Flower Power

Jesse Villemaire and Wayde Dunn put their metal to the petal at the 2006 Scar Wars event to design/slash this collaborative lotus skin removal and scarification piece on Candice.

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20 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. I don’t think it does look that painful although I’m sure it probably is. Can anyone shed any light onto how painful skin removal actually is?

    This one is awesome.

  2. I must quit watching these vids. My initial reaction was “Oooh! I wonder how she kept the girls in check if she cant wear a bra for a while”…then it was “I wonder if meditation would allow you to own the pain rather then just experience it?” Hmm. I guess that not a normal reaction to having one’s skin flayed. (is that the right word? Getting filleted? Hmm.)

  3. hmm, idk, not my kind of mod, but it seems to get more popular since you see a lot of them done on the web.

    can someone tell me how long it takes to do such a ‘big’ piece? i am sure that you don’t just cut it all out in one session….and what about the pain? there is no way to actually control the process of healing, or is there?

  4. YAY! (thanks for the fix on Wayde’s name :P)
    There are some more pics on my page, for those interested in seeing the progression – it’s over a year old now, and I definitely need to take new ones, though…
    As for pain, there was lots. It was all done in one session with a topical spray anaesthetic. The flesh removal hurt a lot more than the line work. I this piece was somewhere around the 8-hour mark. The healing happens on it’s own, and I like that the body decides how you will take the final result. It’s a lot more organic than other mod forms.
    The question about “the girls” – well, I’m fairly well-endowed,so I couldn’t go completely braless – I just used sterile pads and wrapped them around my bra strap lol.

  5. She handled it like a champ. And Wayde “Big Red” Dunn is legally changing his name to Wayne, now that hes been modblogged as such. The price of fame.

  6. Wooo! Go Jesse 🙂 I love his work… not the first time hes made modblog either 😀

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