?

  1. Admit it, Shannon, you just like nipples!

    I admire any transsexual mid-journey to where they want to be. I think it’s one of the most fascinating and important forms of body modification that there is. Plus, posessing girl nipples myself, I can say that they do look a bit more like girly nipples now that they’re pinker. I wish there were a before picture for comparison!

  2. a before and after would be helpful. it’s hard to tell how good the work is. ….i assume it was good because it’s so hard to tell they’re even tattooed.

  3. Yay for happy transsexual nipples! Beautiful job too. I’ll have to add this to the list of possible mods I can do once my happy tranny nipples are done growing. :)

  4. That’s a horrible boob job…nipples are totally in the wrong place and strange shape…

  5. I didn’t even realize they were tattooed. That’s good. And they look naturally pink. Hurrah.

    The boob job is a little wonky, though.

  6. ive been studying transgenders and people who in general deviant from socieities binary dichotomy of man/woman, gay/straight, male/female all year…

    ….which makes this…

    really neat
    thanks shannon

  7. I think considering the original body (male) it’s a a great boob job and those are some damn cute nipples !

  8. As for the “wonky boob job” how many women actually have naturally symmetrical perfect breasts??? Cos i sure dont

  9. Hmm.. is she laying down in the first pic? To me it doesn’t look like the boob job is wonky, it just looks like gravity is working the wrong way : )

  10. That’s a pretty damn good boob job, considering what the surgeon must have had to work with. The nipples are slightly wonky, but they look great. Gravity isn’t working the wrong way, they’re just perky! :P

    I never thought of using tattooing like that though–that’s really interesting and cool.

  11. the nipple looks too unnaturally pink for me. who says that browner nipples indicate masculinity? nipple color is more dependent on ethnicity than anything else.

  12. Considering that those were man boobs previously, I think they look rather well. I mean, I’ve seen females with a whole hell of a lot wonkier natural breasts, so all things considered they look great.Like sae, I too find people who break from their societies gender classifications a fascinating thing. It makes the human race look that much more beautiful to me – people being who they are, no matter what other people may think of them.On another note, that had to huuuuuuurt. When I get around to getting my chest piece, I plan on getting my nipples tattoed in some so they don’t stand out, so yeah, that’s the part of this that makes me want to wince, and that doesn’t happen much to me any longer when I look at modblog.

  13. the boobs do look a bit weird like they are leaning diagnally toward the center \ / and the nipples are way high
    cool idea for the coloring though

  14. These folks who are saying the boob job is botched need to get some more info other than their mental ideal set of tits, since I doubt few if any of them have been both biologically male AND had boob jobs-much less seen a formerly male bodies in transformation. Yo people, A man’s body and chest is generally shaped differently than a woman’s is, which means that even a ‘good; boob job is not going to look exactly the same as a on women who already starts off with a woman’s body. bone structure doesn’t change-muscles and body fat does. duh. lay off and let her enjoy her pinker nipples-and her new boobies. We don’t know if they’re healed either, which would explain the intense color as well if they were fresh. Maybe they haven’t mellowed yet.

  15. I think getting your nipples coloured the way you want is a great idea! As for comment #8 ~ it looks like she got her implants under the muscle and it takes a looong while for them to “drop and fluff.” When you first get them done they look like a couple of square rocks sitting way up high on your chest. I hope the owner of these enjoys them!

  16. Not to cause any more dissent, but I do think the boobs look kind of weird. Yes, they’re GREAT for having once been men’s pecs or whatever, but the idea with a boob job is usually to look real or natural, and I don’t think they look natural. I admittedly know very little about the process or even the results, but I called these as soon as I saw them…might have just been a lucky guess, though.

    With that said, I think the nipples look great. The closeup pic does almost look TOO pink, but then again I didn’t think so until I knew they were tattooed on. The left picture looks fabulous.

  17. as a guy i looked and said, “boobies!” thought it was cool that they were tatoo’d to be pinker, and almost moved on with out reading until my girlfriend came out of the bathroom and said they were fake, also without reading, and after staring at the breasts a little longer (not that i minded) they definatly don’t look like natural breasts to me. hopefully a previous commenter was right and they will settle into a better looking position. but, really, how easy can it be to place boobs on a guy and make them look 100% natural. i think they look decent for what the surgeon probably had to work with. and the tattooing (what the blog post is about) came out looking pretty decent. i wouldn’t be surprised if a few more people are inspired i to have their nipple color changed.

  18. I have always wished my nipples were more pink. I never thought about tattooing them. I think these turned out nicely. I don think the boobs really look wonky, just like they haven settled in yet from the surgery.

    Also, she has beautiful collarbones.

  19. Actually, shannon, I’m a girl so I think my experience with breasts is fine, and I don’t have “too much” experience with boob jobs, since I consider my breasts to be fine and I don’t need a boob job. I do enjoy looking at plastic surgery programs and anatomy since I do figure drawing a lot.

    I don’t know why everyone gets so offendedon this board. To me, I didn’t think the results look too great. Yes I understand that it is hard to do a good boob job, on a man. ESPECIALLY, since these isn’t much to work with in the beginning(liking working on an A, cup).

