Hey, I recognize that beach!

That’s right next to my old house — and some of you surely recognize it from BMEfest Mexico. Paulina sends in this shot of her tattoo done by Arturo from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico taken at Tecolote Beach just down the road from La Paz, Baja California Sur. I really miss it a lot.

14 thoughts on “Hey, I recognize that beach!

  1. Isn’t it high on the side/slightly around the back? It’s a tie-back bikini top I think, and the person has their arm raised and out of shot 🙂

  2. It’s beautiful! I always wonder though, how tattoos like this (all color) will look in a few years. How quickly do colors fade?

    My ex-boyfriend had a tattoo that was colored in with blue, purple, and yellow, and within years all of the yellow was gone and the blue was much lighter.

  3. #8 it depends on a bunch of factors, how well the ink was put in, the brand ink, the skin, and placemment.. if color fading is a concern stick the colors on inside spots is a real good rule of thumb other wise a covering up in the sun and standing in shadows , Peace ~)_(~

  4. Everything about that photo, the tatt, the sand, the framing, just reminds me of summer and coconut oil.

  5. though i’m not crazy about the tattoo itself, i like the placement; very feminine and unusual

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