Gorilla Glass (Jason Pfohl) Interview Posted

Ryan from BMEshop thought it would be good for people to start meeting some of the folks that he works with to bring you great body modification products (it’s more than just BME swag!). To begin, he chatted with Jason Pfohl from Gorilla Glass down in Oaxaca, Mexico. Click the picture to read the interview now.

Gorilla Glass Interview

PS. This is Ryan’s first interview! I think he did a great job…

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42 thoughts on “Gorilla Glass (Jason Pfohl) Interview Posted

  1. lol i can imagine village women from oaxaca wondering why the hell people would wear such large pieces in their lobes, or god knows where else.

    great read! :)

  2. Wow great interview and beautiful photos to go with it. Nice job Ryan *thumbs up*.

  3. Great article – really enjoyed reading it, and nice to know the people behind what BMEshop stocks are of the same ethos. Photo credits would be good though!

  4. Awesome company, Gorilla Glass is probably the best glass jewelry around, I just wish they made black single flare tunnels in 3/4, septum pinchers would be nice also as the other glass jewelry company sent me the wonkiest piece of jewelry ever

  5. Gotta say that while I have a decent collection of plugs, the obsidian plugs they offer are the only thing I have worn since I made my first order from Gorilla Glass. You will get a lot of money from me guys!!

  6. It’s great to see a little snap shot behind the scenes of one of my favorite companies. The pictures make me want to more south even more. It looks beautiful. Great article, great jewelry.

  7. Great article. I love his jewelry; they’re such amazing quality. I love the last picture; it looks like his employees are happy.

  8. i love gorilla jewelry
    i love jason style
    i love be ur model!!!

    and wear the fantastic glass jewelry in my life

  9. > I’ll wait to read when the link works… hope there’s something about the model on
    > the left, she’s gorgeous.

    Plus, she’s got some rather… interesting mods.
    I mean, apart from being extra-uber-super cool that tribal stuff that covers her face, neck and chest is not something you see everyday.

  10. Hey nice to hear everyones feed back.

    TREVOR- I have mostly women working with me because I think women are more intelligent and have better attention to detail.

    JESS- your right it is “Patron Tequila” not “Padron”

    NIKKIBUNNY- photo credits go to Victor Mendiola and Dante Busquets for the portraits. The shop pictures are by Carlos Franco.

    LA NEGRA- I LOVE YOU TOO! Your awesome!

    Also I want to add that Barry Blanchard and Anatometal were also a fundamental help in establishing Gorilla Glass, they handled all my distribution for three years.

  11. Hey I purchase jewelry from GG and have always been thrilled with it; and now to read an article about the guy who makes it. It makes me feel good that I am supporting a small business that supports the community it resides in. I also feel that Jason sounds like a genuine nice guy which is nice to know that the guy making the jewelry has nice energy and not a corpoprate pig!

  12. Is it not possible to strengthen glass enough for 12ga jewelry? The smallest I’ve seen is 8ga, which I can understand, wouldn’t want it breaking, but I keep hoping I could find some for a 12ga verticle labret.

  13. I just wanted to say that the glass is EXCELLENT quality, and beautiful. I just recieved my order of the twist pieces and the vertigo curves… simply beautiful. The craftsmanship mentioned in this article almost seems modest. Order Gorilla Glass!

    I also never knew it was from Mexico, that’s totally rad.

  14. great article! Jay-son – nos vemos en un rato en Vegas APP!! and hey everyone, check out the great article in the new POINT (spring 07 issue – page 10) discussing the 3,500 year history of glass body jewelry! and if I’M good enough to put tequila in, then glass is good enough to put in me as well!!

  15. How much do your employees earn?
    Do they have health insurance and retirement funds?
    Would they have the same salary if they were performing the exact same job in Mexico City, or in the United States?

  16. Jason, I must say I simply love the products that you’ve happen to bring into the community. Those Vertigo plugs really caught my attention when I spotted it online. :]

    Although, I never heard much about your products from many peps, and I always like to know the backgrounds on my produtcs just because I simply like to know more of the things I wear on my body that i will be representing among others.

    But reading that your products were made in Mexico just amazed me, and to me thats a big thing since im Mexican. (I’m not trying to start anything, just proud of who I am what I know I am :])

    Plus, the fact that you think woman are intellegent and have more of an eye on details. That gives me so much info on how much you think of bigger things than just running some company and trying to make money off of it. Your looking to make the best quality jewelry and maintain a goal in this.

    Anyways, you’ve sure gave alot of info on your products in this interview, as well as all the knowledge you carry with you. So I’ll be sure to buy your products from now on and support you throughout your career in this. :]

    Also, everyone that posted a comment, thanks for posting. It’s good to see pep’s support and give feedback on things.

  17. Hey John, thanks for asking, I am really proud of the benefits my workers get. That includes full health coverage for all my workers and thier families, two weeks paid vacation, end of the year bonus pay equal to two weeks salary, paid holidays, free daycare across the street from the shop, and also a government program where I help them recieve credit to buy a house. What my workers earn depends on how much responsibilty they have in the shop. Linda my american sales person earns the same as Juana, my Mexican secretary.

  18. dude im diggin your art im just getting into glass pipe blowing and ive been into piercings for a while so im just sending my love keep on makeing great stuff

  19. Great interview, Jason! I never knew all that stuff about you or Gorilla Glass.
    I’m particularly glad to hear that you’ve made a concerted effort to employ women, especially as they are vastly underrepresented in the manufacturing fields (here in the States, too). That’s so great to hear that you are able to provide such thorough benefits and it really shows how you’ve been able to pass on the success of your company to those who are working with you, something most body jewelry companies, even here in the States, are unable (and occasionally unwilling!) to do. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to edit the glass history article, it was massively educational and I am looking forward to learning more. Here’s a link to an online .pdf containing the article in The Point! I hope everyone takes a moment to read through it.

  20. I really enjoyed reading this great article and seeing all the photos. I’m Jason’s Mom and I’ve watched him and his business grow. I’m very proud and happy that he is such a good employer. Love you Jas!!!

  21. Wow, this article is incredible. It never ceases to amaze me how many incredibly talented people work in the body modification industry. Not just talented, but intelligent, worldly people. It seems tattoo artists and piercing artists get a bad rap as being unintelligent but in my experience it’s the exact opposite. It takes a really developed mind to get involved in this movement.

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