    I pulled another friend to look at them and I didn’t even tell her the issue, and she thought the nipples were placed awkwardly, which is very common in these surgeries. The doctors tend to place the nipples higher to create a perky look although it often just looks odd. That’s fine if everyone likes them. I hope that she (I’m assuming the term she wants used) is really happy with the procedure and that she continues her transformation.

  20. I mean to offer a compliment the clevage area looks amazing, it’s just the shape and the nipples that seem off.

  21. i’m wonder if the weirdness of the breasts could be attributed to the fact that the implants haven’t settled yet? i know they usually “fall” after a while, becoming more natural – just a thought. as for the nipple colour, it looks a bit odd; i have never seen nipples that pink. maybe my own should be pinker….

  22. but this is what the tattoo artist said on his page about the experience: “this is a tattoo I didn’t really have control over as far as getting the ink in because IT was all trying to get up on my junk ……….AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”


  23. my boobs look like that when i lay down, but my nips are brown. my boyfriend’s nipples are that shade of pink! i call him ham nipples. :)

  24. Hahah Zar, my boyfriend’s nipples are really pink too! He’s a redhead though so I think that’s why.

    I think these are a nice pair :) Sure, the nipples look a bit high, but so long as the client is happy then who cares? I hope she gets a lot of joy out of her new boobies and cute little pink nips :D

  25. They look a bit too pink to me. It’s not a shade that goes too well with the natural skin tone, does it?
    I can’t help but thinking of Palahniuk’s “Invisible Monsters” and how this would come under the category of “Male perception of womanhood” if that makes any sense when referring to a transexual….

  26. I love it how most of the people who’ve commented have had really positive things to say, it’s great!
    It’s important for trannies to have positive feedback from people, I should know I used to live as a woman and take hormones etc. You can easily get really sensitive to comments about your appearance, given that the appearance is what you’re trying to change.
    Of course I don’t claim to speak for all trannies (some might not give a rat’s ase), and I’ve been back to being a happy man for 10 years now, but I just think it’s great that the mod community is indeed mostly very encouraging and celebratory of people’s choices.

  27. i don’t even see what’s so weird about how the nipples are shaped. they look fine to me. and as for the color, it’s pretty bright. maybe it’s fresh and the color will be less vibrant and look more natural after a while.

    and also, i got really excited when i saw her mole/beauty mark thingy, because i have one in the exact same spot. she has a very pretty clavicle, too.

  28. the boob job is not “wonky”—> after breast implants are placed it takes months before they settle down and adapt a normal shape and placement

  29. I don’t think it looks bad at all.
    And the pink nips are cute. And the idea of blue, purple, green, teal etc nips has me thinking…..


  30. I know I am being super-sensitive (and risk the ire of the bme community) but I find the idea that pink nipples = feminine really offensive. While I recognise that this may all be part of a complete transformation for the individual, a shift from what was before perhaps, but the comments on this forum (for the most part) indicate this same equation of girly with pink. My nipples have been brown since birth so it’s not a youth thing, nor a feminine thing, nor (even) an aroused thing.

  31. Just wanted to point out something that a lot of people won’t know about transexual boob jobs (and I don’t think I saw above). Quite often they will insert bags that are inflated with air or saline to get the skin stretched enough to take a ‘real’ implant. Looking at her left armpit, there does appear to be some redness so this could be where the port is to inject saline… In which case, they shouldn’t necessarily be ‘sitting right’ yet anyway, as they might not be her final boobs!

  32. Those of you who keep saying stuff about “putting boobs on a MAN” ought to re-think your choice of words. Although her body was originally biologically male, she is not a man.

    It sounds like, unless I misunderstood paintedlady’s comment, the tattoo artist was transphobic like whoa. How sad.

    I never would have thought about tattooing nipples to achieve the desired color. That’s great!

  33. nope, you didn’t misunderstand… that’s a quote right off the artist’s IAM page. and i’m surprised you’re the first person to comment on it!

  34. why be trans phobic over those i’m a confortable hedro male and would jump at the chance to put my hands on those

  35. well the ink was very fresh but I did in fact use a wash with about a 50-50 mix of color to witch hazel so once the tattoo heals they will be much less PINK and look the color this client wanted.

    I thought it was an interesting idea and I really had no idea how it would take nor did I know how much pain they would feel but I can say it took over an hour because the client could only deal with a little bit at a time. I could have done it in 30 minutes or less seeing the color went in good which was a surprise to me.

    also the comments on my page were written more because of the fact the client was trying to grab me by my privates and seemed all fucked up on something but wasn’t when they signed all the papers. I can’t baby sit people in the rest room and I don’t care what sex you are or what you like in the bedroom I am there to tattoo not deal with sexual advances by any one. I have a girlfriend and when I am working I am there to tattoo not get some ass.

    As for the tattoos though I know how it goes now and can say if someone wanted it done again I would do it but let the person know the piece will hurt and I will still think if it as a job.

  36. If a non-transgendered person grabbed you by the junk, you’d be unlikely to call that person “it”. So there’s no reason to do it when the person is transgendered; that’s a quality that’s got nothing to do with the person’s behavior.

  37. everyone is commenting on the fact that these are implants. but they could actually just be “grown” because of hormone pills, which would answer the question of why they look so “square” and why they aren’t perfectly even.

  38. I actually want to get the same thing done I want my nipples pinker but never knew it could be done does it hurt at all.

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