Troy Amundson vs. The Government

“Versus” is a little misleading for the title, because Troy’s been working not against the government, but with it, as a lobbyist for the body art industry. Marisa from Needled had a chance to interview Troy about his efforts for her Legal Link column. Click on Troy to jump to the interview now.

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17 thoughts on “Troy Amundson vs. The Government

  1. Nice. Thank you to Troy for the continued hard work (I know how frustrating lobbying can be!), and Marisa for the fine article. I’m very happy to be seeing a broader variety of articles hitting the front page.

  2. This makes me extremely happy. People need to learn more about the modifacation ‘industry’. Instead of just viewing people with mods as freaks, maybe he will help them see it as art…all while doing it safe and sanitary. yay for Troy.

  3. I loved this interview. He’s obviously a very intelligent man and I’m glad he’s educating other lobbyists and officials. Great job!

  4. This is great. Education is the single best step to changing perceptions and politicians often seem to need a lot of education.

  5. Hey I know him. Awesome interview Troy, and I don’t think I even need to say I appreciate all your hard work.

  6. i’m have never really taken the time to understand the inner workings of the US goverment, (or my own for that matter, I’m Canadian) but I found the artical easy to understand and quiet informative! Interesting even. It’s inspired me to take a closer look at the political side of things in our industry up here.
    Thanks for the post!

  7. troy is a great guy. i spoke with him last year as he picked my brain about what i was already doing for legislation in my area.

    i’ve done as much as troy has for my own states legislation. i’ve worked since ’97 trying to get our laws into effect. i started lobbying just over three years ago and was able to get the bill passed that created our current laws. i was then hired by the state to write the details of ourinspections and such. after that i was hired to be a state board representative, as well as hired to be a state health inspector, both positions i still currently and actively do. i also currently help to train doctors. for the last two years i have been called on, and paid respectably, to lecture third year medical grad school students from creighton university (a very prestigious med school). i’m also currently working with several piercers from several different states to help make changes in their areas.

    keep up the good work troy!

  8. hey I think that it is great what you are doing, power to you. hopefully you shall win this battle but be carfull I’ve gone up against some gov. people here in VT and they are sly they aren’t afraid to fight dirty and even lie quite a bit. Best of luck to you.

    Kate Parzych

  9. Thank you, Marisa and Shannon for the opportunity to share my experience. And thank you all for the love. I am humbled. I could not have done it alone. I will continue to do what I can to advocate for safe and healthy body art.

  10. I am completely impressed and excited about the medical kit training health care professionals. I am a physician assistant student soon to graduate. I have been on many rotations and at each one I take my knowledge about tattoos and piercings. so far at 3 of my 6 rotations, the department had me do a mini lecture on piercings, tattoos, complications and how to approach the situation. the kit and DVDs just makes me that much happier that others not in the healthcare world have a big voice. Keep it up.

  11. Great talking with you Troy last year at the APP conference! Feb 27 2007 City Council here in Lancaster City (Pennsylvania) passed an ordinance that now requires licensure requirments before any person can operate a tattoo or body piercing studio. It was a little rough getting the Mayor’s approval since he felt it should be on a state level issue not the city’s level. Persistance paid off & PA is now a smaller step closer to having statewide licensure requirements in place.

  12. i love troy. he truly is a man with a drive, i know. he is as caring and sincere as this article shows. i am happy to see the progression of something i saw in the begining going so far. thank you troy and all those seattle area locals helping.

  13. Troy is amazing. He’s taught me a lot. If only it were easier to get more involved; everyone in every state who works in the industry has a stake in what happens.

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